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 They saw a half man and half goat monster walk over and give off a powerful aura as it raised its pitchfork and stabbed it into the ground. A black and gray barrier instantly spread out, covering the surrounding tens of thousands of meters.

The sandworms that entered the barrier became much weaker; it seemed that the barrier could drain their strength.

At that moment, a beautiful and bewitching woman walked out and raised her magic staff. Countless rays of brilliant blue light spread out and the sandworms started to go crazy, attacking the other sandworms around them.

Soon, the ferocious tide of sandworms had become a heap of corpses, causing everyone to feel completely dumbfounded.

The people escaping could not believe their eyes; that group had destroyed the sandworms far too easily, and they seemed way too powerful. They could not compare to those people at all.

Zhao Fu did not place those sandworms in his eyes at all. With Mosax weakening them and Lefran using illusions, considering how unintelligent the sandworms were, it was easy for them to fall into the illusion.

They continued onwards and killed another few waves of sandworms, and soon, Zhao Fu's group reached the innermost region of the danger zone.

Suddenly, the ground started to tremble and the blood-red sand started to flow as a heaven-toppling and monstrous aura spread out from below. Everything fell silent and the air seemed to become incredibly heavy.

A massive figure that was over 10,000 meters long, which seemed to cover the sky and hide the sun, dove out from underground. It was an incredibly enormous sandworm, and it raised its head and roared towards the sky. The soundwaves of the roar seemed to be corporeal as they spread out, causing the ears of those who heard it to hurt.

Lin Yan'Er and the others had retreated behind; they did not have the strength to participate in a battle of this level. Zhao Fu did not fight by himself either; with so many subordinates, they could encircle this sandworm.

Mosax roared as he stabbed his pitchfork into the ground and a black and gray barrier quickly spread out. The strength of the sandworm was immediately greatly reduced.

Molaf disappeared and reappeared elsewhere. Its dagger flashed, opening up a 100 or so meter long wound, from which green blood flowed out, causing the massive sandworm to give a roar of pain.

Krista vigorously threw out her blue spear, which gave off immense power as it shot into the sandworm's body, causing it to roar in pain again. Krista then grabbed at the air, and the spear automatically returned to her hands.

The seductive Evelyn appeared beside the sandworm and punched out with enough strength to crush a mountain. That part of the sandworm's body exploded open, and green blood splattered everywhere, causing the sandworm to howl.

After continuously being attacked like this, the sandworm was furious and wanted to counterattack, but at that moment Lefran acted.

She raised her magic staff and countless rays of blue light formed a blue flower. Lefran waved her hand and the blue flower flew into the sandworm's body, causing it to freeze in place. However, this only lasted for a few seconds.

At that moment, Zhao Fu also attacked. The Death Race Sword gave off an intense sword light and he vigorously slashed out. A massive sword light tore through the air, sending the sandworm flying hundreds of meters, and it heavily crashed onto the ground.

The ground violently trembled as sand flowed about, and it was as if there was a natural disaster.

After taking a round of attacks from Zhao Fu's party, the sandworm was already afraid. It knew that it was not a match for them, so it stuck its head in the ground and tried to escape.

Of course, Zhao Fu would not allow it to escape, and the golden pupil in his left eye started to quickly spin.

Clang, clang, clang...

Countless chains shot out with massive power from the air and tightly bound the sandworm's body. The sandworm vigorously struggled, trying to break free from the chains.

Its body started to give off a yellow light, causing the blood-red sand in the surroundings to fly into the air and form spears of sand. There were tens of thousands of them, and they descended like a massive spear rain.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mosax and the others unleashed their Domains to defend, and Zhao Fu dragged the chains as he swung his sword, destroying the incoming spears.

There were many of these sand spears, but each one was not very powerful. However, because there were so many of them, it was very difficult to deal with them.

After unleashing this desperate attack, the sandworm had become quite week. Zhao Fu took this opportunity to pull the chains and drag it back to the surface.

Everyone else quickly attacked; Molaf continuously swung its dagger, opening up wound after wound. Krista used her spear to continuously stab the sandworm's body, while Evelyn continued to punch at it.

Everyone's combined attacks caused the sandworm to howl in pain. There were wounds all over its body, making it look quite wretched.

In the distance, the ten or so people who had planned to run had stayed behind to watch in interest. They were all shocked and gulped; back when the sandworm had erupted out of the ground, they had thought it had world-destroying power and that no one could stop it.

However, it was being one-sidedly abused by this group of people and could not defend itself at all. That group of people were simply too powerful.

However, they did not dare to remain here because they had lured that tide of sandworms to that group. If that group discovered that they were still here, they would definitely hunt them down, so they had to quickly leave.

After a ferocious beating, the sandworm was heavily wounded and Zhao Fu came before it and asked, "Are you willing to submit?"

Zhao Fu wanted to subdue all large-size monsters, and he would also subdue the most powerful monsters of all of the danger zones. They would be of great help after returning to Great Qin.

The sandworm did not seem to be able to speak, but it acted in a way that seemed like it was willing to submit. However, when Zhao Fu got close, it suddenly burst with power, broke free of some of the chains, and swallowed Zhao Fu.

This caused everyone to feel startled, and they quickly attacked the sandworm.

The instant Zhao Fu was swallowed, he unleashed his Emperor's Domain and Saint Realm Domains. Looking at the countless teeth biting at him, he coldly harrumphed and released all of his power. An aura flame erupted around him and the Death Race Sword, giving off a brilliant sword light.


An enormous explosion sounded out as a massive sword light burst out of the sandworm's body. The entire sky seemed to become austere and sombre as countless drops of blood descended like rain. The massive sandworm's body collapsed to the ground, dead.

Zhao Fu cut open a hole and came out and looked at the sandworm's corpse, feeling quite angry. This sandworm had sought its own death, pretending to surrender and then devouring Zhao Fu. As such, Zhao Fu could only kill it.

After killing the sandworm, Zhao Fu received a system announcement, telling him that he had obtained 100,000 points for killing the sandworm.

Zhao Fu did not know if it was because he had killed the sandworm or because many people had participated in killing it, he did not obtain as many points as before.