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 These cloaks would be quite useful in staying alive; when one encountered danger, they could immediately teleport. However, the teleportation ability could only be used three times per day, which made them less valuable. However, this was already quite good.

After collecting the spoils, Zhao Fu led his party to leave this danger zone and headed towards the eighth level.

Of course, they had to first obtain a checkpoint medallion. Obtaining a checkpoint medallion in the ninth level was not as easy as just killing a Lord class Cosmos Beast, and it instead required luck. The checkpoint medallions could appear anywhere, and they required one to search for them.

Zhao Fu felt that this was quite troublesome. However, Ling Feixue had said that when a checkpoint medallion appeared, the surrounding ten kilometers would flash with light, making it easier for people to search for the checkpoint medallion.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his party started to search. They encountered a few people, and even though Zhao Fu only had three others with him, the others all feared his strength and did not dare to do anything to them, avoiding them.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Countless roars sounded out as Cosmos Beasts charged towards a group of people. There was a young man and seven beautiful women within that group; it was Long Yang and his princesses.

They were all slightly injured and they continuously defended against the Cosmos Beasts, but their expressions were quite unsightly. Facing those innumerable Cosmos Beasts, they might die here.

"Roarr!" Long Yang roared out as he exploded out with an intense golden light. His hands pushed forwards, causing eight massive golden dragons to fly out with immense power, smashing Cosmos Beasts into meat paste and opening up a bloody path.

"Hurry up and go!" Long Yang looked at his seven beloved women and cried out. He exploded out with all of his strength for their safety; he did not want any of them to die.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The seven women looked at Long Yang risking his life to protect them, and they were moved to tears. A few of them said, "We're willing to stay with hubby and die together!"

Long Yang looked at the seven women in front of him and his heart was filled with warmth. However, he hardened his heart and chased the seven of them away; if they remained here, not only would they die, but they would also get in his way.

In the end, the seven women could only reluctantly and sadly leave. Long Yang used all of his abilities to madly attack the Cosmos Beast, but there seemed to be no end to the Cosmos Beasts.

Zhao Fu led his group and flew in the sky, searching for a checkpoint medallion.

At that moment, he saw seven wretched-looking women, and he had a faint impression of them. he knew that they were Long Yang's women, and they had mocked him a few times before.

Long Yang had tried to sully Le Yuyu before, and now that they were within the Cosmos Historical Remnant, Zhao Fu did not have to hold back. He led his party and stopped the seven beautiful women.

There was a woman in red clothes with bright red lips, and she looked quite beautiful but gave off a barbaric aura; she was Princess Huo Yan. There was also a beautiful and bewitching-looking woman, who was Princess Qiu Mei.

There was an extremely pretty woman with a fiery figure, who was Princess Han Nan. Another one of them was quite tall and slim and gave off a cold aura, and she was called Princess Han Shuang.

There was also a gentle and beautiful woman who wore a white dress, and she was called Princess Bai Rou, as well as a cheerful woman with a seductive figure, called Princess Jiang An. Finally, there was a beautiful and soft-looking woman in green called Princess Wu Lin.

They were stopped by Zhao Fu's party, and sensing the powerful aura from Zhao Fu's party, their faces became quite pale. They had never thought that they would run into such a powerful group of people.

"Where is Long Yang?" Zhao Fu asked calmly. He did not place Long Yang and his seven women in his eyes at all. It was just a small grievance, and he would take care of it easily.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the seven women's hearts plummeted. They immediately realized who this cloaked figure was. They were extremely unlucky to run into him here.

They never thought that he would really come to the Cosmos Historical Remnant, and the seven women felt immense despair. They understood that they could not escape from him, and there was bad blood between them; many of them had mocked and undermined Zhao Fu in the past.

Now that they saw him again, they felt truly afraid and their bodies could not help but tremble.

"You rotten women, His Majesty just asked you a question. If you don't answer, I'll slaughter all of you," Mosax said as he pointed his pitchfork at them.

Molaf silently stood by the side while Lin Yan'Er looked at the seven women with a faint smile.

This caused the seven women to come back to their senses. They looked at each other pitifully, and the calmest out of all of them, Princess Han Shuang, spoke, "Emperor, I know that we had grievances with you, and we now formally express our apologies. We are willing to give you information about an unexplored ruins; we hope that you will not harm us and will help us save our husband."

The other princesses looked at Zhao Fu with eyes filled with hope. With Zhao Fu's strength, he would be able to save their husband; in comparison, that unexplored ruins was not as important.

"Unexplored ruins?" Zhao Fu paused for a moment, and looking at the seven women's hopeful gazes, he coldly laughed and waved his hand, causing countless chains to shoot out and bind them up.

The seven women started to struggle in fear. Princess Han Shuang's face was pale as she asked, "Emperor, what is the meaning of this?"

They had enmity with Zhao Fu, so Zhao Fu not killing them was already merciful; how could he let them off and save Long Yang? Since there was enmity between them, he would not show mercy and would force the location of the unexplored ruins out of them; why would he go through all of the trouble to save Long Yang?

"Speak! Where is the unexplored ruins? If you tell me, I'll give you an easy death," Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he walked over.

The seven women's gazes were furious, cold, or hateful as they looked at Zhao Fu. They understood that Zhao Fu would not let them off.

Princess Han Shuang once again said, "We won't tell you. If you kill us, you won't obtain that ruins. It's an extremely big ruins, and unfortunately it seems that Emperor has not fate with it."

Facing this resolute attitude, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and set the Six Desires Demonic Qi into their bodies, causing their faces to go red. They twisted their bodies as they cursed at Zhao Fu for being a bastard and scum.

Zhao Fu asked again, and seeing that they were still defiant, he sent more Six Desires Demonic Qi into their bodies.

In the end, the cold and arrogant Princess Han Shuang half-knelt on the ground with a reddened face as she could not resist serving Zhao Fu, and she mumbled, "Emperor, we can give our bodies and the ruins to you, but please spare us and save our husband."

She was still resisting the Six Desires Demonic Qi in her mind. Because Zhao Fu wanted the location of the ruins, he did not have them completely lose their minds.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and pulled over the fiery-figured Princess Han Nan. Princess Han Nan served Zhao Fu while furiously glaring at him and mumbled, "I won't give in to you!"

Zhao Fu pushed her away and dragged over Princess Qiu Mei. Princess Qiu Mei looked at Zhao Fu and vigorously served him and also mumbled, "Your Majesty, I'll definitely serve you well, but please spare us and save our husband."

Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he pulled over Princess Bai Rou. After going through all seven of them, he suppressed the Six Desires Demonic Qi within their bodies and said angrily, "If I can't obtain anything good in the ruins, I'll skin the lot of you and turn you into sky lanterns."