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 Soon, Zhao Fu had caught 600 or so people and had completed more than half of his goal. Zhao Fu wanted to capture more and even kill some, because in the end, 900 people was not a big deal to a Sect that controlled ten worlds.

Great Qin now had a population of more than 100 billion, so the Ancient Sword Sect, which had developed for much longer, would be much more shocking.

These disciples were the future of the Ancient Sword Sect. After the older generation passed away, the Ancient Sword Sect would be relying on them. Only by continuously having disciples with high aptitude could a Sect continuously grow stronger and not decline.

If Zhao Fu captured more and killed more, he would be able to weaken the Ancient Sword Sect's foundation to a certain extent. Perhaps this would be able to cause the Ancient Sword Sect to waste away.

Even though this was a good idea, it was not very realistic. Soon, Zhao Fu could sense a few powerful auras fly over. Fortunately, because of the Domain Pill, he had unlocked Perception, which greatly increased his senses towards danger.

Zhao Fu immediately grabbed Lin Yan'Er and left the Ancient Sword Sect.

Some time later, five or six Elders charged into this place. Sensing the remaining aura here, their expressions fell and immediately gave orders loudly to activate the Sect Formation and to search for anyone who had snuck in. Soon, they found that 600 or so disciples had vanished.

This infuriated the entire Ancient Sword Sect, and they were now able to confirm that this was done by Zhao Fu. Now, there were countless people in the Ancient Sword Sect trying to hunt him down. He had actually snuck into their Ancient Sword Sect and killed 600 of their elite disciples - how could they not be furious?

That person was simply too arrogant and daring, doing such a thing at a time like this. Countless people were incredibly shocked, and the Ancient Sword Sect became much more wary, no longer acting as relaxed.

The Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master was angered to the point of roaring out loud, "We must destroy that brat in body and soul and use his head as an offering to the Ancient Sword Sect. From now on, the Ancient Sword Sect won't rest until that brat is dead!"

After hearing about this matter, countless people were incredibly shocked. That person had first captured the Ancient Sword Sect's Madam, and he had then snuck into the Ancient Sword Sect and killed 600 or so elite disciples. What gall!

It was the first time that someone had caused the Ancient Sword Sect to feel so humiliated and furious. Their hatred was now irreconcilable. This Emperor's reappearance had caused the entire inner region to go into chaos.

Most people had expected something like this to happen. After all, that person controlled the Killing Sword Intent and had three Emperor Stars; he was a shocking genius. Since he had been able to escape back then, he would definitely return for revenge, and now it was finally happening.

The Nether Yin Kingdom and Bear Mountain Kingdom could not help but become wary as well. They did not want to become a laughingstock like the Ancient Sword Sect.

At the same time, the three factions raised their bounties on Zhao Fu by more than ten times. They banned all connections to Zhao Fu, and they were determined to kill him. They could not allow him to continue living, or the danger would become even greater.

Countless people could not resist that massive temptation and started to look everywhere for Zhao Fu. They wanted to kill Zhao Fu and obtain that massive bounty.

Now, the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain became even more chaotic, all because of Zhao Fu.

By now, the sky had darkened and the world lapsed into a dark night with no stars or the moon. It was like a black cloth had covered the entire sky, causing everyone to feel a trace of fear.

Zhao Fu brought Lin Yan'Er back to that mountain cave. Zhao Fu did not dare to casually visit Cities, and he could only hide in the wilderness to avoid being discovered.

The cold-looking woman's face was quite red and she continuously twisted and turned her body as she moaned, and there was a pool of liquid beneath her.

Lin Yan'Er was somewhat shocked upon seeing the originally cold and arrogant Madam being treated like this. The scene was also quite alluring.

However, the current Ancient Sword Sect's Madam looked quite lewd and seemed like she needed a man to do her. She wondered if that Emperor had played with her yet; it seemed that she had already been ravaged by him.

Lin Yan'Er could not help but feel admiration. After tasting Zhao Fu, she wanted to do it with Zhao Fu, but the timing was bad. She had been doing it with Xiao Changfeng when Zhao Fu had arrived, so Zhao Fu would definitely mind that.

Of course, Lin Yan'Er did not lose hope because Zhao Fu's body had reacted towards her.

Zhao Fu had set restrictions in Lin Yan'Er's body, so he was not afraid of her running away. He then entered the Emperor Killing Sword World and looked at the people he had thrown into the Killing Sword Lake. There were 634 people in total, so he still needed 266 people.

Zhao Fu returned to the mountain cave and found that the two women were wrapped around each other and were giving off lewd moans. Zhao Fu was speechless as he separated them, and he suppressed the Six Desires Demonic Qi within the cold-looking woman.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The cold-looking woman gradually returned to her cold and distant self. Looking at Lin Yan'Er, who was holding on to her, she asked in shock, "Yan'Er, why are you here? Also, let go of me."

Lin Yan'Er smiled and let go of the cold-looking woman and said, "I saw that big sis Feixue looked like she was suffering, so I decided to help her out."

The cold-looking woman's face was flushed red, but looking at Zhao Fu standing by the side, she angrily cursed at him, "You lewd demon, I'll definitely kill you!"

Zhao Fu disdainfully harrumphed and said, "Do you want to go back to what you were like just then?"

The cold-looking woman, Ling Feixue, thought about that embarrassing scene from before and immediately gritted her teeth and held herself back from cursing at Zhao Fu more.

Zhao Fu took out some wood, set it alight, and started to roast a few wild rabbits. He had been busy in the past few days and had not had a good meal in a while, and he wanted to fill his stomach. He had not completed his goal yet and needed to think of other methods.

However, things would be more difficult from now on. The Ancient Sword Sect was extremely wary now, and trying anything would bring massive dangers. This caused Zhao Fu to sigh.

Ling Feixue once again asked why Lin Yan'Er was here and what had happened, and Lin Yan'Er briefly described what had just happened.

After hearing Lin Yan'Er's words and thinking about how many of the Ancient Sword Sect's elite disciples had fallen into Zhao Fu's hands, Ling Feixue asked angrily, "What did you do to the Ancient Sword Sect's disciples? And what happened to those five disciples from before?"

Zhao Fu looked at Ling Feixue and said coldly, "Of course I had them comprehend the peerless way of the sword. Do you want to see?"

Following this, Zhao Fu waved his hand and a figure appeared.

She had a graceful figure and beautiful face. She had refined bearings, but her eyes were both blood-red and there were fangs in her mouth. She held a blood-red sword and gave off an intense Killing Sword Intent, causing the entire mountain cave to become colder. She was one of the five people Zhao Fu had caught before.

After seeing this person, Ling Feixue and Lin Yan'Er could not help but cry out. That was the fifth-ranked woman in the Ancient Sword Sect, who most people would call Fifth Senior Apprentice Sister. However, she was like a different person, a puppet who only knew how to kill. She was filled with killing intent and gave off a chilling sword intent.

"Your goal is to turn all of those Ancient Sword Sects into monsters like this?" Ling Feixue was so angry that she teared up. Her relationship with this woman had been quite good, yet she had become like this.