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 Zhao Fu smiled as he continued to watch. Next was using space to teleport Yu Ling to various places incredibly quickly, as if he had created clones.

Following this, Zhao Fu had Yu Ling stop and handed him a few candies made out of rare materials, and Yu Ling happily took them and smiled as he thanked Zhao Fu.

After getting to know Zhao Fu more, Yu Ling was not afraid of Zhao Fu anymore, and he seemed to see Zhao Fu like a big brother.

Zhao Fu smiled as he patted his head and found that Yu Ling was actually quite likeable.

At that moment, a soldier came up and reported, "Your Majesty, some things have happened at the Desolate God Temple."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and went to the Desolate God Temple. There was blood-red light coming out and shooting into the sky, giving off a bloodthirsty aura. It was incredibly ferocious and could harm people, so no one dared to get close.

Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain, blocked off that bloodthirsty aura, and walked into the Desolate God Temple.

A figure giving off intense blood-red light appeared in front of Zhao Fu. It was a woman, but it was difficult to tell if the figure was a man or woman. However, the figure was quite well-rounded. It wore blood-red clothes and gave off a powerful godly spirit aura.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, she raised her head and said, "Are you the ruler of this place? Mere mortal, why do you not prostrate yourself in front of This God? Are you not afraid of This God punishing you?"

Zhao Fu could not help but laugh. However, this made sense - how could proud existences like godly spirits be willing to easily submit to others?

The godly spirits that Great Qin had nurtured in the pats were not true godly spirits. For example, the Light God was nurtured from a remnant Divinity, which was why it had submitted to Great Qin so easily.

However, this Desolate God was not the same; she was an ancient godly spirit and had a complete Divinity. Even though she was not fully mature, her power was still quite terrifying, so she naturally would not submit to Great Qin so easily.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not take her seriously at all, she said angrily, "Lowly mortal, you're seeking death. You dare offend This God?"


A massive sound could be heard as the Desolate God punched out, sending a powerful blast towards Zhao Fu. The surroundings were affected, and some of the ground and walls were ripped off.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and took out the Death Race Sword and swung it. A gray sword light flashed out, splitting that blast in two, which then turned into wind and dissipated.

The Desolate God's expression changed; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so powerful.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "You're just a godly spirit that has died for who knows how long; do you really think you're a true godly spirit? Even if you were a true godly spirit, We would not be afraid of you and would still be able to kill you."

The Desolate God felt humiliated and roared, exploding out with a powerful aura and shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not move, and the golden pupil in his left eye started to spin. Chains shot out from the air, binding the Desolate God in the air.

The Desolate God vigorously struggled and shouted, "Lowly mortal, let go of This God, or This God will have you die a horrible death!"

Seeing that it still dared to talk with this attitude, a cold look appeared in Zhao Fu's eyes. A few blood-red arcs of lightning travelled along the chains and hit the Desolate God, causing her to howl in pain.

Zhao Fu had used the God-Killer profession's power, which had fused into his Emperor profession. Under normal circumstances, he very rarely used this power because he did not often fight with godly spirits.

Now, the God-Killer's power was incredibly suited to tormenting the Desolate God.

A while later, the Desolate God started to give in, saying, "Despicable mortal, if you let This God go, This God won't punish you anymore."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu was dissatisfied and increased the intensity of the lightning, causing the Desolate God to howl even louder. It twisted as it tried to escape the chains, and its aura became weaker.

The Desolate God could not withstand this pain and cried out, "Alright, mortal, don't torment This God any longer; if you're willing to worship This God, This God will give you unimaginable benefits!"

"Hah?" Zhao Fu was quite surprised; this Desolate God wanted him to worship it? How was that possible? He had killed godly spirits before, and it should be godly spirits prostrating themselves at his feet.

As such, he continued to increase the intensity of the lightning.

The Desolate God continuously cried out, and her facial features were incredibly distorted as she weakly struggled and said feebly, "This God is willing to submit, don't torture This God anymore."

Zhao Fu still was not satisfied as he thought to its arrogant attitude from before. As such, he said, "You should be addressing Us as 'master!'"

"No!" the Desolate God cried out; it refused to say such a humiliating thing.

Zhao Fu did not say anything and continued to torment the Desolate God. In the end, she could not bear it anymore and cried out, "Master!"

Only then was Zhao Fu satisfied and let her down, asking, "What were those unimaginable benefits you talked about before?"

Zhao Fu had kept that in mind and was curious as to what they were.

The Desolate God was still somewhat angry, having to call a mortal 'master.' This was the greatest humiliation of her life, so she did not reply.

Zhao Fu prepared to start using the God-Killer profession's power again, scaring the Desolate God to quickly say, "If you help me recover my divine power, I can help you enter the Desolate God World and allow you to become my Divine Guard."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"That's it?" Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed. Who wanted to become her Divine Guard? Zhao Fu was not interested at all.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not care at all, the Desolate God angrily called out, "Don't look down on my Divine Guard! They're able to control Blood God Demons which are incredibly terrifying. An ant like you definitely hasn't seen them before."

Hearing this tone, Zhao Fu could not help but want to use the God-Killer profession's power again.

The golden dragon suddenly said, "I've heard of the Blood God Demons before; they're an incredibly terrifying type of monster. It was said that only some Desolate Gods can create these monsters."

Zhao Fu paused and asked the golden dragon, "What are those Blood God Demons? Are they very strong?"

The golden dragon answered earnestly, "That's right! The Blood God Demons are monsters created from a god's blood, and they are extremely ferocious and evil. They can suck a person's blood dry from thousands of meters away, and are extremely difficult to kill.

"They don't have a set form and can transform into all sorts of creatures, and they can even live as a parasite within someone's body without them realizing it.

"Moreover, because they have god's blood, they have powerful suppression towards countless low-grade creatures and races. Those who meet Blood God Demons can only be slaughtered. Moreover, Blood God Demons are a forbidden technique within the Godly Spirit World, and many godly spirits fear them."

Zhao Fu felt delighted and looked at the Desolate God. He had struck gold this time!