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 As Zhao Fu considered how to attack the Dark Demon world, a medallion within Zhao Fu's spatial ring gave off a faint purple light; that was the Cosmos Medallion.

Zhao Fu took out the Cosmos Medallion and took a look at it, and he found that the Cosmos Historical Remnant was about to open. This made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised, as the Cosmos Historical Remnant only opened once every ten years, and it was only the ninth year; it should only open next year.

Zhao Fu had never expected the Cosmos Historical Remnant to open early, one year earlier than in the past. Had something unexpected happened?

Zhao Fu was not sure as to the reason, but he was still quite interested in the Cosmos Historical Remnant. Legends said that it was a historical remnant left behind by a higher-being, and it was the largest historical remnant in the surrounding ten or so Domains. There were countless treasures within it, and even after over 1,000 years of exploration, there were still unexplored areas.

This was enough to show how valuable the Cosmos Historical Remnant was. It was a historical remnant that countless people in the surrounding ten or so Domains wanted to enter so that they could obtain many of treasures and opportunities.

In order to obtain this Cosmos Medallion, Zhao Fu had challenged the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage. He had wanted to make some gains within the Cosmos Historical Remnant, and this was the same for the various factions, which wanted to send their elite disciples in.

Apart from the Dynasties and Sects in the surrounding ten or so Domains, some people from ordinary factions and some rogue cultivators would also go. Anyone who had a Cosmos Medallion would be able to enter.

There would definitely be many people, which would mean intense battles that would be incredibly bloody.

Zhao Fu had never expected the Cosmos Historical Remnant to open ahead of time, so he had not collected any information about it. Luckily the Cosmos Medallion gave off light to give him some advance warning. He still had a bit of time, so he immediately ordered people to collect all information on the Cosmos Historical Remnant.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Information was incredibly important, as this would save him from wasting time or making mistakes and suffering losses.


Within the Dao Cultivation Sect, a massive explosion sounded out as a powerful shockwave spread out. A five-colored light spilled down from the sky as if a peerless expert was appearing.

Countless people from the Dao Cultivation Sect looked up in shock and could not help but start to cheer. The Dao Cultivation Sect's Elders came out and smiled as they looked at that person.

The person in the sky was dressed in white clothes and looked extremely elegant. He looked a bit like Bai Haoran, but the aura he gave off far surpassed Bai Haoran. He was Bai Haoran's older brother, Bai Shengjun, the person who had been taken as a disciple by a higher-being.

Now that the Cosmos Historical Remnant was going to open, he had returned from the Heaven Domain, but no one else knew about this.

Everyone looked up in excitement and admiration. This person was the peerless genius of the Ancient Stem Domain, the most talented person in the recent 1,000 years. All geniuses dimmed in front of him.

Bai Shengjun descended from the sky and countless people immediately crowded around him, calling out respectfully, excitedly, fawningly, and affectionately, "Senior Apprentice Brother!"

"Big bro!" Bai Haoran stood by the side and excitedly called out. It was evident that their relationship as brothers was quite good.

Bai Shengjun courteously responded to all of them and turned to look at Bai Haoran as he grinned and said, "Haoran, in the time I've been gone, your cultivation has improved quite a bit!"

Bai Haoran laughed embarrassedly, "How can my cultivation speed compare to yours? You're already the disciple of a higher-being."

Bai Haoran lightly laughed and said, "Then you have to work hard! If you perform well, I can recommend you to Master. Master's a very good person."

Hearing this, Bai Haoran felt extremely excited and earnestly nodded.

"Jun'Er, why are you back?" The Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master walked out as he looked at Bai Shengjun.

Bai Shengjun bowed to the Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master. The Sect Master was like a father to him, and he said, "Master, the Cosmos Historical Remnant is about to open and there's something within it that I need. As such, I came specifically to obtain that item."

"What? Senior Apprentice Brother Bai is here for the Cosmos Historical Remnant? With him leading us, we'll be invincible. With Senior Apprentice Brother Bai here, anyone who offends the Dao Cultivation Sect will be seeking death."

Countless people with Cosmos Medallions could not help but cry out. With such a powerful person like Bai Shengjun backing them, they did not have to worry in the Cosmos Historical Remnant at all.

A while later, Bai Haoran and Bai Shengjun returned to their courtyard. Bai Shengjun sensed something and asked, "Haoran, why do you have such little Fate? You seem to only have the Dao Cultivation Sect's Fate; weren't you ranked first on the Ancient Stem Rankings?"

Hearing this, Bai Haoran, who had been in good spirits, looked quite bitter as he replied, "The first-ranked person this year isn't me but an extremely terrifying person. I wasn't a match for him at all and did not even have the rights to be called an opponent."

Hearing this, Bai Shengjun felt quite shocked. He could accept someone being able to defeat his little brother, but to deal such a mental blow to his little brother, he was sure that no ordinary person could do such a thing.

"What happened? Tell me about it," Bai Shengjun said. Following this, Bai Haoran told Bai Shengjun about what had happened at the Ancient Stem Banquet.

After hearing from Bai Haoran, Bai Shengjun's expression became quite serious. He had never expected such a terrifying figure to appear in the short time that he had left.

Facing such a person, even Bai Shengjun felt a trace of pressure. However, he soon laughed because it had been a long time since anyone had been able to make him feel this way. He felt confident that he could defeat that person.

Everyone's expressions in the Ancient Sword Sect were quite heavy. The Cosmos Historical Remnant was about to open, but they had no one to send. Gu Jian, who had been ranked first in the Ancient Sword Sect, had gone into a half-demonic state and could not maintain consciousness. How could they allow him to enter the Cosmos Historical Remnant?

The second, third and fifth-ranked disciples, as well as many other elite disciples had also been killed by that despicable person. They could only send the fourth-ranked person and a few others into the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

It was evident that their gains this time would be quite small. The Ancient Sword Sect did not have the strength to contend with the other factions, and it could be said that they had already lost without even fighting.

This caused the Ancient Sword Sect's hatred towards Zhao Fu to become even deeper. Now, they were already thinking of hundreds of ways to torture and kill Zhao Fu, or else they would not be able to quench their hatred.

Within the Heavenly Music Sect, the Sect Master said gently, "Yin'Er, this time things will be quite dangerous. Not only has Bai Shengjun returned to the Ancient Stem Domain, but it is also said that that Emperor has obtained a Cosmos Medallion and that he might enter too. If you avoid the two of them, you should be able to obtain great gains.

"Also, try to take care of the other disciples from our Sect, especially your boisterous Junior Apprentice Brother. Keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn't make trouble."