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 Zhao Fu did not mind. After Yu Qingshui suffered enough, she would willingly submit. After a while, Zhao Fu looked at Yu Qingshui and saw that her traditional dress was already soaked through because of her sweat.

However, the most soaked part was the lower part of her dress. The liquid was dripping off her and a large part of the ground was now wet.

Zhao Fu could not help but feel shocked; was this a feature of women from the Water Race?

Seeing that Yu Qingshui did not seem to be able to take it anymore, Zhao Fu walked over and suppressed the Six Desires Demonic Qi within her body, causing her to regain her sanity.

"Have you thought about it carefully?"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Yu Qingshui cursed loudly in anger and humiliation, "Right now I just want to kill you, you bastard. Die!!"

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and tore open Yu Qingshui's drenched clothing, revealing her voluptuous body. Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and hugged her, while Yu Qingshui vigorously resisted.

Zhao Fu's hands started to move about, and after kissing her, he said evilly, "I'll give you one last chance. As long as you convince Yu Xuan to submit, We definitely will not harm you all. However, if you don't agree, We will taste your body in front of your son and have him see how lewd his mother is.

"After I conquer the Fish Scale world, We will also do the same in front of Yu Xuan and continuously torment him. We will also have everyone you know watch you do this."

Yu Qingshui gnashed her teeth as tears appeared in her eyes. She furiously glared at Zhao Fu, wanting to rip him to shreds.

"Don't! I... I agree." Seeing that Zhao Fu was serious, Yu Qingshui could only sob and agree.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and had guards bring Yu Ling in. He undid the chains, and because of the torment from earlier, Yu Qingshui powerlessly collapsed to the ground and continuously sobbed.

Zhao Fu looked at her pitiful state and calmly took out some clothes and gave them to her.

Yu Qingshui received the clothes and stopped crying as she put them on and coldly stood up.

Looking at her, Zhao Fu frowned and said in an imposing manner, "We don't like to see you like this; smile for Us."

Yu Qingshui was furious but quelled her anger and forced out a trace of a smile.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said in satisfaction, "Don't worry, as long as you convince Yu Xuan to submit, We will treat you all well and won't harm any of you. You should be clear that the Fish Scale world cannot stop Great Qin."

Yu Qingshui was currently thinking about this and understood that what Zhao Fu said was true. For her two sons, she decided to give in. She did not care too much for herself.

"Mum, are you alright?"

A while later, the doors opened and Yu Ling ran in and slipped on a puddle of water, almost falling over. Yu Qingshui's face was red as she hugged Yu Ling and left the palace.

Following this, Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates together and told them about this matter, making them feel quite joyful. With Yu Qingshui's help, they naturally had more confidence to conquer the Fish Scale world. However, this method was somewhat underhanded.

Following this, they continued to prepare to attack the Fish Scale world.

Three days later, before Great Qin was able to attack, the other worlds took the initiative to ferociously attack Great Qin.

Great Qin immediately went to meet them in battle. Zhao Fu led people and headed to the Eastern Archipelagos. Because of Yao Ming, Zhao Fu had to go to face him. As for the attack of the Fish Scale world, Zhao Fu left that to Tina Pendragon and Wang Jian. Zhao Fu felt quite confident in the two of them.

There was not much to be said between the two sides. They immediately started fighting, and the massive allied army swept towards the Great Wall like an incredible flood.

Countless devil beasts roared, shaking the heavens as they also charged. Apart from this, the three worlds' large-scale creatures also exploded out with powerful auras, which swept out like a gale.

Zhao Fu looked at the allied army and gave a cold smile as he shouted, "Fire!"

Swish, swish, swish...

White rays of light gave off extremely sharp auras as they tore through the sky, drawing out traces in the air. The massive rain of arrows caused countless people to feel terror.

Chi, chi, chi...

Countless arrows descended and countless soldiers' bodies were torn into pieces, causing blood to fly everywhere. In just an instant, the allied army suffered a heavy loss.

It was not just the soldiers; countless devil beasts' bodies were torn apart by the rays of light. Ten or so rays of light could rip apart a 100 meter long devil beast's body. Blood sprayed out and fell like rain, creating a horrific scene.

This caused the allied army to be greatly dismayed. They had seen this attack from Great Qin before, but in the past, they had only been able to use it once or twice.

However, the number of arrows this time was three or four times more than before. Moreover, the bolts shot at the devil beasts were shot out by massive ballistae and were many times more powerful than ordinary arrows. Even the devil beasts with powerful bodies could not withstand them.

Those ballistae were the modified Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. Most of them were made from Gold grade materials, and even though they were weaker than true Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, their numbers made up for their reduced power.

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As the allied army revelled in shock, Great Qin once again shot out countless Talisman Arrows and Bolts. They tore through the sky, and their sharp auras caused countless people to sense the aura of death.

"They still have more? What's going on?" The Commanders of the allied army immediately gave the order to stop advancing. Yao Ming's expression was quite unsightly as he also ordered the devil beast army to stop because they had lost many devil beasts just then.

The battlefield was immediately suppressed by Great Qin. This was the might of the Talisman Arrows and bolts; however, to create an effect like this, they had expended countless Talisman Arrows and Bolts.

Just like that, they had used a bit more than half of the Talisman Stones that the Vice-President had given them. Even though Zhao Fu felt an ache in his heart, he felt that it was worth it to achieve his goal.

Over at the Dark Demon world, the Dark Demon people were also suppressed by Great Qin's Talisman Arrows and Bolts and were forced to stop attacking.

Over at the most important Fish Scale world, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings had herded together four million aquatic beasts, which split into two armies to attack two Continents.

Each army had one billion soldiers supporting as well. These soldiers were drawn from the main forces, and the purpose was to forcefully conquer the Fish Scale world without anything going wrong, making it so that the Fish Scale world could not resist at all.

Tina Pendragon was responsible for attacking the largest Continent at the center of the Fish Scale world. She had 1.5 billion soldiers as well as 500,000 Devils.

An extremely bloodthirsty and austere aura filled the heavens and earth, and a catastrophic atmosphere descended. This was Great Qin's aura.