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 The expressions of everyone present became dim. They had all been greatly discouraged by Zhao Fu and the other four of the top five. They were true geniuses, and in front of them, everyone else was nothing.

Right now, they felt like they were just making fools out of themselves here and that they would be laughed at by others. As such, none of them continued to remain here and opened up doors of black light, entering the seventh level.

The seventh level was a boundless land of azure rocks, which covered the land as far as the eye could see. There were very few plants, and at most, there were some weeds growing about. However, they were quite scattered and the place was quite desolate.

The seventh level was called Green Rock Lands and the gravity here was many times greater than other places. Whenever one walked, one would be able to feel a weight pressing down.

The Cosmos Beasts here all had Stage 7 to Stage 8 power. If there were just a few of them, Zhao Fu would have nothing to fear, but if they came in a large group, Zhao Fu would have to avoid them. After all, a group of Stage 7 or Stage 8 Cosmos Beasts was not something he could deal with easily.

"Your Majesty, where shall we go?" Lefran lazily rested against Zhao Fu and said with her charming voice into Zhao Fu's ear.

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "We'll head straight to the danger zone then see if there are any ruins. The seventh level is quite dangerous, but there should be many ruins left."

Lefran hugged Zhao Fu and gently breathed next to his ear as she said lazily, "Mm! Then after going through the danger zone can we do it again?"

On the other side, Evelyn hugged Zhao Fu and coldly harrumphed and said, "I already want to do it now. Let's have some fun first before going into danger, alright?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu bitterly smiled.

Krista's cold face was also slightly flushed. She did not have any needs before, and after seeing two of her kind becoming more intimate with Zhao Fu, she had also wanted to try. After trying it out, she had become quite addicted to it.

The seven princesses stood to the side with reddened faces. Lin Yan'Er felt quite aggrieved; back when she had entered the Cosmos Historical Remnant with Zhao Fu, it had always been her leaning on Zhao Fu's shoulder, but her spot had been stolen by those two demonesses.

However, she was not very strong and could not provide much help to Zhao Fu in battles, so she knew that she could not win against those two demonesses.

Fortunately, Zhao Fu had finally done it with her, so she did not have to worry that Zhao Fu would not touch her in the future. She could not help but think of Zhao Fu ravaging her, causing her body to feel quite weak, and a lustful gaze appeared in her eyes.

Mosax and Molaf were tactful and stood at the edge of the group, not getting involved and pretending not to hear anything.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu and his group arrived at the seventh level's danger zone. Because of the information Ling Feixue had provided, it was quite easy for Zhao Fu to find the danger zones, and he did not have to look for them himself.

The seventh level's danger zone was a forest of stone. There were countless stone pillars, some of which were over 1,000 meters tall. If one accidentally entered this place, it would be quite easy to get lost.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." After entering, many stone beasts appeared. They seemed to be made out of stone, and they were about ten or so meters long. There were all sorts of creatures: tigers, panthers, bulls, boars...

Each of the stone beasts gave off a powerful aura; this place was much more dangerous than the eight level's danger zone. Facing the thousands of stone beasts charging at them, Zhao Fu naturally did not have to act.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Just like always, Mosax unleashed his Nothingness Domain. Zhao Fu found that Mosax was incredibly useful and could reduce all power. Back then, Zhao Fu had looked down on Mosax, but luckily he had not killed him. Otherwise, challenging these danger zones would not be so easy.

Molaf, Lefran, and the others turned into rays of light and shot out to kill these stone beasts. Even though the stone beasts were strong, they were still easily killed in the end.

Molaf slashed with his dagger, slashing open a stone beast's head. Zhao Fu found what seemed to be a crystal inside; this was most likely the core of the stone beasts. After destroying this core, the stone beasts would turn into a pile of stones.

Zhao Fu told this to the others, and Mosax ran up and stabbed his pitchfork into a stone beast's head, easily killing it.

Lefran raised her magic staff, which shined with a blue light that caused the stone beasts to attack each other. Krista continuously threw out her spear, taking stone beasts' lives one after another. Evelyn punched and kicked, blasting apart stone beasts' heads.

Lin Yan'Er and the seven princesses also helped out, releasing attacks, not wanting to be useless. They were worried about being neglected by Zhao Fu.

Seeing everyone attacking the stone beasts, Zhao Fu stood there by himself and felt quite awkward, so he also acted. He held the Death Race Sword and rushed up, sending out powerful sword lights that destroyed the stone beasts.

Soon, the thousands of stone beasts were dead, leaving piles of stones all over the place.

There was not much to be gained from the danger zones; killing all of these stone beasts did not give anything. Only subduing or killing the boss monster would provide some gains.

This was why no one was willing to go to danger zones; there was a lot of risk and nothing to be gained. It was much better to search for unexplored ruins.

Following this, the group continued onwards.

After killing a few more waves of stone beasts, Zhao Fu's group were surprised to find that they were lost; after walking for a while, they had returned to where they had started.

This caused Zhao Fu to become serious, and he started to leave marks on the stone pillars. They could not fly here due to restrictions, so they could only rely on making marks to seek out a path.

After a day or so, Zhao Fu and his group finally reached the depths of the stone forest. There, they found a very large, empty space. There were green rocks all over the ground, and there was not a single blade of grass. Wind blew through the surrounding stone pillars, giving off eerie sounds, and other than that there was a deathly silence all around.

Zhao Fu first checked their surroundings before walking into the empty space. A green magic formation immediately activated, and a five meter tall stone creature appeared at the center.

The stone creature was not made of rough stones. Instead, it seemed like a stone sculpture, and it was quite exquisite. The stone creature looked like a man and had beautifully-toned muscles. His upper body was naked, but he had lower pants to cover his lower half. He looked quite handsome.

After the stone creature appeared, his eyes ferociously looked at Zhao Fu. He tapped off the ground, causing the ground to crack as he shot towards Zhao Fu. His fist gave off a ferocious wind as he punched towards Zhao Fu, seeming to be able to punch through a steel wall.

Before Zhao Fu acted, Evelyn next to him coldly harrumphed stepped up and punched out.


An explosion sounded out, causing a gale to spread out as the two punches collided, unleashing an immense shockwave.