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Zhao Fu went forwards, pushed open the wooden door, and led everyone else in. It was extremely cold and eerie inside, making everyone feel as if they had entered an icy cavern and causing their hair to stand on end.

A while later, countless blue tongues of flame appeared as illusory soldiers giving off faint blue lights appeared. They held all sorts of weapons and charged towards Zhao Fu's group. There were many of them, at least a few thousand.

Zhao Fu stood in place and did not bother to act. Mosax sent out its Nothingness Domain, draining the Spirits of their power, while Molaf held its dagger and shot out.

Molaf's dagger shined with a cold light and took the lives of many Spirits with each strike. Lin Yan'Er also went up and swung her sword, sending out red sword light and easily killing those Spirit soldiers.

Soon, the thousands of Spirit soldiers were all killed, and Zhao Fu led everyone onwards.

A while later, another wave of Spirit soldiers gave off eerie auras as they charged over. Zhao Fu once again did not act and left them to the others.

Five or six hours later, they had killed ten or so waves of Spirit soldiers and arrived before a large hall.

This hall was very wide, and it had a stone stage that was about six meters tall. There were countless Spirit soldiers standing around it, at least 10,000. Seeing Zhao Fu's group arrive, they flooded over.

Zhao Fu now finally acted. He took out the Seraph Sword and raised it, causing countless rays of white light to spread out, and a beautiful seraph appeared.


An explosion sounded out as the seraph spread her pristine white wings, and intense white light shot out. The Spirit soldiers were covered by the white light and instantly died without being able to resist at all. The Holy Light attribute greatly countered these Undead.

That single attack from Zhao Fu killed around 80% of the Spirit soldiers, and the remainder were easily cleaned up by Molaf and the others.

After killing the Spirit soldiers, Zhao Fu arrived at the stone stage. He found that this stone stage was a summoning stage and had a magic formation on it, and it was called 'Avenger's Spear - Krista.'

Krista was a Spirit filled with vengeance that could not be destroyed. It especially hunted down those who betrayed others in order to take vengeance for those who were betrayed using blood and tears.

Zhao Fu thought about it and placed his hand on the magic formation, sending power into it.

The magic formation was enlivened and gave off a blue light. Countless traces of eerie aura quickly gathered within the magic formation, which started to burn with blue flames. Soon, a figure giving off a powerful aura gradually appeared.

This figure was a woman. She was tall and slender and wore black leather armor. She had long black hair and blue skin and gave off a faint blue light. She was quite attractive, gave off a cold and eerie aura, and held a blue spear.

"Krista answers to the summoning and is willing to serve Your Majesty!" she half-knelt and said with a soft voice as that figure appeared.

Zhao Fu looked at Krista and felt that her strength was decent, so he smiled and accepted her vow of loyalty.

This was not the end of the ruins; there was a wooden door to the side of the hall, which was quite similar to the first wooden door. It was black and had grasses and flowers engraved on it.

The seven princesses looked quite shocked and had never thought that Zhao Fu's party would be able to pass through so easily. With their strength, they would not even be able to reach this point. This was the difference in their strength.

Zhao Fu pushed open the door and led everyone else through. Soon, a group of Skeleton soldiers giving off terrifying power rushed over. There were many of them, and each of them were much stronger than the Spirit soldiers.

Zhao Fu once again did not act and left them to the others.

The others quickly dealt with these Skeleton soldiers. With Mosax's Nothingness Domain's help, the Skeleton soldiers were unable to resist at all, and theywere chopped to bits like vegetables.

Zhao Fu monitored Krista's performance. As her spear vigorously stabbed forwards, countless Skeleton soldiers were blasted back and became a heap of bones. It seemed like no one could stop her.

Her spear was most likely a soul weapon that dealt great damage to Undead.

After killing this wave of Skeleton soldiers, Zhao Fu looked through the remains and did not find any Soldier Souls. Great Qin had 24 General Armaments, and it would soon be able to create a King Armament.

However, a King Armament required 1,000 Soldier Souls, which could be used to make ten General Armaments. Great Qin greatly lacked Soldier Souls, so Zhao Fu was hoping the Skeleton soldiers here would drop some.

However, he was disappointed and found that the Skeleton soldiers did not drop anything. Only very powerful soldiers would have Soldier Souls, and they would only develop after countless years. They were not something that all Skeleton soldiers had.

After killing wave after wave of Skeleton soldiers, Zhao Fu and his group arrived at an even bigger hall. This hall was a few thousand meters tall and tens of thousands of meters wide. There was a square stage at the center, and around it were Skeleton soldiers that were dozens of meters tall holding all sorts of weapons made of bones.

There were not many of these Skeletons, only about 1,000 or so of them. However, they gave off a massive aura and caused the air to feel quite heavy.

Zhao Fu looked at these massive Skeletons and wanted to subdue them. Zhao Fu wanted to take in more large-size creatures; if they could not be converted into Devils, they could at least join Great Qin's beast army.

However, facing these enormous Skeletons would be quite dangerous, so Zhao Fu had Lin Yan'Er and the seven princesses step back for now.

Zhao Fu led the others and rushed up. Mosax and Molaf were responsible for tying down the Skeletons so that Zhao Fu could see if he could subdue them.

Clang, clang, clang...

Countless chains shot out and Zhao Fu tied up the dozens of Skeletons closest to him. The Skeletons vigorously struggled, causing the chains to grate against each other.

Zhao Fu first tried to use power to force them to submit, which was to use enough power to make them feel fear. As such, Zhao Fu directly exploded out with a terrifying aura, covering the Skeletons, and the power quickly entered their spirits.

The Skeletons immediately felt a wave of fear, and the spirit flames within their heads continuously flickered. However, they still wanted to madly attack Zhao Fu, and this caused Zhao Fu to frown. He found that these massive Skeletons did not seem to have their own consciousness and were just instinctively attacking.

As such, Zhao Fu started to carry out his backup plan, which was to use Contracts to see if he could subdue these Skeletons.

However, after trying, Zhao Fu found that these Skeletons could not be subdued using Contracts, which seemed to be useless against them. In the end, Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated and could only give up, giving the order to start killing these Skeletons.