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 As the first ray of sunshine gently fell on Zhao Fu's face and he slowly opened his eyes, he looked at the figures around him, as well as the two beauties in his arms. One was the cold and arrogant Princess Han Shuang, and the other was the flirtatious and sexy Lefran. Seeing this, Zhao Fu bitterly laughed.

Princess Han Shuang gradually woke up and her face reddened as she looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Emperor, now can you let us and our hubby leave?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu slightly frowned and said in a menacing tone, "I don't like my women being touched by others, and I don't like the way you address me."

Princess Han Shuang inwardly sighed; she had already guessed at her fate. Now that her body had been taken by Zhao Fu, she was no longer of any use to Long Yang. She could not become his woman, and she could only accept this.

"Then hubby, are you willing to let off Long Yang? He treated us pretty well in the past, and I hope you can spare him this time. In the future, we will wholeheartedly serve you," Princess Han Shuang said as she hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "At most I can leave him here; whether he lives or dies is up to him."

Princess Han Shuang understood that this was already the best outcome, so she lightly nodded. She looked at the unconscious Long Yang in the distance. They had never thought that their bodies, which they had kept pure for him, would be taken by another man in front of him.

Thinking about that, Han Shuang felt quite stimulated and embarrassed, and her body trembled and had some reaction.

Lefran lazily opened her eyes and lightly kissed Zhao Fu's face as she said, "Master, I think I've fallen for you."

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged her. Women with Darkness attributes were all quite daring and flirtatious and could not hide their desires.

Suddenly, a person rode on top of Zhao Fu's body. It was the Widowmaker Evelyn, and she gave a cold and cruel smile as she said somewhat domineeringly, "Master, I didn't have enough last night."

Afterwards, Zhao Fu led his group and left to find the ninth level's checkpoint medallion, and he left Long Yang where they had been.

Two hours later, a silver-cloaked figure appeared - it was Molaf. He had received Zhao Fu's order to kill Long Yang. There was enmity between Zhao Fu and Long Yang, and Zhao Fu had taken Long Yang's women.

As such, Zhao Fu naturally would not let off Long Yang, so he sent Molaf back to kill him. That way, no one would know who had killed Long Yang.

However, when Molaf returned, he did not find anyone; the unconscious Long Yang had disappeared. Molaf searched around, but he could not find anything and could only go back and report to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised but did not take this to heart. Since Long Yang had run away, he could only leave things. If he met him again, he would definitely kill him.


A door of light gave off a massive aura as it descended. After a day of searching, Zhao Fu and his group had found a checkpoint medallion. They immediately used it and headed to the eighth level.

Because Zhao Fu had spent most of his time within the ruins and finding a checkpoint medallion, he had once again fallen in the rankings, and he was now ranked nineteenth.

Even though Zhao Fu had gained three subordinates within the ruins, they were all summoned, so he did not obtain any points.

Now, there was a big gap between the top four and the others.

Number 1: Unknown Name, Points: 440,000

Number 2: Unknown Name, Points: 320,000

Number 3: Bai Shengjun, Points: 300,000

Number 4: Zang Mingyue, Points: 290,000

What shocked everyone was that the person in first place had over 400,000 points and had a lead of over 100,000 points on the second-ranked person. His power was simply too shocking, and even though no one had seen him before, they were all in awe of his power.

The differences between the second, third, and fourth ranked people was not very great. The three of them were all working hard to obtain points. The one with the grimmest expression was the white-haired young man; he felt immense pressure from the person in first place.

Even though his cultivation had been lowered, he had once been a World Realm expert and he still had his comprehension of various things, yet he was still losing to someone else. Just what sort of that deity was the person in first place?

Zhao Fu did not care much for the points and rankings. He was now at the eighth level, and it was a boundless desert. The grains of sand were like grains of gold, and there was no trace of life anywhere. The eighth level was incredibly desolate, and it was called the Golden Desert.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and led his group to the danger zone of the eighth level. The name of this danger zone was the Blood Sand Forbidden Region, and the sand and grit there was blood-red colored as if it had become that color after absorbing a boundless amount of blood.

After arriving here, they found that another group had already entered the danger zone. There was blood and corpses of some sandworms all over the ground.

It seemed that an intense battle had happened here, and many people had died. Those corpses had most likely been taken away, so only the blood remained.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change, and he continued onwards into the danger zone.

"Arghhh..." Pained cries sounded out. Ahead, sandworms rushed out of the ground like floodwater. There were over 10,000 of them, and they were each two meters long. They had many feet and mouths like suction pads that contained many sharp teeth.

These sandworms leapt at those people, and their suction pad mouths ripped off large chunks of flesh and turned people's bodies into meat paste, seeming quite terrifying.

Facing these countless sandworms, the team of 300 or so people only had ten or so people left. They looked terrified as they ran, no longer seeming as valiant as they had been when they entered the danger zone, nor were they curious anymore.

Suddenly, the escaping people saw a group of people slowly heading over. They guessed that these people were also curious about what the danger zones were like and thought these people to be ignorant and reckless fellows. Now that they had suffered here, they knew how terrifying this place was.

However, they felt a sense of schadenfreude - there was a mass of sandworms chasing after them, and if they used this group of people as bait, perhaps they could live.

They quickly ran towards Zhao Fu's group, but they did not dare to directly run into them. Instead, they stopped a distance away and then ran in a different direction; their goal was to have the sandworms discover Zhao Fu's group.

After sensing the powerful aura from Zhao Fu's group, the sandworms felt a great threat from them, so they all charged towards Zhao Fu's group.

Seeing this, the escaping ten or so people let out a big sigh of relief and felt delighted; they would survive. However, facing so many sandworms, that group was doomed.

Of course, they did not care about this at all; other people dying was better than them dying. However, at that moment, a shocking scene greeted them.