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 Yin Ruoshi nodded seriously and said with her beautiful voice, "I understand, Master, I will protect them well."

Within the Bear Mountain Kingdom, the King handed a blood-red, beating heart to the Third Prince Xiong Xiao. This heart was filled with life force and each heartbeat caused it to give off a wave of might. It was no ordinary item.

The Bear Mountain Kingdom's King said seriously, "This is the heart of a Devil Bear in the Harmony Realm. This Cosmos Historical Remnant might contain many dangers, and this is for you to protect yourself with. You can only use it a few times, so don't use it casually."

Xiong Xin said confidently and domineeringly, "Don't worry, father. Your son will definitely obtain massive gains this time and bring glory to you. With this Devil Bear's heart, as long as I don't face any of the top three, I will definitely win."

Within the Ice Origin Kingdom, Bing Qixue was also preparing. He had been preparing for the Cosmos Historical Remnant for a long time. He planned to bring some of his clan members in, as well as his two bodyguards.

"Your Majesty, I heard that the Cosmos Historical Remnant is about to open ahead of time; it most likely sensed Your Majesty's arrival and thus opened early. Your Majesty is truly the Mandate of Heaven and should be worshipped by all creatures," an elder said flatteringly to a valiant and domineering-looking young man.

That elder was the ruler of a Dukedom Kingdom, yet he was flattering this young man and calling that man Your Majesty.

There was only one reason, which was that the young man, who was called Zang Mingyue, came from a real Empire, unlike Zhao Fu.

Even though his position within the Empire was not extremely high and he was not greatly valued, he was still an Imperial Prince. He had terrifying power and could decimate everyone on the Domain Rankings.

At the same time, with his status, no one dared to offend him. Otherwise, if an Empire descended, it would be able to wipe out an entire Domain.

This was why that elder was trying so hard to curry favor with this young man, and he had offered up many women from his royal clan for Zang Mingyue to play with. He wanted to have an Imperial Prince as a supporter and make it so that no one dared to offend his faction.

Zang Mingyue loudly laughed as he stretched his hands into the clothes of two beautiful women, "This Imperial Prince coming to your Domain is indeed your glory. With This Imperial Prince's abilities, sweeping away all of you outer Domain trash will be no problem."

"Indeed, indeed!" The elder hurriedly agreed because he was clear that Zang Mingyue really did have that kind of power. As an Imperial Prince from the Heaven Domain, it was no surprise that he would be able to completely suppress all geniuses in the outer Domains. He was on a completely different level.

"Your Majesty, this is some information I've prepared on the Cosmos Historical Remnant; please have a look." The elder took out some documents and respectfully handed them to Zang Mingyue.

By now, Zang Mingyue was already kissing one of the women next to him and he said disdainfully, "This Imperial Prince doesn't need those things; I'll be able to pass through a historical remnant like this in just a few days. Alright, don't bother This Imperial Prince anymore; I want to properly enjoy these beauties."

Seeing this, the elder could only leave the room, after which loud thumping sounds could be heard.

In the Green Province Region next to the Ancient Stem Domain, Shi Shuge fully devoted herself to cultivation. She had taken a big mental blow, and even as the number one person in the Green Province Domain, she had lost. She could not accept this at all.

At the same time, she felt quite angry towards Zhao Fu, who had taken away the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl that she needed, so she wanted to teach him a lesson.

She had a feeling that she would meet Zhao Fu again, so she did her best to increase her cultivation so that she could defeat Zhao Fu next time.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After a period of cultivation, as well as the Poem Dynasty's full support, she felt a trace of confidence.

"Young master, are you really going to take us this time?"

"Young master, will we trouble you if you bring us? I don't want you to get hurt."

"Hmph! I want to go. The Cosmos Historical Remnant is the biggest historical remnant in the surrounding ten or so Domains. I've heard there are countless treasures. Young master, I want to see it for myself!"

"Mm, young master, your servant also wants to see it. I don't want to leave your side either, or I'll really miss you."

"Hehe! Young master, make sure you bring us; I want to be screwed by you every day!"

A group of seductively beautiful women surrounded a handsome-looking monk. This monk was naturally the Young Sect Master of the Desire Buddha Sect, You Quan.

The Desire Buddha Sect was actually an evil sect within the Buddhist Sect that cultivated desires and passions. As such, there were many women around You Quan.

As the Young Sect Master of the Desire Buddha Sect, the ten or so women around You Quan were all one in a million. Not only were they beautiful, but they all also had great talent, and they could greatly help You Quan's cultivation.

The reason You Quan decided to bring them was out of consideration for his own safety. Because they all cultivated the same Art, this allowed the ten or so of them to join together and unleash immense power.

Moreover, once he used up all of his power, he could do it with them a few times and quickly recover, which was an extra layer of safety for him.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Countless sword hums sounded out as sword wind blew out. Within the One Martial Sect, Ming Jian was painstakingly training with his sword. He just wanted to defeat that unreachable figure, which was Zhao Fu.

After seeing that kind of power, the proud Ming Jian had taken a heavy mental blow. Just like Shi Shuge, he had completely thrown himself into his cultivation. Seeing him work so hard, the One Martial Sect completely supported him, resulting in his power increasing quickly.

Within a grand and luxurious palace, a figure sat within a black magic formation. This figure's aura was extremely powerful and seemed to fuse with the heavens and earth, and heaven and earth power continuously flowed into him.

This figure was a World Realm expert, and he could freely use heaven and earth power. However, this figure was an elder.

This elder's body gave off a deathly aura, and he looked extremely ancient. His face was covered with wrinkles and age spots, and he only had a few hairs on his head left. He seemed to have lived for a very long time, and his lifespan was nearly over.

The elder's identity was not simple; he was the Ancestor of a Royal Kingdom, which had the power of ten worlds. He had once been a peerless expert and his name had shaken a few Domains, and he had unimaginable power.

Now that his lifespan was nearing its end, his power had greatly receded; the Cosmos Historical Remnant was his last chance.

His aim was to enter the Cosmos Historical Remnant and obtain something to extend his lifespan. With his current cultivation and lifespan, ordinary things would not have any effect on his lifespan; he had to find something that was extremely powerful.

Such a thing could only be obtained in the Cosmos Historical Remnant. He had entered the Cosmos Historical Remnant before and knew some of the mysteries about it. Back then, he had obtained many good opportunities in the Cosmos Historical Remnant, which had brought him to his peak.

As such, he wanted to fight one last time, and this was his final opportunity. If he did not go all-out, he would die of old age.