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 The black light shot into the clouds, causing the clouds to move and the heavens and the earth to darken. Countless dragon-like wisps of black air rose up from the ground not only within the Great Qin Village but also throughout all of the places that belonged to China in the Midland Continent, and they madly rushed towards the Great Qin Village.

This was a massive gathering of Fate, and this shocking scene caused a countless number of people who had been sleeping to wake up. They felt the Fates within their bodies feel greatly unsettled, and after seeing the massive amount of Fate rushing somewhere, many people rushed out of their houses and stood outside, gazing towards the same direction.

Soon, a massive black whirlpool formed in the sky above the Great Qin Village, covering the surrounding 1,000-kilometer radius area. A mighty aura of suppression descended, and from a distance, it seemed as if some demon god had appeared.

Within the Forest of Horrors' three main cities, three people were given a great shock. When they looked at the changes above the Great Qin Village, they felt that they couldn't simply sit by and watch. They all leaped up and disappeared.


An indescribably powerful spirit suppression descended, and the three figures who had just disappeared reappeared in the next second, and they were smashed into a 30-meter wide crater. Within the crater, the three people coughed up mouthfuls of blood, unable to move. They felt as if all of their bones had been smashed, and they weakly lay there, looking heavily injured.

They had underestimated the power of this heaven and earth Fate - anyone who raised his or her village to an Advanced Village would be acknowledged by the heavens and the earth, and he or she would receive his or her respective empire's Fate Legacy. However, Zhao Fu was the first person to raise his Village to a Town, and all of China's Fate started to gather towards him.

China was one of the greatest ancient civilizations, and if the heaven and earth Fate was apportioned, China would have 60% of it. The Fate that was gathering towards Zhao Fu was 60% of the heaven and earth Fate, and the power it contained was not something that just anyone could endure.

The three people had underestimated this power, and even though they had special identities, they were still heavily injured in spite of their powerful cultivations.

At Eastdawn Village, Zhao Fu looked up and was quite surprised. He had never thought that leveling up to a Town would bring such an abnormal sign.

At that moment, the image of a gigantic domineering black dragon appeared beside Zhao Fu's body, and it raised its head and coldly looked at the abnormal sign in the distance.

Zhao Fu could feel changes happening within his body, and he quickly returned to the Great Qin Village.

By now, all of the Great Qin Village's residents had come to the Heaven Prayer Platform and were reverently kneeling. They all understood that Great Qin was gathering all of China's Fate, and the benefits would be unimaginable. As such, all of Great Qin's residents felt incredibly joyful and humble.

"Your Majesty! You've finally returned; hurry and put on the dragon robe," Li Si said quickly to Zhao Fu when he arrived. Even Li Si, who was normally steady, felt somewhat worried.

It was the first time that Zhao Fu had seen Li Si like this, and he smiled and nodded. A few female attendants helped Zhao Fu put on the Black Gold Dragon Robe and the Black Gold Dragon Crown.

The longer that the whirlpool swirled above the Great Qin Village, the greater the heaven and earth suppression became. The Great Qin Village's residents beside the Heaven Prayer Platform had their heads pressed against the ground, unable to move an inch.

Zhao Fu started to walk up the Heaven Prayer Platform. This time, walking up the Heaven Prayer Platform felt quite different - Zhao Fu felt quite heavy; however, it was not a physical heaviness but a mental heaviness.

It was the feeling that came from experiencing a long and arduous journey, from when the Chinese people had originated by the Yellow River and created their own civilization to modern times; the heavy feeling of 5,000 years of history.

Even though China had many different dynasties and nations, they all belonged to China. This gathering of Fate represented all of China, and Zhao Fu seemed to realize something.

Zhao Fu walked up the Heaven Prayer Platform step by step.

Finally, Zhao Fu stood at the center of the Heaven Prayer Platform and slowly spread out his arms, giving off the noble airs of an Emperor. He said with a majestic and steady voice, "I, Zhao Fu, Legatee of the Great Qin Empire, will definitely bring China to great heights in the Heaven Awaken World. Our legacy will continue forever, and it will regain its former splendor."


Just as Zhao Fu finished speaking, the center of the whirlpool quickly spun, and a black pillar of light descended from the sky and landed on Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu felt countless ancient and boundless auras enter his body.

"Roar!!!!!" a forceful and vigorous dragon's roar sounded out, and it was as if it was asking who under the heavens dared not to submit. The roar sounded out throughout the heavens and the earth, and in the surrounding 10,000-kilometer radius area, both humans and other creatures trembled and felt terror within their hearts.

The Fates within Si Ji, Di Wutian, Ji Shenming, and Liu Ye's bodies reacted like furious dragons, causing all sorts of abnormal signs. However, they were unable to resist Zhao Fu's abnormal sign.

This happened to not only those four people but also everyone with a legacy in China. All of them were incredibly prideful - how could they accept this sort of thing? All of their expressions were extremely unsightly.


Far away, a woman stood on a hill and looked into the distance. This woman had long, golden hair and a pair of blue eyes, and her looks were incredibly beautiful. However, what people were often attracted to were not her looks but that confident, courageous, righteous, and bright smile on her face.

She was wearing a silver Knight's dress and holding a double-handed sword that gave off a golden light. She gave off the airs of a Queen that made others want to submit to her and give their lives for her.

Right now, there were 12 Knights with extraordinary auras standing behind her. One of them put his arm in front of his chest as a salute as he asked, "Queen, what is it?"

Tina Pendragon lightly smiled but did not say anything.


Elsewhere, a handsome-looking man with golden hair stood on a tall structure and looked into the distance with a serious expression on his face. This was the Roman Empire's Legatee.


In another place, a dark-skinned youth wearing a golden headdress and holding a golden staff looked into the distance solemnly.