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 Zhao Fu had ordered people to collect information on the Cosmos Historical Remnant, but they had not prepared it yet. He suddenly heard that Lin Yan'Er had information on the Cosmos Historical Remnant, so he went to her room and found Ling Feixue there as well. She no longer seemed as cold and proud, seeming instead slightly flirtatious.

Zhao Fu looked at Lin Yan'Er and asked, "Do you know detailed information about the Cosmos Historical Remnant?"

Lin Yan'Er coyly laughed and replied, "Yes, Your Majesty. I've collected a lot of information about the Cosmos Historical Remnant, and I've also prepared a Cosmos Medallion. I was preparing to enter the Cosmos Historical Remnant next year, but I never thought that it would open ahead of time. I also never thought that I would meet Your Majesty either."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu gave a slight smile and said, "Tell Us about all the information you've gathered."

Lin Yan'Er said coyly, "Will Your Majesty reward me for it? Also, big sis Feixue has entered the Cosmos Historical Remnant before, so she has an even clearer idea about it. I only know some general information."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu looked at Ling Feixue then back at Lin Yan'Er and asked, "What reward do you want? We will try to satisfy you. Tell Us the general information and then the detailed information."

Lin Yan'Er happily leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and hugged Zhao Fu as she said, "I only want one thing, which is for Your Majesty to do me."

Zhao Fu pushed her aside unhappily and said, "Rejected, pick something else."

After being pushed away by Zhao Fu, tears danced in Lin Yan'Er's eyes as she said pitifully, "Your Majesty, do you feel repulsed by my body? I've only been touched by one man before, and it was because I hadn't met Your Majesty yet. If I had met Your Majesty, I definitely would have given my first time to you. I really want to become Your Majesty's woman and wholeheartedly serve Your Majesty."

Ling Feixue could not help but say, "Your Majesty, you shouldn't treat Yan'Er like this."

Zhao Fu turned his head away and rolled his eyes as he said, "Alright, since you have a Cosmos Medallion, when the Cosmos Historical Remnant opens, you can come with Us. Hurry up and tell me about the Cosmos Historical Remnant."

Lin Yan'Er smiled as she started to excitedly tell Zhao Fu about the Cosmos Historical Remnant, "In the past 1,000 years, despite countless people exploring the Cosmos Historical Remnant, no one knows just how big it is; all people know is that it is split into ten levels.

"The tenth level is the outermost level, and the first level is the innermost level. Each level is extremely big and contains all sorts of treasures. Of course, it's quite dangerous, but there are many legacies, which attracts many people.

"Each level has a checkpoint, which requires a Checkpoint Medallion in order to move to the next level. Moreover, within the Cosmos Historical Remnant, City Lord Seals and Nation Armaments are unusable.

"Also, the Cosmos Historical Remnant has a points system. Killing monsters or passing checkpoints can give points. There will be a Points Ranking, which will not only be visible inside the Cosmos Historical Remnant but outside as well.

"Your Majesty needs to be careful not to let others know that you're Great Qin's Emperor, or your enemies will come looking for you. However, I'm sure Your Majesty will surpass them.

"Points are cumulative from level to level, and after reaching the final level, those with a large number of points can go through a special trial. Only a few people have passed this trial in the previous thousand years, and no one is very clear about its contents."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and said, "Is there anything else? Keep going."

Lin Yan'Er smiled as she said, "Your Majesty, you've been standing for a while; aren't you tired? Please have a seat."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu sat down on a chair and Lin Yan'Er and Ling Feixue also sat. Lin Yan'Er then continued to talk about the Cosmos Historical Remnant while Zhao Fu listened and considered how to prepare.

After a while, Lin Yan'Er said, "Your Majesty, this is all I know; I'll leave the rest to big sis Feixue. She's been to the Cosmos Historical Remnant and should have more detailed information."

Zhao Fu turned his gaze to Ling Feixue.

Ling Feixue said somewhat anxiously, "Your Majesty, if I provide you with this information and serve Great Qin, will you let off the Ancient Sword Sect or at least kill fewer people?"

Hearing Ling Feixue mention the Ancient Sword Sect, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold as he looked at Ling Feixue and said, "Are you trying to bargain with Us? Do you really think We would agree?"

Ling Feixue's face became pale. She really did not want to see all of the Ancient Sword Sect's people die at Zhao Fu's hands. She felt deeply towards the Ancient Sword Sect, the place she had stayed since she had been born. As such, she had always hoped that Zhao Fu would spare the Ancient Sword Sect.

However, the enmity between the two sides was now irreconcilable, but she could not just sit by and watch the Ancient Sword Sect be destroyed. She could only try all she could to save the Ancient Sword Sect. Even if Zhao Fu could show a bit of lenience, that would be extremely good.

"Big sis Feixue, if you behave well, you might be able to change His Majesty's mind. His Majesty doesn't like you being like this," Lin Yan'Er mumbled. While Zhao Fu's attention was on Ling Feixue, she had already knelt on the ground and started to serve Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stretched out a finger in frustration and pushed her away as he said, "We're talking about an important matter right now, stop messing around."

Lin Yan'Er grinned as she stood up and thought to herself, "Then that means I can do this all I want when we're not discussing important matters."

Ling Feixue blushed as she turned her head away, but she instinctively licked her lips and started to tell Zhao Fu about what she knew about the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

"Even though the Cosmos Historical Remnant contains countless treasures and legacies, it's extremely dangerous. Otherwise, it would not remain unexplored even after 1,000 years. There are many danger zones that would be risky for even a World Realm expert.

"For example, there's an abyss on the tenth level. Remember not to go near it, because in the past 1,000 years, no one has come out of it alive. It is an extremely dangerous place and that place is also extremely barren. There is no spirit qi at all, and there aren't any treasures there.

"The tenth level is the outermost level, yet it has such a dangerous place; the closer you get to the innermost level, the more danger zones there will be. I heard from the previous Sect Master of the Ancient Sword Sect that the first level is a place of absolute danger; even those in the Emperor Heaven Realm might fall there."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could not help but feel shocked. This Cosmos Historical Remnant was much more dangerous than he had expected, to the point that even a World Realm expert could be helpless there. Moreover, the Emperor Heaven Realm was the most powerful Realm in this stage.

It seemed that he had to be extremely careful during this expedition to the Cosmos Historical Remnant. Adding on the fact that he would not be able to use his Nation Armaments, he could only rely on himself.

Zhao Fu looked at Ling Feixue and had her keep going.

At that moment, the Cosmos Medallion's purple light became even stronger, meaning that time was running out and that he had to hurry and prepare.