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 Everyone continued onwards and arrived at a large hall. There was an extremely dense fog here, and they could faintly see countless vines on the ground and a square-shaped stage at the center.

Zhao Fu and his party stopped at the outer boundary of the hall and did not walk in. Even though it seemed like there was not much danger here, it was better to be cautious.

Zhao Fu picked up a rock and testingly threw it towards the center of the hall. In that moment, all of the vines seemed to come alive and continuously twisted and turned.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless vines gave off terrifying power and shot towards Zhao Fu and his party. Zhao Fu's expression did not change and had Mosax and the others maintain their Domains while he took out the Royal Wood Sword and stabbed it into the ground.

A green energy barrier expanded out and covered the surrounding 100 meters. Within the green energy barrier, the vines immediately withered as if their life force was absorbed.

Zhao Fu had used the Royal Wood Sword's ability to absorb life force. It was quite effective against these plants.

The vines continuously shot over and continuously withered. The vines had immense life force, allowing them to pierce through the green energy barrier, but they could not pierce through the combined Domains.

As the vines died, the surrounding fog started to thin out. In the end, the rest of the hall could be seen by everyone.

This hall was like the other halls and had a square-shaped stage. However, the stage was surrounded by countless vines, though those vines had withered and lost all of their life force. After absorbing such a large amount of life force, the Royal Wood Sword had become much stronger as well.

Zhao Fu destroyed the vines around the stage with a few strikes and walked up to the stage. He found that it was another summoning stage, and it could summon Enchantress Lefran.

Zhao Fu placed his hand against the magic formation and enlivened it.

Countless blood-red mist gathered towards the magic formation, causing a strong fragrance to spread out. However, this fragrance did not create any illusions, and a figure giving off a powerful aura appeared on the magic formation.

She was wearing blue clothes and a short, blue skirt. She also wore a blue cloak and held a magic staff. Her figure was quite mature, and she had short, silver hair and violet lips. She was quite bewitching and gave off a faint fragrance of flowers that could cause people to feel intoxicated.

"Lefran answers to the summoning and is willing to serve Your Majesty!" After appearing, Lefran half-knelt and looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes, giving off a faint smile as she spoke with a flirtatious voice.

Zhao Fu sensed Lefran's power and could tell that she was much stronger than Krista and Evelyn. She was most likely an extremely powerful illusion magician.

Zhao Fu accepted Lefran's vow of loyalty and looked around the hall. There were not any doors, nor was there anything else; this was the end of the ruins.

Zhao Fu felt slightly disappointed; he had not obtained any treasures here, but he had obtained three powerful subordinates. Thinking about the power of Lefran and the others, it was not bad either.

Following this, Zhao Fu led them to return.

Seeing Zhao Fu and the others return, Lin Yan'Er and the princesses understood that they had finished exploring this ruins and that the final reward was also a summoning stage. That new woman was most likely the person who had been summoned.

The princesses could not help but feel anxious. Now that Zhao Fu had finished exploring the ruins, if he was not satisfied, they would be skinned.

After returning, Zhao Fu looked at them and said calmly, "Let's go!"

Hearing this, the princesses let out a sigh of relief; it seemed that Zhao Fu did not have any intention to harm them. Princess Han Shuang could not help but ask, "Emperor, since you've finished exploring the ruins, when can you let us leave?"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and did not reply. He was still angry towards them, so he naturally could not just let them off, and he started to walk ahead.

The princesses' expressions became quite grim and understood that Zhao Fu was still not letting them off. They started to worry about their safety and Long Yang's safety again.

However, this was good as well - before Long Yang recovered from his injuries, they would have some protection. Otherwise, if they just left like this, if they encountered Cosmos Beasts or ran into others, they might die. With Zhao Fu's protection, they would not have to worry about dangers.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After thinking about it this way, the princesses felt much better and followed behind the others.

After leaving the ruins, it was already dark and the night sky danced with countless stars. It was quite a beautiful scene, but there was not much light, making it difficult to see into the distance and thus making it difficult to travel.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to rest here for the night. Zhao Fu had not rested after entering the Cosmos Historical Remnant, so he wanted to take this opportunity to rest and recover some of the energy he had used.

Molaf, Lefran, and the others were still quite energetic and were responsible for keeping watch.

Suddenly, gray dragon images appeared on the surface of Zhao Fu's body, causing an expression of pain to appear on his face. Emperor Killer had once again flared up, as Zhao Fu had not done it with any women for a while.

"Your Majesty, what's wrong?" Lin Yan'Er looked at Zhao Fu's pained state and went over and asked caringly.

In the next moment, Zhao Fu pressed her against the ground and started to ravage her body. This caused Lin Yan'Er to look incredibly excited and tears of joy started to flow out of her eyes. She had been waiting for this for a long time, and she passionately responded. However, she soon collapsed to the ground.

The seven princesses' faces became red and their heart rates sped up. Zhao Fu was actually doing such a thing in front of them.

"All of you, come over here!" Zhao Fu let go of the powerless Lin Yan'Er and said commandingly.

The seven princesses knew what was going to happen, but for their lives and the unconscious Long Yang, they steeled themselves and walked over.

After a while, the unconscious Long Yang started to recover from his injuries and he started to regain consciousness.

At that moment, Long Yang heard the moans of his seven beloved women. His heart trembled, and he opened his eyes with great difficulty. He could only open them a sliver, but he could still see a man entangled with his seven beloved women.

Long Yang was infuriated and he felt as if his mind was going to explode, and the feeble Long Yang once again sank back into unconsciousness.

Hearing the shameful sounds coming from behind, Lefran and Evelyn gave enchanting smiles as they walked over. Seeing this, Krista also walked over.

Mosax stood in front of the three of them and said, "What are you doing?"

Lefran lightly smiled as she said, "Of course it's to become closer to our master. Move out of the way. With your strength, you can't stop us."

Hearing the moans of the women from behind, Mosax understood and moved out of the way, but he coldly harrumphed, "If master blames you, you'll be in deep trouble!"

Lefran enchantingly smiled and ignored Mosax's words. Looking at the erotic scene, the three of them took off their clothes and armor and joined in.