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 News of Great Qin conquering the Fish Scale world quickly spread and the battle concluded. The other worlds had wanted to tie Great Qin down and prevent it from conquering the Fish Scale world, but Great Qin had still done it in the end.

Everyone else's expressions were quite unsightly and they could only retreat. There was no longer any reason to fight and make unnecessary sacrifices.

The other worlds that had been just spectating felt quite shocked; Great Qin had been able to withstand such immense pressure and conquer a world. In the surrounding 100 or so worlds, Great Qin was the first faction to control two worlds.

Now, everyone was unanimous in listing Great Qin as the greatest threat, and they became much more wary towards Great Qin.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu felt quite happy. Seeing the other worlds retreat, Great Qin also withdrew its troops.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu sat on his throne and looked at the countless Fish Scale people kneeling below. The person at the lead was naturally Yu Xuan.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he said, "You may all rise!"

Yu Xuan and the other Fish Scale people inwardly let out a sigh of relief; it looked like Zhao Fu would not punish them, or else he would not allow them to rise so easily. They all cried out, "We thank His Majesty for his grace!"

Zhao Fu's gaze fell onto Yu Xuan and the Fish Scale Legatees. Back then, they had some enmity with Great Qin, but as long as they were willing to submit and serve Great Qin, Zhao Fu was willing to forgive them.

Thinking about how brazen and arrogant the Fish Scale world had been in invading the human world and how they were now prostrated at his feet, Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite grand. The world was waiting for him to conquer it, and everything under the heavens would one day belong to Great Qin.

"Li Si!" Zhao Fu called out and had him read out imperial edicts, conferring rewards and titles on the Fish Scale people. Right now, the most important thing was to calm the common people in the Fish Scale people to avoid any chaos.

The Fish Scale people were pleasantly surprised and went up to receive their rewards. They had never thought that Great Qin would treat them so well; not only did Great Qin not punish them, but it had also given them great benefits. They no longer felt worried anymore.

"Your Majesty, this is the Fish Scale race's Clan Armament, please receive it!" Yu Xuan lowered his head and lifted up a fish eye with both hands as he spoke respectfully.

That fish eye was blue and was as big as a fist, and its pupil looked like a gemstone. It was extremely beautiful and gave off a faint blue light as well as a powerful aura of water.

The Fish Scale world had already been taken over by Great Qin, and because the Fish Scale race was now part of Great Qin, they could not keep their Clan Armament and had to hand it over to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu smiled as he grabbed at the air, pulling the Clan Armament to him. Because he had so many Nation Armaments, he did not care much for them, but Clan Armaments were extremely rare. Clan Armaments could increase the strength of Great Qin's various bloodlines, which was something that Nation Armaments could not do.

Moreover, the Fish Scale world only had a single Clan Armament, unlike the human world, which had four, so the boost to bloodlines was much greater.

After accepting this fish eye, Zhao Fu rewarded those who had made great contributions from Great Qin and concluded this matter.

Next was an internal meeting, and only those in important positions could attend. Li Si started to report Great Qin's gains this time.

They had obtained 50,000 Cities in total and 35 billion people. This included 1.2 billion Stage 1 soldiers as well as six Kingdoms. There were countless other resources like gold coins and the remaining 600,000 aquatic beasts had been sent into the Four Soul Devil World.

Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile. Great Qin now had a total population of 150 billion people and had 240,000 Cities.

The main thing was that they had obtained 50,000 Cities, which could provide another 50,000 beasts for Great Qin. Adding on the aquatic beasts that became Devils, Great Qin now had the strength to defend against an invasion from a few worlds and did not have to worry anymore.

Following this, 600,000 or so Fish Scale women were brought over. They all had high-grade bloodlines and had a large amount of Phoenix Qi. They were able to provide the Emperor Phoenix Statue with a large amount of Phoenix Qi and cause it to continue to grow.

The final matter was governance in the Fish Scale world from now on. It was a Water Race world, and Zhao Fu planned to use it as the foundation for a powerful navy. In the future, when they faced other Water Races, they would not be at such a disadvantage.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu started to refine the Fish Scale world's Clan Armament.


A massive explosion sounded out, causing the heavens and earth to dim and clouds to swirl. A massive blue fish appeared in the sky, giving off an enormous might, and countless Fish Scale people's bloodlines started to roil.

The blue fish in the sky was extremely beautiful and had small, delicate scales. It had a pair of sapphire-like eyes and elegantly swam in the sky.

Countless black traces of Great Qin's Fate started to enter the blue fish, causing it to go through great changes.

The blue fish gradually became black, but its blue eyes remained the same. Its aura was much more powerful than before, and it now had a trace of nobility and domineeringness.

Blue light fell from the sky, covering the two worlds. Everyone felt their bloodlines roil as a formless energy entered them.

Countless Fish Scale people felt a powerful energy of killing and conquering enter their bloodlines. Now, they truly belonged to Great Qin, and this was a historical moment. Great Qin's other subjects also received benefits as well.


Another explosion sounded out as golden Phoenix Qi flooded into the Emperor Phoenix Statue, causing it to transform into a massive golden phoenix that danced in the sky, causing countless golden motes of light to fall down.

The ripples that the Emperor Phoenix Statue now gave off were massive, and its power surpassed that of an ordinary Clan Armament. It now had the Phoenix Qi of two worlds, causing its ripples to naturally be quite terrifying.

At the same time, countless women received many benefits. They became younger, their constitutions became better, and they also became slightly stronger.

The Dragon Phoenix within Zhao Fu's body also quickly absorbed the Emperor Phoenix Statue's power. Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised to find that the power of Emperor Killer had become slightly weaker; it seemed that a large amount of Phoenix Qi could reduce the power of Emperor Killer.

Zhao Fu also found that Great Qin's Fate had become much stronger. However, because the Fish Scale world still had 100 or so regions, Great Qin did not completely obtain the Fate of the Fish Scale world.

However, with such a massive amount of Fate entering Great Qin, Zhao Fu's three Emperor Stars became slightly more alive and did not seem as deathly. They started to gradually recover, but they still needed a long time.

This also affected Emperor Killer to some degree. Its power had been greatly reduced, and the weaker it became, the longer Zhao Fu would be able to live. Now, Zhao Fu had full confidence to get rid of Emperor Killer.