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 Clang, clang, clang...

The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun and countless eerie chains giving off terrifying power suddenly flew out and shot towards the man and woman on the bed.

This caused the expressions of the man and woman who had been lost in their pleasure to fall. They immediately tried to block, but it was too late. The countless chains bound the two people up, dangling them in the air.

At that moment, Zhao Fu slowly walked out from the side.

"It's you!" Seeing Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes, Xiao Changfeng immediately realized who Zhao Fu was. His expression became grim as he started to struggle. He had never thought that such a terrifying person would have snuck into their Sect.

Lin Yan'Er's expression was quite unsightly, but she seemed much calmer and did not try to resist.

Zhao Fu looked at the struggling Xiao Changfeng and said with a cold expression, "It's useless even if you call out; this place is already covered by a barrier. You're going to do as I tell you to, or I'll kill you right now."

Xiao Changfeng could only stop struggling and ask, "What do you want me to do?"

Zhao Fu directly told them his goal, which was to have him draw over the Ancient Sword Sect's elite disciples in groups. That way, Zhao Fu could send them into the Emperor Killing Sword World in batches. Zhao Fu was worried that things would go out of control if he sent in too many people at once, so he decided to do it in batches.

Zhao Fu planned to capture 300 people each time, which would allow him to complete his goal in three batches. This would decrease the likelihood of being discovered.

Hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to capture those sword geniuses, Xiao Changfeng immediately refused. Those people were all people who the Ancient Sword Sect valued, and all of them would be extraordinary in the future. They were the future of the Ancient Sword Sect, so if he harmed these people, he would be doomed too.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold. It seemed that Xiao Changfeng would only submit after some discipline.

"Emperor, I have a method to make them come!" Lin Yan'Er said in a coy voice.

This caused a look of disbelief to appear on Xiao Changfeng's face, and he called out angrily, "Little sister Yan!"

Lin Yan'Er ignored Xiao Changfeng's words. She was only with him because of his status and power, or else she would not choose to be with him.

She twisted and turned with her enticing body and looked at Zhao Fu flirtatiously as she said, "Emperor, it's so uncomfortable like this, can you let me down first? I'll tell you the method immediately."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu let her down.

This caused Xiao Changfeng to feel extremely furious because this was a sort of betrayal towards him. He immediately said in a loud voice, "Lin Yan'Er, you slut, you dare to betray the Ancient Sword Sect? You'll definitely be punished."

Lin Yan'Er was also a bit angry as she turned to look at Xiao Changfeng and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother, whether or not you'll be able to live to see tomorrow isn't even certain; you don't have to worry about me."

Following this, she fully revealed her enticing body to Zhao Fu because she was not wearing anything, and she coyly smiled as she said, "Emperor, our Ancient Sword Sect has a special communication method called Sword Light Communication, which I can use. I just need some of my Senior Apprentice Brother's aura in order to have those people come. However, after the matter is done, can you spare me?"

Zhao Fu did not directly agree because he was angry towards the whole Ancient Sword Sect, so he only said, "I will consider it."

Lin Yan'Er felt quite startled but she still smiled and nodded. She sat at a table nearby and took out talisman papers with flying swords drawn on them from her spatial ring.

Following this, she grabbed at the air towards Xiao Changfeng, grabbing some of his aura. She then sent it into those talisman papers, which turned into rays of sword light and were about to shoot out.

However, Zhao Fu stopped her, because he did not trust this woman, and said, "I want to check these talisman papers."

Lin Yan'Er's expression did not change, and she flirtatious smiled as she handed the talisman papers to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu checked them carefully, as he was afraid that they would summon the Ancient Sword Sect's powerful experts.

This was the depths of the Ancient Sword Sect, and if Zhao Fu was found, it would be extremely difficult for him to escape. As such, he naturally had to be extremely careful.

Lin Yan'Er looked at Zhao Fu, who was carefully examining the talisman papers, and her hand silently moved towards Zhao Fu's lower body and touched a certain place. She was quite surprised to find that it reacted towards her.

She did not hesitate and quickly squatted down and started to service him.

Xiao Changfeng's face went completely red and he felt as if he was going to explode. Seeing Lin Yan'Er, someone who he saw as his woman, serving another man in front of him, he cursed at her for being a slut and many other things.

Zhao Fu realized what was happening and frowned as he pushed her away.

Lin Yan'Er fell to the ground and had a lewd look as she said, "Emperor, let me serve you this once; look, you want me."

Zhao Fu felt somewhat angry and tossed some clothes at her and said, "Put on some clothes!"

Seeing that Zhao Fu was angry, Lin Yan'Er could only reluctantly put on the clothes. However, she rejoiced that she had preserved her life for now.

Swish, swish, swish...

Zhao Fu activated the talisman papers, which turned into rays of sword light and shot out into various places in the Sect.

Now that Xiao Changfeng was no longer useful to him, Zhao Fu waved his hand and a blood-red crack appeared. Countless chains dragged Xiao Changfeng into the Killing Sword Lake, and Xiao Changfeng continuously cursed at Zhao Fu before he was dragged in.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Yan'Er was quite startled. Even though she did not know what Zhao Fu had done to Xiao Changfeng, it was evident that the outcome was not good.

Lin Yan'Er obediently sat at the table and did not dare to do anything. She could not help but lick her lips and think about Zhao Fu's taste.

By now, some of the Ancient Sword Sect disciples who were closer started to arrive. Even though they did not know why Xiao Changfeng had summoned them, with his status and power, they did not dare to not give him face.

As soon as those Ancient Sword Sect disciples arrived, countless eerie chains shot out and easily subdued them before dragging them into the Killing Sword Lake.

Lin Yan'Er watched on in shock from the side. She did not know why Zhao Fu wanted to capture so many Ancient Sword Sect disciples, and he was taking such a big risk. This was no ordinary revenge.

Soon, 300 or so people were dragged into the Killing Sword Lake. Zhao Fu had Lin Yan'Er send out another 300 talisman papers, drawing more people here.

These people were all sword geniuses, so after going through Sword Obsession they would become extremely powerful. The 100 original people who had gone into Sword Obsession were almost indestructible and virtually unkillable.

Even if their bodies became dust, they would slowly recover. In fact, even if they were completely obliterated, they would be revived within the Emperor Killing Sword World. That was how terrifying Sword Obsession was.