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 This caused the people of the other worlds to feel a trace of anger; Great Qin did not take them seriously at all. Despite facing so many of them, they had the gall to attack someone else. As such, they all started to attack Great Qin.

By now, they had found means to resist Great Qin's Illusion Flower Devils and teleportation spears, so they were not as afraid of Great Qin.

The Grassi World, Half-Beast World, Elf World, and Dark Demon World simultaneously attacked Great Qin. However, the Devil Horn Empire did not make a move; they were waiting for an opportunity to take down Great Qin in one swoop, so they would not easily act.

After receiving news of this, Zhao Fu sent soldiers to the boundaries to defend.

Zhao Fu was not afraid of them attacking because Great Qin's main force had not moved out. It was only the Devil army and Darkwater Continent attacking the Fish Scale world.

The various factions wanted to send soldiers to the Bluewater Continent to stop Great Qin, but 400 million of Great Qin's soldiers at the Netherwater Continent started to attack the Continent closest to them, the Softwater Continent.

Of these 400 million soldiers, 300 million or so were Fish Scale people and only about 100 million were humans. Because they had lived underwater for quite a while, they had a lot of experience fighting underwater.

Of course, just with 400 million of Great Qin's soldiers, it would be impossible to take down the Softwater Continent.

The Softwater Continent had 5,000 or so regions and 15,000 Cities. It had seven billion people and nearly one billion soldiers. If Great Qin's 400 million soldiers did not use any tricks, it would naturally be quite difficult to take down the Softwater Continent.

However, Great Qin did indeed have some tricks, one of which was something the Fish Scale world had used against the human world before: triggering an aquatic beast tide.

After returning to the Fish Scale world after a few years, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings could not help but feel excited; this was their true home.

Now that they had returned, the other aquatic beasts were doomed. Before, they had lived in terror of the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, and after they had been sealed, the other aquatic beasts had lived happily. However, today, those eight Aquatic Beast Kings had returned.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Eight massive roars sounded throughout the Fish Scale world, and countless creatures felt a sense of fear. Even the small fish and prawn started to panic; this heralded the arrival of the eight Aquatic Beast Kings.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings drove countless aquatic beasts towards the Softwater Continent, and there were around one million of them. Because time was short, they did not have enough time to gather too many aquatic beasts.

These aquatic beasts were about as big as the Devils, but their strength was far inferior. They were quite big, but their bodies were not very powerful.

If the Fish Scale world could control the eight Aquatic Beast Kings and use them to gather aquatic beasts, they would be able to resist Great Qin's Devil army. This had been their advantage before, but now it was Great Qin controlling the eight Aquatic Beast Kings.

Many of the Softwater Continent's forces had been sent to the Bluewater Continent to resist Great Qin, and they had never thought that Great Qin would have another force this strong.

Their soldiers were quickly returning, but the aquatic beast tide gave off a terrifying aura and broke through the Softwater Continent's defenses before invading the inner regions of the Softwater Continent.

Facing Great Qin's two armies, everyone's expressions became quite grave. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place; which side should they support?

The Bluewater Continent was in the worst condition. Great Qin was about to gain complete control there, and once it did, it would attack other Continents. The Devil army was a massive threat.

In the end, the other Continents decided to send 30% of their forces to support the Softwater Continent and 70% of their forces to support the Bluewater Continent.

The two sides quickly clashed in the Bluewater Continent. There were three billion Fish Scale soldiers, and they had also quickly prepared some items to deal with large-size creatures.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This forced Great Qin's Devils to slow down their attack. The remainder of the Darkwater Continent's forces also moved out, 500 million soldiers in total.

Yu Xuan's expression was cold as he exploded out with a powerful aura. He led the way as he charged towards Great Qin's forces. In front of him was a beautiful woman with golden hair and golden eyes, wearing a silver knight's dress and holding a golden sword.

She was Tina Pendragon and she was someone Great Qin had invested in greatly. Not only did they think of ways to increase her various powers, but they had also raised her Royal Bloodline. With her exceptional talent, she now had the strength to fight with Yu Xuan.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two people started to clash. Terrifying ripples blasted out as a terrifying aura instantly spread out.

As the two of them started to fight, the two armies started to ferociously charge as well. The countless Devils roared as they charged towards the Fish Scale army. The Fish Scale army also roared as they shot towards the Devil army; the battle between the two sides was incredibly intense.

Countless Devils tore apart or devoured the Fish Scale people's bodies, causing blood to quickly dye the water. There were broken corpses everywhere, creating a horrific scene.

The Fish Scale world's forces used all sorts of items to summon all kinds of monsters to attack the incoming Devils.

Some people threw spears that created massive vortexes that dragged the Devils into them. The massive vortexes contained immense power and could tear apart the Devils' bodies, resulting in many injuries and casualties.

The Darkwater Continent's forces were currently fighting with the other Fish Scale people.

At the Softwater Continent, the battle was also quite ferocious. Even though there were more aquatic beasts than Devils, they were unable to create as great of an effect.

Moreover, the Fish Scale people were quite familiar with these aquatic beasts, so they clearly knew their weaknesses. They implemented many measures to deal with these aquatic beasts, making it quite difficult for Great Qin to attack.

The other battlefields had started to fight as well. Zhao Fu led countless experts to defend the Eastern Archipelagos to defend against the three outside worlds and the Devil Horn Empire, which could attack at any moment.

Bai Qi defended the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world and resisted the attacks of the Dark Demon world. The Dark Demon world's attacks were quite ferocious and incredibly powerful. Great Qin mainly defended and could not retaliate.

This battle lasted for six days and both sides suffered great losses. In the end, Zhao Fu was able to conquer the Bluewater Continent and Softwater Continent with great difficulty.

They had already taken over the Bluewater Continent before, and they were just stopping the Fish Scale people from reclaiming it. With the eight Aquatic Beast Kings continuously driving over aquatic beasts, they were able to conquer the Softwater Continent in the end.

Zhao Fu had wanted to resist the pressure from the other worlds and conquer the Fish Scale world in one go, but the Devil Horn Empire had suddenly acted. After hearing that Great Qin had turned countless devil beasts into Devils, it had been furious and ferociously attacked Great Qin.

The Devil Horn Empire had brought 1.5 million devil beasts as well as Devil Horn soldiers to attack Great Qin. This forced Zhao Fu to stop attacking the Fish Scale world and focus on defending.