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That figure suddenly appeared behind Zhao Fu and Zhao Fu immediately sensed this. He slashed backwards, causing a sharp sword light to fly out, but that figure once again disappeared.

In the next instant, the figure re-appeared above Zhao Fu's head, and its dagger gave off a large amount of cold light as it hacked downwards.

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Zhao Fu quickly reacted, lifting his sword to parry the dagger. A colliding sound rang out and sparks flew everywhere, but the figure vanished again.

This sort of opponent was quite annoying; it could hide in nothingness and attack at any moment from any point. If Zhao Fu was not careful, it would be easy for him to be injured.


The figure appeared by Zhao Fu's side and Zhao Fu immediately slashed out. This time, Zhao Fu was able to slash into it, but he could not feel any impact.

That figure suddenly appeared behind Zhao Fu, and its dagger drew an arc in the air as it slashed towards the back of Zhao Fu's neck. Zhao Fu was greatly startled and he dodged to the side, avoiding this fatal strike. However, he was still slashed on his shoulder, causing blood to continuously flow out.

Zhao Fu was angered and the Death Race Sword in his hand exploded out with a large amount of sword light. His body spun, bringing with it an immense storm of deathly aura as he attacked in all directions, blowing apart countless boulders and rocks in the valley.

The figure did not attack again, as it was forced far away by the storm of deathly aura, not daring to go near Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu could not maintain such a powerful AOE attack for very long. After he stopped, the figure once again attacked him.

Over the course of the battle, Zhao Fu found himself at a disadvantage. That figure could travel through nothingness, making it almost impossible for Zhao Fu to hit him. On the other hand, if Zhao Fu was not careful, he would be easily injured.

Zhao Fu knew that he could not go on like this. He thought about it and returned to the ground as he thought of a plan.

That figure hid within nothingness and prepared to attack Zhao Fu at any moment.

After returning to the ground, Zhao Fu closed his eyes. The figure felt quite hesitant upon seeing Zhao Fu like this, so it hesitated as to whether or not it should attack.

Even though it seemed like Zhao Fu had completely let down his defenses, closing his eyes and waiting for death, that figure could feel immense pressure.

The two of them fell into a stalemate, and after a while, the figure could not resist attacking. It appeared in front of Zhao Fu, its dagger giving off a large amount of cold light as it decided to get rid of Zhao Fu with this strike.

At that moment, Zhao Fu opened his terrifying eyes and all of his pupils started to spin. A terrifying power exploded out like a wild gale, and the ground beneath him started to crumble.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of countless chains could be heard, causing the figure to try to escape backwards. However, countless chains blocked off its path of retreat, so it could only dodge to the side. However, it found there were even more chains waiting for it there.

The entire valley was locked down with chains, and only slivers of free space could be seen. There were hundreds of thousands of chains, creating a shocking scene.

Because these chains had also shot out of the air, they were able to suppress the figure and lock down space. This made it so that the figure could not dive back into nothingness.

The figure was now bound up by countless chains. It tried to struggle, but Zhao Fu immediately released countless arcs of lightning, teaching the figure a painful lesson.

After being struck by the lightning, the figure howled in pain. The remaining chains in the valley were withdrawn as Lin Yan'Er and Mosax walked over.

Mosax looked at Zhao Fu torturing the cloaked figure and felt quite afraid. It was glad that it had immediately surrendered, or else he would have been tortured like this or killed.

A while later, Mosax walked over to Zhao Fu and said, "Your Majesty, this should be enough. I can ask if it is willing to submit to Your Majesty."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu stopped and Mosax went over to talk to the cloaked figure. Perhaps it was because they were both creatures of the Cosmos Historical Remnant, the cloaked figure seemed to trust Mosax and looked at Zhao Fu in fear before expressing its willingness to submit.

"System announcement! The Traveller of Nothingness Molaf is willing to submit to you."

Of course, Zhao Fu accepted. There was no benefit in killing it, so accepting its surrender would be much better. At the same time, Zhao Fu also received 140,000 points.

Adding on his original 75,000 points, Zhao Fu now had 215,000 points, causing the top rankings to once again change.

Number 1: Unknown Name, Points: 320,000

Number 2: Unknown Name, Points: 240,000

Number 3: Bai Shengjun, Points: 220,000

Number 4: Unknown Name, Points: 215,000

Number 5: Zang Mingyue, Points: 200,000

These changes caused everyone to feel shocked. Even though the name was unknown, each person's ranking had a unique aura. That person who had suddenly jumped to fourth place was the same person who had suddenly jumped to fifth place before.

Just what had that person done? He had jumped up from ranking in the hundreds to fourth, and he was just a few thousand points away from surpassing Bai Shengjun.

Countless people started to feel curious about this person because the speed at which he gained points was simply too fast. They almost could not believe it.

Also, just who was this person? They could explain the previous time using luck, but this had happened again, which showed his strength. He could compare to the top rankers, and no one could object to this anymore.

Bai Haoran had been wary of this person the entire time. Seeing him jump to fourth place, he was not very surprised and felt even more pressure.

The fourth-ranked Zang Mingyue had fallen to fifth place, causing his face to go red in anger. He was now being stepped on by four people, and he pushed aside the women by his side and started to madly gather points.

The first-ranked youth did not mind this at all and continued to leisurely advance.

The second-ranked young man with white hair only saw the top-ranked person as a competitor, and he did not take anyone else seriously at all.

Back within the valley, after Zhao Fu subdued Molaf, he started to collect his spoils of war. He immediately went to the Den and looked at it.

[Cosmos Beast Den]: Grade: Epic, Description: A Den of Cosmos Beasts that can spawn 12 Cosmos Beasts every day.

After looking at this information, Zhao Fu [Relocated] the Den. The ability of the Cosmos Beasts to enter nothingness was quite powerful and could be quite useful.

Zhao Fu planned to fuse City Lord Seals into them and had them become part of Great Qin's beast army, making Great Qin even stronger.

Molaf also gave Zhao Fu a blueprint for something called a Nothingness Cloak. There were three types: The ordinary Nothingness Cloaks could teleport 100 meters, the high-quality Nothingness Cloaks could teleport 1,000 meters, and the top-quality Nothingness Cloaks could teleport 10,000 meters.