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 Zhao Fu was currently in another world as he looked out for information about the Ancient Sword Sect. He was not in a rush to return to Great Qin because he had not gathered the 900 sword geniuses yet. He had only captured five and still needed 885.

Zhao Fu still wanted to take revenge against the Ancient Sword Sect, or else he would not be able to satisfy his anger and hatred. Moreover, the Ancient Sword Sect's disciples were very suitable to go into Sword Obsession.

He knew that the Ancient Sword Sect was looking everywhere for him furiously, and it was doing all it could to kill him. It had placed a very high bounty for his head and threatened that anyone who was connected to him would be destroyed.

The Ancient Sword Sect was the second-ranked faction in the Ancient Stem Domain, so now that it had spoken, no one wanted anything to do with Zhao Fu.

Moreover, with such a big bounty, there were many people searching for Zhao Fu's location.

Many other factions were also searching for Zhao Fu, as he was simply too dangerous. They wanted to know Zhao Fu's goal, and this was especially so for the Nether Yin Dynasty and the Bear Mountain Kingdom. They went all-out to find Zhao Fu so they could kill him.

This caused the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain to become quite chaotic, and all of this was because of Zhao Fu. However, with how big the inner region was, none of them had been able to find Zhao Fu.

Within a mountain cave, the cold-looking woman's hands had been bound by chains. Her clothes were torn, revealing her snowy-white chest.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu had stopped using the Six Desires Puppet Technique, and the cold-looking woman had regained her senses. She was looking at Zhao Fu hatefully.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at her and said, "Ancient Sword Sect Madam, tell me about the Ancient Sword Sect's secrets and I'll let you die a quick and easy death."

The cold-looking woman coldly harrumphed and turned her head away, saying, "Don't even think about it; I won't betray the Ancient Sword Sect. If you want to kill me, just do it; the Ancient Sword Sect definitely won't let you off. When the time comes, you'll also die pitifully."

Zhao Fu felt a trace of anger as he replied, "Is that so? Let's see if I'll die first or if your Ancient Sword Sect will be destroyed by me first. I'm going to offer the entire Ancient Sword Sect as an offering to the Emperor Killing Sword."

The cold-looking woman continued to look away and ignored Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled and one of his hands grabbed onto the cold-looking woman's snowy chest before saying, "Are you not afraid of me doing these things to you? I just want to know the Ancient Sword Sect's secrets."

Feeling her chest grabbed by Zhao Fu, the cold-looking woman immediately started to struggle as she looked at him furiously, yelling, "You lewd bastard, kill me if you want; I won't betray the Ancient Sword Sect. If you dare to do anything to me, I'll kill you even if I become a ghost!"

Zhao Fu continued to coldly smile as he ignored her words and tore off her clothes, revealing her delicate figure.

This caused the cold-looking woman to continue to furiously curse at Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu did not take the next step and instead left the mountain cave. With the Six Desires Celestial Art, he could indeed conquer the cold-looking woman.

However, that could only make her body need him and could not cause her soul to submit. She would still maintain her own thinking, so even if Zhao Fu did it with her, she still might not reveal the Ancient Sword Sect's secrets.

Zhao Fu had dealt with many women like this in the past, but most of them had still maintained their own thinking and had not been controlled by Zhao Fu.

Moreover, Zhao Fu did not want to continue using that method to conquer women.

However, since she was the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master's wife, he would not let her off easily. Before leaving, he had sent the Six Desires Demonic Qi into her, causing her to fall into desires.

After leaving the mountain cave, Zhao Fu started to consider how to go about capturing the Ancient Sword Sect's disciples.

The Ancient Sword Sect had given the order for all disciples to remain within the Sect and not go out in order to prevent Zhao Fu from taking revenge on them. The Ancient Sword Sect had never expected Zhao Fu's goal to be the disciples, as opposed to the Madam.

Zhao Fu naturally would not attack the Ancient Sword Sect, as that would be committing suicide. In that case, what should he do? How could he capture their disciples?

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu went to the Emperor Killing Sword World and looked at the five people in the Killing Sword Lake. They had stopped struggling, and they were currently going through Sword Obsession.

The five of them had been geniuses that countless people had looked up to, and they were the top-ranked disciples. Now, they were in such a situation; anyone would feel pity for them.

This was especially so for that woman - she looked extremely beautiful and refined, and she was a famous beauty in the Ancient Sword Sect. However, she had become a monster who only lived for killing.

Zhao Fu searched their bodies and found five tokens. These were the Ancient Sword Sect's tokens, and he should be able to use them to enter the Ancient Sword Sect.

Now that the disciples would no longer come out, Zhao Fu could only sneak into the Ancient Sword Sect. Most of the Ancient Sword Sect's experts had left to find Zhao Fu, so the inside of the Sect was quite empty, making it suitable for Zhao Fu to sneak in.

Zhao Fu took the tokens and cautiously went towards the Ancient Sword Sect. The Ancient Sword Sect controlled ten worlds, so the inside of the Sect was naturally massive and had countless disciples. With the tokens, he was able to easily enter.

The ease with which Zhao Fu entered made him quite surprised. He had put on a cloak and shown the token, which had allowed him to enter without any obstructions.

After entering the Sect, Zhao Fu started to carefully go about his plan. He still could not go about capturing one by one because there were simply too many of them. It would take too long to capture them individually, and people would notice that something was off.

Zhao Fu thought of a good method. He captured a disciple and took him to a remote corner and asked him, "Where is the Ancient Sword Sect's second-ranked Xiao Changfeng?"

The disciple told Zhao Fu in fear, and Zhao Fu casually killed that disciple and threw his corpse into the Emperor Killing Sword World. His aptitude was quite low and was not suitable for going into Sword Obsession, so Zhao Fu could only kill him.

The reason Zhao Fu sought out Xiao Changfeng was because he was inferior only to Gu Jian, and his status was quite extraordinary. He was the grandson of a Head Elder of the Ancient Sword Sect, and it would be possible for him to use his status to gather people together.

"Senior Apprentice Brother! Harder!" After sneaking into Xiao Changfeng's courtyard, Zhao Fu heard a flirtatious woman's voice cry out, accompanied by the sound of clapping.

Zhao Fu got closer and saw a slightly evil-looking young man pressing down on an extremely seductive and beautiful woman's body.

The woman's figure was quite seductive and she had skin like jade and a large pair of breasts. Zhao Fu had gone through the Ancient Sword Sect's information and knew that this woman was the seventh-ranked person in the Ancient Sword Sect, and she was called Lin Yan'Er.

A trace of a cold smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. While the two of them were busy focusing on each other, Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain silently spread out and cut off any sounds.

Following this, in order to quickly subdue them, Zhao Fu used the Six Paths Demon Images' power.