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 Zhao Fu's words caused the women to look quite afraid, and Princess Bai Rou, who had a relatively weak personality, started to sob.

Molaf stood there in its gray cloak silently as if nothing had happened. Lin Yan'Er looked over with an expression of admiration and licked her red lips. Mosax looked at Zhao Fu and felt that Zhao Fu indeed was not a good person and that he had to be more cautious in the future in order to not anger him and be tormented.

Following this, Zhao Fu took his group and the seven women in the direction that the women had indicated.

They saw thousands of Cosmos Beasts surrounding a young man. The young man was covered with injuries, and his body was covered with blood. His aura was extremely weak, and if this went on, that young man would definitely die.

Seeing their beloved husband about to die, the seven women's eyes danced with tears, and they pleaded with Zhao Fu, "Emperor, please save our husband!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu looked at Mosax, and Mosax understood, flying over.


Mosax slammed into the ground and smashed out a crater. It gripped its pitchfork with both hands and stabbed it into the ground, causing a black and gray barrier to cover the surrounding 10,000 meters.

In that moment, all of the Cosmos Beasts and Long Yang powerlessly fell to the ground.

Lin Yan'Er and Molaf flew down to easily kill the helpless Cosmos Beasts. The seven women flew down anxiously and gathered around Long Yang.

Long Yang was heavily injured and had fallen unconscious. The seven women quickly took out all kinds of medicinal pills and healing items. After stabilizing Long Yang's wounds, they let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing that all of the Cosmos Beasts had been killed, Zhao Fu coldly said to the seven women, "Where are the ruins? Tell me now."

Princess Han Shuang nodded and said, "It is 1,000 kilometers to the south, within a hidden mountain cave."

Zhao Fu thought about it, and he did not trust them; who knew if there really was a ruins there, or perhaps it had already been explored. He said, "You will all take me there!"

Princess Han Shuang thought about it and nodded. Long Yang was injured and had fallen unconscious, and their strength was not comparable to even Lin Yan'Er. With how dangerous this place was, they could not protect themselves, and they could only rely on Zhao Fu.

At the same time, they understood that before this Emperor saw the ruins, he would not let them off.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu and the others arrived at the location, and they found that there was a group of people about to enter the mountain cave.

The expressions of the seven women immediately became pale; they had never expected others to find this place. If the things within the ruins were taken away by them, they would be doomed, and they might actually be skinned by Zhao Fu.

There were about 100 people in this group, and they were most likely from the same faction. They were all wearing the same clothes, which had lotus leaves embroidered on them.

Zhao Fu gave off a powerful aura as he descended. Just as the group was about to enter, they sensed that terrifying aura and their expressions fell. They stopped and looked up at the sky.

Looking at these people, Zhao Fu did not bother speaking to them, and he ordered his party, "Kill them all!"

Because another group had discovered these ruins, there would definitely be fighting; no one would give up the ruins to someone else. As such, only the victor would be able to take whatever was inside.

"Wait!" a handsome-looking young man quickly said as he walked out from the group.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and raised his hand to stop Mosax and the others, and he looked at the young man as he asked, "What is it?"

The young man sensed Zhao Fu's aura and said anxiously, "We will leave and hand this ruins over to you."

Everyone else looked quite confused; they had never thought that their Senior Apprentice Brother would give such a treasure trove to someone else.

One of the others said, "Senior Apprentice Brother, why? There are only a few of them! We might be able to win!"

Others agreed, "That's right, why are you doing this, Senior Apprentice Brother?"

The handsome-looking young man coldly glared at them and said, "This is my decision; you'd best listen to me, or you can deal with the consequences yourselves."

The others could only hold themselves back, though they looked quite angry.

Zhao Fu looked at them and had never expected them to be so tactful, so he did not bother attacking and said, "Be on your way then."

The handsome-looking young man cupped his hands in thanks and quickly led the others away.

A while later, someone asked, "Senior Apprentice Brother, what's going on? It seemed that you really feared that person. And why did you hand over the ruins to them?"

The young man replied with a serious expression, "Didn't you notice? He gave off the same aura as that fourth place ranking. He's someone who can compare to Bai Shengjun - you all know Bai Shengjun, right? That person was taken as a disciple by a higher-being and is extremely powerful.

"To be comparable to Bai Shengjun, he's definitely extremely terrifying as well. We can't afford to offend a peerless genius like that. If we tried to attack, he could have killed us all with a single hand."

Only then did everyone realize how terrifying that person was; no wonder he could say he would kill them so casually. He did not place them in his eyes at all.

They could also feel that the two monsters beside him were also quite terrifying and gave off dangerous auras.

Zhao Fu led his group into the mountain cave and used a Light Pearl to brighten their surroundings. Soon, a massive wooden door appeared before them.

The door was black and was ten or so meters tall, and it had many flowers and grasses carved onto it. It gave off an ancient aura and felt extremely firm, and it did not seem that it had corroded over time at all.

This was most likely the ruins that the seven women had mentioned. Zhao Fu asked them, "Did you all go in? What's it like inside?"

Princess Han Shuang replied, "We went inside once, but it was too dangerous. There are many spirits and we wanted to retreat to gather more people from the Eight Dragons Essence Sect to explore it, but we encountered a massive group of Cosmos Beasts."

Zhao Fu understood and nodded and said, "We'll go in together then."

Princess Han Shuang's expression became grim as she said, "Do we also need to go in? Now that we've brought you here, you should let us off, right?"

Zhao Fu looked at her and coldly harrumphed, "I don't think you remember what I said before; if there's nothing worthwhile in the ruins, I'll skin all of you as the price for angering me."

Princess Han Shuang looked at Zhao Fu in fear then looked at Long Yang, who was being carried by Mosax. She bit her lip as she said, We can go in with you, but it's extremely dangerous inside; can we leave our husband outside?"

However, Zhao Fu directly refused, saying, "He also needs to go in. Don't worry; I'll make sure he doesn't die."