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 Within the crowd, there were many people who Zhao Fu was familiar with, such as Bai Haoran, Yin Ruoshi, Leng Shang, Shi Shuge, and You Quan.

Bai Haoran had been following his big brother and leading the Dao Cultivation Sect's people to explore ruins. However, the situation had become quite serious; he had fallen to fourth place, so he could only leave the rest of the people from the Dao Cultivation Sect to Bai Haoran and leave by himself so that he would not be held back.

The next to go up was Ming Jian from the Green Province Domain. He held a sharp sword and vigorously slashed, causing a sword light to flash out, which only left a sword gash that was six inches deep.

Even though it caused many gasps, Ming Jian shook his head in disappointment, feeling unsatisfied with his strength. With this kind of strength, he would never be able to surpass that person.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Leng Shang, giving off killing intent with his whole body, walked up. Countless traces of blood-red aura gathered around his sword, causing it to give off a dense killing intent and making others' hairs stand on end.


Leng Shang stabbed forwards, causing his blood-red sword to give off a sword hum as it sank into the stone stele, leaving behind a seven inch deep sword gash. Seeing this, Leng Shang walked back looking quite dissatisfied.

Following this, Bai Haoran also walked up. His fist gave off a five-colored light and contained shocking power as he smashed it again the stone stele. An explosion sounded out as an eight inch deep fist print appeared.

Shi Shuge was the next to go up. She held a sword made of countless black runes, and it gave off an intense smell of books.


A sword hum sounded out as the weak-looking sword actually left behind a sword gash that was almost nine inches deep, causing an uproar. With just a bit more, it would have reached nine inches, and that woman would have been able to compare to that expert from 1,000 years ago.

Shi Shuge sighed. If it was before, she may have been quite content with her strength, as it could almost compare to that legendary expert. However, the four new marks on the stone stele shined like brilliant suns.

In front of those four marks, her own mark was too dim and unnoticeable, and this dealt a heavy blow to her.

No one was in a hurry to leave and wanted to see the performance of the various geniuses. The depths of the marks they could leave not only showed their strength but their potential as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive sounds rang out as many geniuses left behind marks on the stone stele, causing the crowd to cry out.

The marks on the stone stele were like countless resplendent stars within a dark sky, representing various geniuses. Whether it was now or in the future, they would cause countless people to sigh in amazement.


Another massive sound rang out as a man in bearskins kicked the stone stele. The surrounding air seemed to explode as a nine inch deep foot print appeared on the stone stele.

This caused another sensation; someone else who could reach nine inches had appeared, and everyone wondered who this person was and how he had such terrifying power. This person would be able to compare to that legendary expert from 1,000 years ago.


As everyone marveled in shock, a massive Emperor's aura descended, causing everyone's bodies to feel heavier. They felt as if they had fallen into icy water and started to tremble.

Sensing this familiar aura, Bai Haoran, Shi Shuge, Leng Shang, Bing Qixue, and many other geniuses' expressions changed as they looked up into the air.

A group of people had appeared in the air, and the person at the lead was a man in a cloak. The scene fell completely silent.

Perhaps others were not familiar with this cloaked figure, but everyone from the Ancient Stem Domain knew clearly how he was - it was the Killing Sword Master, the person who had three Emperor Stars.

Bai Haoran's expression became incredibly serious. The things that this mysterious Emperor had done in the Ancient Stem Domain were too terrifying, and he had been hunted by the Ancient Stem Domain this entire time. This mysterious Emperor had terrifying potential, so the entire Domain was worried about revenge. Only he could do something like this in the history of the Ancient Stem Domain.

The events at the Ancient Stem Domain were scars that the Ancient Stem Domain would never be able to get rid of, and they would cause many things in the future. It was something that the Dao Cultivation Sect regretted.

Bai Haoran could only hope that his big brother would be able to suppress this person, or else the consequences would be unimaginable. It was possible that the entire Ancient Stem Domain could be doomed as a result.

Yin Ruoshi looked quite anxious. After she had witnessed Zhao Fu's strength, he had become the person she was the most wary about. Even her master had reminded her not to get involved with this person, because against Zhao Fu, only the word 'death' awaited her.

Now, he had really appeared in the Cosmos Historical Remnant, so she had to be infinitely careful and avoid meeting him to prevent terrible results.

Bing Qixue sighed. After that matter, they had not been in contact, and he wondered what Zhao Fu's attitude towards him and the Ice Origin Kingdom was.

Shi Shuge looked quite excited; she had always felt that she would meet Zhao Fu again, and now he had reappeared before her. She had desperately trained everyday for this day. She would defeat Zhao Fu and teach him a lesson; this was her greatest desire.

However, Zhao Fu's aura was now even more terrifying before, making her worry if she was a match for Zhao Fu.

You Quan looked at Zhao Fu furiously. He had remembered the enmity between them ever since that day, and he had always waited to take revenge by ending Zhao Fu's life in order to quench his fury.

Of course, he understood that he was not a match for Zhao Fu right now, so he could only glare at Zhao Fu as he thought of how to take revenge. However, he would not do anything right now.


Another explosion sounded out as a black aura flame erupted around the cloaked figure and a wild gale started to blow. The sovereign Emperor's aura became even more intense, and some people were unable to resist this aura and knelt.


The cloaked figure slashed out with his sword, causing a black sword arc to flash out, and a twelve inch deep sword gash appeared.

This caused everyone to gasp; even a nine inch deep mark could cause them to feel incredibly shocked, and a twelve inch deep mark was something that only the top-ranked person could achieve. This sent waves throughout all of their hearts.

Zhao Fu ignored all of their gazes, opened up a door of black light, and entered with his group before disappearing.

"He's the third-ranked person!" only a while later did someone cry out.

Everyone else came back to their senses; no wonder he was so terrifying; he was one of the top five geniuses. Everyone felt much more at ease; that kind of person was not someone they could compare with.

As for the people who knew Zhao Fu, such as Shi Shuge and Bai Haoran, after seeing the twelve inch deep sword gash left by Zhao Fu, their faces became incredibly pale. They understood how great of a gap there was between themselves and Zhao Fu. What's more, Zhao Fu had not used his full power, only using his Sovereign Bloodline's power.