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 However, even though Zhao Fu had only obtained 100,000 points, this caused him to once again shoot to the top of the Points Rankings. With his 310,000 points, he now surpassed Bai Shengjun and reached third place. The new rankings were as such:

Number 1: Unknown Name, Points: 440,000

Number 2: Unknown Name, Points: 320,000

Number 3: Unknown Name, Points: 310,000

Number 4: Bai Shengjun, Points: 300,000

Number 5: Zang Mingyue, Points: 290,000

Seeing the change in rankings, everyone was not as shocked anymore. They knew that that person was extremely powerful and could contend with the top geniuses.

However, they had never thought that he would surpass Bai Shengjun and take third place. This meant that he might be stronger than even Bai Shengjun, and this caused them to gasp. They may have underestimated this person.

The second-ranked white-haired young man could not help but take notice of Zhao Fu now. Even though he only saw the top-ranked person as his competitor, he still felt immense pressure from Zhao Fu, as well as a trace of danger.

After falling to fourth place, Bai Shengjun's expression became quite serious. He understood that Zhao Fu definitely had the power to rival him, or else he would not be able to surpass him on the rankings.

Zang Mingyue, who was now fifth-ranked, became even more furious. He had now fallen to fifth place, and this humiliation made him feel like he had lost all face. He was a prestigious Imperial Prince, yet he had lost to so many people in an outer Domain. If this news spread, he would not have any face left, and people would say that he did not have the right to be an Imperial Prince.

After killing the sandworm, Zhao Fu looked to see if there were any rewards. After looking around, Zhao Fu was disappointed to find that there was nothing to be gained.

He then looked at the giant sandworm to see if there was anything valuable within its corpse. Soon, he found a gem within its body.

This gem was one meter wide and was very round. It was yellow and gave off a faint yellow light. It gave off a powerful aura of sandy soil and contained immense power.

Zhao Fu looked at it and found that it was called a Sand Pearl, and it had powerful sand-control abilities. Zhao Fu decided it to try it out and sent his power into it. He immediately felt as if he could control all of the sand around him.

Bang, bang, bang...

Muffled explosions sounded out as Zhao Fu controlled the sand to form ten meter tall sand soldiers that gave off powerful auras; there were over 100 of them.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and cancelled the power, and he put away the Sand Pearl. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Now that he had killed the boss monster of the eighth level's danger zone, Zhao Fu planned to head down to the seventh level.

Zhao Fu's group was moving quite slowly; many people had already reached the sixth level. However, the difficulty and danger of each level became many times greater each level down, and the number of injuries and casualties steadily increased.

Ling Feixue had told him that ordinary people could only remain within the tenth, ninth, and eighth levels. From the seventh level onwards, they would risk their lives, and even powerful people who went to the sixth level could lose their lives.

The fifth level was an incredibly terrifying place and very few people could survive there. Back then, Ling Feixue had only been able to make it to the fifth level and could not go any further.

The seventh level was already quite dangerous, so passing to the seventh level did not require a checkpoint medallion but strength.

Within the boundless sand there was a stone stele that seemed to stretch to the clouds. It was over 100,000 meters wide and was black-colored. There were countless marks on it, fist prints, saber gashes, sword gashes, spear holes, and the like.

If one wanted to head to the seventh level, they had to be able to leave a mark here; only then would they receive the right to advance. Otherwise, they would not be able to advance and could only remain within the eighth level.

There were countless people gathered here because there was only one stone stele, so they could all only gather here and try to see if they could leave a mark on the stone stele.

No matter how much the ordinary people swung their weapons, they could not leave a mark on the stone stele at all. Instead, their weapons would be damaged; one could only wonder what the stone stele was made out of.

Countless people stared at the stone stele in shock. Originally, the deepest spear hole in the stone stele was about nine inches deep; that was the biggest mark that someone had left in the past 1,000 years. Until now, no one had been able to surpass it and that person had already become a legend.

However, today, four people had left marks that exceeded nine inches. Those four marks all gave off terrifying auras and made people feel awe and respect. They were something that only supreme experts could leave behind.

There was a fist print that was 12 inches deep and the aura it gave off was that of the terrifying top-ranked person. Next was a claw print that was 11 inches deep and gave off the aura of the second-ranked person.

The third was a sword gash and the fourth was a saber gash, both of which were 10 inches deep. They were respectively left behind by Bai Shengjun and Zang Mingyue.

These four imprints were almost worshipped by countless people as miracles. After all, most people could not even leave a mark, so how could they not worship the people who had left marks deeper than nine inches?


A muffled explosion sounded out as a young man wearing martial artists' clothes smashed his staff against the stone stele. The massive power caused a wild gale to blow, and he left a mark that was six inches deep.

Everyone could not help but cry out. Some people sensed his aura and shouted, "He's the twenty-seventh ranked Li Ye. He's so strong! And so young as well!"

Li Ye put away his staff and the stone stele gave off a black light. A door of black light appeared and Li Ye calmly walked through it with his followers.

The others did not leave a mark on the stone stele, nor did they try. However, they could enter as Li Ye's followers; each person could bring at most 50 people in with them.

Also, only those who Li Ye let in with him could enter; others could not try to force their way through.


Another explosion sounded out as a young man in green held a spear and gave off ferocious power as he stabbed at the stone stele. The spearhead sank eight inches into the stone stele, causing countless people to once again cry out.

According to the aura the young man gave off, they found his name on the rankings and cried out, "He's the seventh-ranked person; those in the top ten are so strong!"

The young man had a trace of a proud smile on his face. He returned to the crowd and his faction's people crowded around him, continuously praising him.

Some others could not help but go over, as that young man was the seventh-ranked person. It was worth making friends with a genius like this.

The young man ignored those people because he looked down on everyone else present. The only reason he remained here was to see if anyone could surpass him; of course, that did not include anyone within the top five as he knew of their strength.