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 After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu handed the large number of Talisman Stones and corpses to his subordinates and had them mass-produce Talisman Arrows, Talisman Bolts, and Blood God Pills. At the same time, he ordered the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to herd all of the Fish Scale world's aquatic beasts together in preparation to conquer the Fish Scale world.

The massive number of Talisman Stones was an enormous support to Great Qin, and Zhao Fu felt that they now had the ability to conquer the Fish Scale world. This support was something that Great Qin had greatly needed.

However, whether it was producing Talisman Arrows and Bolts or the eight Aquatic Beast Kings herding aquatic beasts, this would all take time. As such, Zhao Fu turned his attention to the people in Sword Obsession; he still lacked around 300 people.

Zhao Fu ordered people to collect information on sword geniuses in the surrounding worlds, then had people from Eternal Night go and capture them. This was left to Ge Nia to take care of.

News of sword geniuses being captured quickly spread; something like this had happened in the past. However, the range had greatly increased, and some Sects now felt threatened, especially Sects that had sword geniuses.

Even though they did not know what faction had such abilities to daringly kidnap sword geniuses like this, they could only try to avoid them.

This undoubtedly made things more difficult for Great Qin. Great Qin could not just go and attack Sects, and thus, they could only increase the scope of their search.

At the same time, this naturally caused wide-spread panic. Sword geniuses did not dare to leave their Sects, and a terrifying, abnormal, and dangerous aura covered the surrounding ten or so worlds.

Some powerful factions wanted to find out just what kind of faction was behind this, but it was for nought. The kidnappers wore black cloaks and acted secretively, and they did not leave behind any clues.

The only thing that they were clear about was that the leader was extremely powerful in the way of the sword. The sword geniuses could only take a few moves from him.

This caused the various factions to feel even more curious. With someone so powerful in the way of the sword leading this faction, why were they kidnapping so many sword geniuses?

Ten or so days later, Great Qin finally caught enough people. Looking at the 900 people in the Killing Sword Lake, Zhao Fu grinned.

After these 900 people had gone into Sword Obsession, he would be able to put them to use and have them grow through slaughter. They would help the Emperor Killing Sword World grow and become more powerful, which would become Zhao Fu's greatest support.

During these ten or so days, Great Qin had continuously produced Talisman Arrows and Bolts in order to provide even more firepower.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings had also started out from the edges of the Fish Scale world and herded together all of the aquatic beasts to unleash another aquatic beast tide. They would break through the Fish Scale world's final defenses and conquer the Fish Scale world.

The remaining people in the Fish Scale world could sense these changes, causing the atmosphere in the Fish Scale world to become quite oppressive. There was an aura of death and countless people started to despair.

The people in the remaining three Continents gathered together to discuss, and their expressions were all quite grim.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Yu Xuan was present at the meeting, and his expression was extremely unsightly. Before, he had the ability to fight with Great Qin's Legatee, but now he felt incredibly powerless. Had he become weaker? Even Tina Pendragon could stop him now.

If Great Qin's Legatee personally acted, he would not be a match for him at all; he clearly knew this. Right now, he and Great Qin's Legatee were on completely different levels.

Everyone now started to discuss the matter at hand.

"What should we do? At this rate, Great Qin is going to completely destroy the Fish Scale world. If we had known things would turn out like this, we wouldn't have signed that peace treaty with Great Qin and allowed them to unify the human world."

"That's right! Who would have thought that Great Qin would unify the human world so quickly and obtain such powerful strength. We should have risked everything to destroy Great Qin back then; if that were the case, we wouldn't be in this situation."

"The Fish Scale world might be doomed; the eight Aquatic Beast Kings is herding together all of the aquatic beasts for a final charge, and we only have three billion soldiers left; how can we stop them?"

"We can only increase our armies; even though not all soldiers will have Stage 1 strength, it's better than nothing."

"Now I really regret drawing those eight Aquatic Beast Kings into the human world. Not only did we not conquer the human world, but the eight Aquatic Beast Kings were also subdued by Great Qin and became its weapons to attack our Fish Scale world. If we had subdued the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, that would have been the best."

"Ai! Now that things have come to this, there's no use in regretting it. Hurry and tell the outside worlds to madly attack Great Qin and stall their forces; only then will we have a trace of hope. We can't just sit here and wait to die."

The meeting only concluded after half a day, and the countless faction leaders immediately went back to increasing their forces. They told everyone else about the dire circumstances; only by desperately defending would they avoid being destroyed.

Now that all of the factions were saying this, the ordinary Fish Scale people felt utter despair and did not feel any hope at all.

The three Continents went into full defensive mode and continuously reinforced their defenses while increasing their forces. Most of the people's militia that they recruited had about Stage 0-7 to 0-8 Cultivation, and there were about 1.2 billion of them, which somewhat increased the three Continents' defenses.

The news from the Fish Scale world caused the outside worlds to feel quite startled; if Great Qin conquered the Fish Scale world, Great Qin would control two worlds. Great Qin's strength would greatly rise, and their situation would become even more dire.

They did not hesitate to come to an agreement. They could not allow Great Qin to conquer the Fish Scale world, and they had to stop them.

The three worlds continued to gather their forces and prepared to tie down Great Qin's army, making it impossible for Great Qin to attack the Fish Scale world.

The Devil Horn Empire's Yao Ming now felt a massive threat from Great Qin. His premonition had been correct - Great Qin was the Devil Horn Empire's greatest enemy, and now he regretted not attacking Great Qin earlier.

The Dark Demon world also received this news, and they gathered their forces and prepared to attack Great Qin. They could not allow Great Qin to conquer the Fish Scale world, or else all of the surrounding worlds would be doomed.

The movements of the surrounding worlds caused a massive austere aura to gather. The air became much heavier, and the surrounding worlds felt that another large battle was coming, and they paid great attention to this.

At the same time, Zhao Fu heard about this and his expression became quite serious, as this could not be taken lightly. Zhao Fu also felt a large amount of pressure.

However, Great Qin had to attack the Fish Scale world; after conquering the Fish Scale world, Great Qin would occupy two worlds. After some development, Great Qin would no longer fear the outside worlds and would be able to conquer them one by one.