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 Even though they had suffered great losses in terms of soldiers, beasts, and Devils, they had also obtained massive gains. They had conquered two Continents and obtained 11 billion people and 20,000 or so Cities.

This caused Zhao Fu's overall population to rise to 115 billion people and they now had 190,000 Cities. After obtaining two more Continents they had obtained a lot of Fate as well, making up for the Fate they had lost from losing the three Continents previously.

Now, the Fish Scale world only had three Continents remaining; the four others had fallen into Great Qin's hands. After this battle, the Fish Scale world's strength had been greatly reduced.

Now, they only had around three billion soldiers, which was nothing to be afraid of. Great Qin just needed a chance to gather some more forces, and it would be able to completely conquer the Fish Scale world.

Because the battles outside were quite intense, Zhao Fu had to focus most of his forces outside to maintain the status quo.

Zhao Fu also sent out ambassadors, wanting to ally with the surrounding worlds to suppress the Devil Horn Empire. With some allies, Great Qin's situation would be much better.

Even if there was a single world to help them tie up the Devil Horn Empire, that would be quite good. Great Qin would be able to focus the freed-up forces to deal with one enemy and quickly increase Great Qin's strength. However, there was no one who wanted to ally with Great Qin.

After all, they had all seen Great Qin's threat and how much the other worlds had been suppressed. As Great Qin fought with the other worlds, its strength had been gradually whittled away. This was something that they wanted, so they naturally would not get involved.

Great Qin used the Illusion Flower Devils and teleportation spears, but the other side had already found ways to deal with them. The pollen from the Illusion Flower Devils was blocked by powerful barriers, and the teleportation abilities of the teleportation spears were locked down by spatial restrictions.

Zhao Fu suddenly thought about the fact that the devil beasts could become Devils quite easily; if that was the case, what about aquatic beasts?

Aquatic beasts' bodies were quite big, but they were quite weak. If they could become Devils, they would become another source of strength for Great Qin.

This was especially so since Great Qin had the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, which could herd the aquatic beasts into the Devil World. Great Qin would not have to send soldiers to drive them or capture them, which would drain less of Great Qin's resources.

However, the number of aquatic beasts in the Fish Scale world had been drastically reduced.

When the Fish Scale world had attacked the human world, they had attracted over countless aquatic beasts. During Great Qin's attack, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings had drove countless aquatic beasts to attack, resulting in the loss of many aquatic beasts.

Zhao Fu was not sure how many aquatic beasts they would be able to round up, but he still ordered the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to see how many they could herd together.

Of course, Zhao Fu first brought with him the Hundred Devils and had them see if the aquatic beasts could be quickly turned into Devils. They themselves were Devils, so they would most likely have a good idea.

By now, more than half of the Fish Scale world belonged to Great Qin. The remaining three Continents were forced to fully focus on defending, so Zhao Fu could do as he pleased within the Fish Scale world. He caught a six meter tall crab and had the Devils see if it could be turned into a Devil.

Momijigari walked up and stretched out a hand, causing countless traces of devil qi to gather at her hand, forming an orb of devil qi. She then sent the orb of devil qi flying into the massive crab's body.

The crab's eyes became blood-red and its aura became chaotic as it continuously struggled, trying to break free of Zhao Fu's restrictions. However, apart from this, it did not go through any changes.

Momijigari frowned and turned to Zhao Fu and said, "Your Majesty, these aquatic beasts' spirituality and intelligence are too low. Even though their bodies are quite big, their aptitude is quite low. They can be turned into Devils, but it will take a long time.

"Moreover, these aquatic beasts can only be turned into the lowest grade of Devils and it will be difficult for them to become high grade Devils. It will be incredibly rare for any of them to be able to take human form."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt slightly disappointed. However, for them to be able to be turned into Devils was still quite good and would provide some more strength for Great Qin. As such, Zhao Fu immediately had the eight Aquatic Beast Kings herd the aquatic beasts into the Four Soul Devil World. In total, 400,000 aquatic beasts were herded in.

After dealing with these matters, the Emperor Killing Sword in the Sword Mark suddenly started to tremble and give off waves of sword light. This caused Zhao Fu to feel quite startled; he sensed the massive changes in the Emperor Killing Sword World and he entered it.

The Emperor Killing Sword World was one of Zhao Fu's biggest trump cards, but it had not developed yet. After it had developed, he would not have to fear those three factions anymore.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This Emperor Killing Sword World was worthy of development because in later stages, it would provide unimaginable help to Zhao Fu. After all, this was Killing Sword Intent that could kill Celestials, and it would be extremely useful against higher-beings.

After entering the Emperor Killing Sword World, Zhao Fu saw a massive blood-red vortex in the sky, giving off a heaven-toppling Killing Sword Intent. The air was incredibly cold, making it almost impossible to breathe, and each breath was quite difficult and painful.

The 100 people in Sword Obsession who had been fighting outside had all been recalled to the Emperor Killing Sword World and were sitting cross-legged under that blood-red vortex. Traces of blood-red aura floated out from their bodies and flew into the massive blood-red vortex.

That vortex's power already covered the entire Emperor Killing Sword World, and the Emperor Killing Sword World started to tremble. Clouds swirled as everything started to become chaotic.

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted because he understood that the Emperor Killing Sword World was leveling up. Its power would increase greatly, and more people would be able to go into Sword Obsession.


The blood-red vortex suddenly exploded and gave off a massive explosion as countless traces of blood-red aura shot out. The Emperor Killing Sword World's sky and ground continuously expanded out until it became as big as a hundred regions.

An even greater power entered the Emperor Killing Sword, which gave off a blood-red light as well as a joyful sword hum.

Not only did the Emperor Killing Sword's power increase by a lot, but it's Grade had also increased. It seemed that it could grow alongside the Emperor Killing Sword World.

This was a very pleasant surprise to Zhao Fu; when the time came, Zhao Fu would have a supreme weapon of murder, which would cause all gods and demons to retreat in fear.

The world once again calmed down and the Killing Sword Lake at the center became ten times larger. Now, even more experts in the way of the sword could be thrown in and would go into Sword Obsession, providing more killing aura for the Emperor Killing Sword World.

The number of people who could go into Sword Obsession rose from 100 to 1,000, which meant that they needed another 900 geniuses.

This number was quite big, and geniuses in the way of the sword were not easy to find. The sword geniuses from the surrounding worlds had already been taken by Great Qin, so if they wanted more of them, they could only go to places further away.