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 A few days later, Zhao Fu came to a courtyard where Yu Ling was playing and Yu Qingshui was sitting by the side. There was a blush on her face as she thought about something.

Zhao Fu walked towards Yu Ling. After hearing the golden dragon's explanation, he understood what the Thousand World Constitution was.

The Thousand World Constitution was an extremely powerful spatial constitution that innately gave one powerful spatial abilities. It allowed one to break through all barriers and teleport at will. Those with Thousand World Constitutions could easily cross worlds, and they could even travel to the Underworld below and Godly Spirit World above.

Even higher-beings found it quite difficult to capture those with Thousand World Constitutions unless they could deal a severe injury in one blow. Otherwise, they could easily break through even the spatial restrictions of a higher-being.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked about this ability. Of course, because the boy was still too young and had not unleashed his true power, Zhao Fu wanted to properly nurture him. During key times he would be able to have great effects.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, the boy leapt into Yu Qingshui's arms in fear and said in a small voice, "Mum, that bad guy's here again."

Only then did Yu Qingshui come back to her senses. Seeing Zhao Fu walk in, her face became even redder, and she lightly patted Yu Ling's head as she said, "That's Great Qin's Majesty, you can't call him a bad guy anymore, or the consequences will be severe."

Yu Ling obediently nodded. He understood that his big brother, as well as the entire Fish Scale world, seemed to have submitted to this person, so he could not say anything bad about him anymore.

"We greet Your Majesty." Yu Qingshui brought Yu Ling over and paid their respects to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded and cut to the chase immediately, "We want to bring Yu Ling away from here and have someone properly nurture him."

Yu Qingshui felt quite hesitant and said, "Your Majesty, Ling'Er is still quite young; how about waiting a few years?"

Hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to take him away, Yu Ling hurriedly hugged Yu Qingshui and said, "Mum, I don't want to leave you."

Zhao Fu thought about it before saying, "You don't know how dangerous the situation outside is. Yu Ling has a Thousand World Constitution and should be nurtured as soon as possible. This will be good for him too; if he's able to release the power of his Thousand World Constitution, very few people in this world will be able to harm him.

"If you will miss each other too much, Yu Ling can continue to live here; he'll study in the morning and return in the afternoon."

Yu Qingshui looked quite confused as she asked, "Your Majesty, what is a Thousand World Constitution?"

Zhao Fu originally did not know what a Thousand World Constitution was either, and he had only found out after asking the golden dragon. As someone from the Legacy Lands, it was only natural that Yu Qingshui did not know. She only knew that Yu Ling naturally had powerful spatial abilities.

After hearing her question, Zhao Fu briefly explained the Thousand World Constitution.

Yu Qingshui had never thought that Yu Ling's constitution would be so powerful, so she quickly agreed. With Great Qin's help, Yu Ling would be able to reach his potential, and she would not have to worry about him in the future.

"Mum!" Seeing that Yu Qingshui wanted to send him off, Yu Ling yelled angrily.

Yu Qingshui started to comfort Yu Ling, explaining to him the importance of this matter, as well as that he could come back every day; they would not be completely separated.

Only then did Yu Ling obediently agree.

Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile and prepared to bring Yu Ling away, but Yu Qingshui called Zhao Fu and had Yu Ling play by the side for a while.

Yu Ling did not understand, but he looked at his blushing mother and unquestioningly ran off to play.

Yu Qingshui watched Yu Ling leave before saying gratefully, "Your Majesty, thank you for valuing Xuan'Er and Ling'Er so much and nurturing them."

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "Since they have such good aptitude and belong to Great Qin now, We will do Our best to nurture them."

Seeing Yu Qingshui's blushing face and sensing that there was something else on her mind, Zhao Fu asked, "Is there anything else?"

Yu Qingshui's red was completely red as she replied, "I don't' know why, but very often I'll fantasize about doing it with Your Majesty. Has Your Majesty not gotten rid of that black qi in my body?"

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and had her stand up. Six orbs of demonic qi appeared on his hand and he pressed them towards her abdomen.

As the six orbs of demonic qi entered her body, Yu Qingshui lost the strength in her body and Zhao Fu caught her with one arm.

Yu Qingshui lay in Zhao Fu's embrace, and smelling Zhao Fu's scent, her breathing started to become ragged. Her consciousness became somewhat hazy and she kissed Zhao Fu as her hands stretched down towards Zhao Fu's lower body.

By now, Zhao Fu had once again suppressed the Six Desires Demonic Qi within Yu Qingshui's body, causing her to come back to her senses. She looked incredibly embarrassed as she let go and quickly left Zhao Fu's embrace.

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "We have completely suppressed the Six Desires Demonic Qi within your body; this won't happen in the future."

Thinking about what had just happened, Yu Qingshui's face became incredibly red, and her beat incredibly quickly, causing her breathing to become rough. She nodded but could not say anything.

Zhao Fu called over Yu Ling and planned to take him to leave.

Yu ling ran over and saw his mother's red face and asked in concern, "Mum, what happened?"

How could she tell Yu Ling what had just happened? Thankfully, Zhao Fu had suppressed that feeling within her body, as if she did that kind of thing in front of Yu Ling, she would not be able to face anyone in future.

Yu Qingshui shook her head and smiled as she said, "Mum's fine, don't worry. You can go with His Majesty now, make sure you listen to him."

Yu Ling looked at his mother and lightly nodded.

Following this, Zhao Fu left with Yu Ling and brought him to people to train him. He also prepared all sorts of cultivation tools for him, all of which had powerful spatial attributes.

Yu Qingshui watched as Zhao Fu left with Yu Ling. Even though her mind was clear, she felt the reaction within her body becoming stronger and stronger. She embarrassedly ran into her room, after which loud moans could be heard.

At the same time, within another room, the Ancient Sword Sect's Madam twisted and turned on the bed, her hand moving about as she made similar sounds.

Lin Yan'Er was the same, and her reactions were even more intense.

A few days later, Zhao Fu went to check on Yu Ling to see how he was developing. The strength of his aura had been increasing steadily.

Zhao Fu saw over 100 arrows shooting towards Yu Ling, but facing such an attack, Yu Ling did not seem afraid at all. He stretched out a little hand and a formless barrier spread out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The arrows were instantly sent flying back. Zhao Fu had observed carefully, and saw that in an instant, the arrows had disappeared, and in the very next instant, they had shot out from where Yu Lin was. It was as if he had twisted space and shot the arrows back.

To have such capabilities in just a few days, Zhao Fu was extremely shocked. It seemed that Yu Ling had great potential, perhaps even surpassing his big brother Yu Xuan. He was comparable to Zhao Sha, and since they were both kids, perhaps they could become friends.