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 However, the Cosmos Historical Remnant had various restrictions, and they prevented those of a certain cultivation and age to enter. The elder had thought of a method to get around this, which was why he was in the black magic formation.

"Begin!" the elder said in an ancient voice to the people around him.

The people around him wearing sacrificial robes obeyed and brought out ten or so young men and women. These young men and women's auras were all quite noble and had the aura of the royal clan. They were all part of the main branch of the royal clan, and their auras were quite similar to that of the elder.

This was because these ten or so young men and women were descendants of the elder.

They were all currently crying and struggling, pleading with the elder to spare them. This was because the elder needed their lives to cast a forbidden technique. This forbidden technique could allow him to temporarily regain his youthfulness, seal his cultivation, and hide his true age.

This would allow him to trick the Cosmos Medallion and allow him to enter the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

The price was that he needed ten or so people whose bloodlines were close to his, meaning they had to be his children, his grandchildren, or people further down the line.

Moreover, after using this technique, it would greatly cripple his body, causing his cultivation to fall. However, he was already about to die, so he did not care about that.

Facing the crying of these young men and women, the elder's gaze was cold. He had always been a cold-blooded person, and in order to live longer, he did not care about sacrificing these relatives. The Kingdom needed him to lead it.

"Arghhh..." Pained cries sounded out as the robed people had the ten or so young men and women kneel around the black magic formation. They took our sharp swords and pierced their chests, causing blood to spurt out, and the black magic formation quickly absorbed the blood.


The black magic formation exploded out with a terrifying and strange power as countless rays of black light shot out. The sun and moon seemed to dim as an eerie wind blew. Countless ghosts howled as an eerie and cold energy entered the elder's body.

The elder's body became younger at a rate visible by the naked eye, and lush hair started to grow.

Soon, a young man with long, snow-white hair and gray pupils giving off a cold aura appeared. This was that elder who had been on the brink of death.

The elder sensed the life force and power within his body, causing a smile to appear on his cold face.

As for the ten or so young men and women around the magic formation, they had all died. Their corpses had been maintaining a kneeling position by an abnormal energy, and there was pain, anger, and hatred all over their faces.

The white-haired young man ignored those corpses, stepped out of the room, and started to prepare for the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

An ordinary-looking young man with a calm demeanor walked on a street while throwing a medallion giving off purple light into the air. Those around him could not help but gulp because that medallion was a Cosmos Medallion.

Now that the Cosmos Historical Remnant was about to open, the value of Cosmos Medallions had become ten or so times greater. Everyone wanted one, and their prices were astronomical.

Now, if anyone sold one, they would have enough money to last them a lifetime. Normally, anyone who obtained a Cosmos Medallion would hide it incredibly carefully and make sure not to reveal that they had one, out of fear of others trying to take it.

However, this young man had it out in the open, causing many people to look at him with greedy looks, wanting to go up and take it from him.

A few people in the Saint Realm walked out and surrounded this stupid young man and said, "Hand over the Cosmos Medallion, or your elder's going to kill you here."

The ordinary-looking young man lightly laughed as he said, "So it's called a Cosmos Medallion; tell me what uses it has and I'll spare you."

This caused the Saint Realm people to become angry and they started to attack the ordinary-looking young man.

However, their bodies suddenly froze, and a light wind blew, causing their bodies to turn into ashes and dissipate. A few Saint Realm experts had been killed just like that before anyone else could realize what was happening.

This scared everyone else into quickly retreating, not daring to stand close to that ordinary-looking young man. They did not dare to have any thoughts about the Cosmos Medallion in his hand because that young man was extremely powerful.

They did not know that the young man was unimaginably powerful to the point that he was slightly stronger than that Imperial Prince.

If people from the Heaven Domain saw this young man, they would be shocked because he was somewhat famous even in the Heaven Domain. No one would expect him to come to an outer Domain.

"What uses does this Cosmos Medallion have?" The ordinary-looking young man smiled as he looked at a middle-aged man with decent strength.

The middle-aged man's legs went weak as he quickly said, "The Cosmos Medallion allows you to enter the Cosmos Historical Remnant. The purple light it's giving off means that the Cosmos Historical Remnant is about to open."

The ordinary-looking young man understood and said a soft 'thank you' before turning into a gust of wind and disappearing as if he had never been here.

Within the Eight Dragons Essence Sect, Long Yang threw back his head and laughed, "Hahaha, this Young Sect Master is going to take all of you out. There will definitely be countless women from royal clans going to the Cosmos Historical Remnant this time, and I'm sure one of them will fulfil the requirements, allowing me to complete the Eight Dragons Divine Art.

"When that time comes, this Young Sect Master will challenge Bing Qixue and everyone else on the Rankings and trample them underfoot. This Young Master also won't have to fear that dog crap Emperor."

"Hubby, we believe in you!"

"That's right! In our eyes, hubby is the best. That dog crap Emperor is nothing compared to you!"

"Hehe, that Emperor was beaten up last time and is hiding who-knows-where to preserve his life. How could he dare to run out? Our hubby is naturally much grander."

"Stop talking about that Emperor; that person doesn't have the right to be compared to our hubby. He just has a bit of Emperor's blood; how could his status be as prestigious as our hubby?"

"I hope hubby can find our final sister so we can all finally serve hubby together. We've waited so long for this day."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The peerlessly beautiful princesses rested against Long Yang, and a pleased look appeared on Long Yang's face, "We'll definitely find her this time. When this Young Sect Master completes the Divine Art, I will take over the Eight Dragons Essence Sect in a few years. When that time comes, you'll all be Madams of the Sect, and this Young Sect Master will make the Eight Dragons Essence Sect a true Royal Kingdom-level Sect."

The seven peerlessly beautiful princesses happily agreed, looking completely confident.

Long Yang decided that as long as he found a suitable person within the Cosmos Historical Remnant, no matter if she was willing or not, he would capture her. He could not wait any longer.