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 Time gradually passed, and in the end, the Fish Scale world agreed to ally with the outside worlds to resist Great Qin.

In actuality, the Fish Scale people had benefited from Great Qin. If it wasn't for Great Qin, the Fish Scale world would have been invaded by the three worlds. Even though they could use water as a natural barrier, in the end they would have been destroyed.

Now, because of the massive threat that was Great Qin, the three worlds did not have the heart to invade the Fish Scale world. They just wanted to obtain power to resist Great Qin, so they naturally would not do anything to the Fish Scale world.

Since the Fish Scale world had decided to oppose Great Qin, Great Qin decided to attack the Fish Scale world.

The Fish Scale world had thought that because Great Qin was tied up by the outside worlds, it would not dare to do much to them. If Great Qin launched a sudden attack now, they would be able to obtain good results.

As such, Great Qin used the remaining time to start preparing.

Ten or so days later, it was a calm day with moderate wind and beautiful sunlight. The deep blue ocean was incredibly still, and today was the day that the Contract expired. With the three worlds outside tying up Great Qin, the Fish Scale world did not have much to fear.

The Darkwater Continent was the closest to Great Qin's Netherwater Continent, so that was the first line of defense. The City Lords there were the ones yelling to oppose Great Qin the loudest, and all of the Continents knew that if Great Qin attacked, it would be the Darkwater Continent suffering first.

There were 5,000 Cities in the Darkwater Continent and 2.9 billion people. They were relatively weaker than the other Continents, having less than one-third of the strength of the other Continents.

As such, the Darkwater Continent requested reinforcements from the other Continents, but the other Continents were quite cold. After all, the majority of factions were player factions, while the Darkwater Continent was a system faction.

However, that was the frontline to resist Great Qin; if the Darkwater Continent fell, there would be no benefit to them, so the leaders of the other Continents started to meet together to discuss this.

"Should we help the Darkwater Continent? I don't want to suffer heavy losses."

"We can't just watch; if Great Qin takes down the Darkwater Continent, the next to suffer will be us."

"It's still too early to say. With so many worlds tying down Great Qin, their forces have been scattered. They're probably too scared to do anything to our Fish Scale world. If we stab them at this moment, perhaps we'll be able to achieve something."

"It's probably not the best to attack; Great Qin has too many tricks up its sleeves. Four worlds tried to invade last time, but they still failed. With our strength, it'll be impossible."

"Mm! I agree, we should be focusing on defense."

"In that case, I think we should help the Darkwater Continent. However, we need to let them panic for a bit. After all, we'll be taking a great risk to help them. If we don't get some benefits out of it, it won't be worth it."

Hearing this, everyone looked at each other and grinned as they came to a decision. They would ignore the Darkwater Continent's requests for assistance for now. After all, if they waited, they could force the Darkwater Continent to pay them to help.

Great Qin started to make preparations as well. Great Qin was indeed under immense pressure, as most of its forces were tied up. Defending against the various worlds and invading the Fish Scale world was indeed quite difficult.

However, Great Qin still decided to attack the Fish Scale world because it was the easiest world to take down. Great Qin needed a large amounts of territory and people to increase its foundation.

Moreover, if they conquered the Fish Scale world, no one would be able to take it from them, as there was still the Heaven Domain Boundary. Once they took it, it would be theirs.

As for the method, Zhao Fu met with his various subordinates to come up with a detailed plan.

By now, the Darkwater Continent's forces had already finished preparing. All of the other Continents thought that they were preparing to resist Great Qin, so they did not pay them much mind. They did not know that the Darkwater Continent already belonged to Great Qin.

Soon, it was night, and a cold moonlight pierced through the water, illuminating the world within it.

The Darkwater Continent started to attack the nearest Continent. Zhao Fu had wanted to draw some of the forces from the other Continents over and destroy them and reduce the strength of the other Continents.

However, the other Continents did not fall for it, so they could only forcefully attack.

After receiving these orders, all of the Fish Scale people in the Darkwater Continent felt quite confused; they were not defending and were instead attacking other Continents. Even though they did not understand, they still carried out their orders and headed towards the closest continent, the Bluewater Continent.

The movements of the Darkwater Continent were noticed by the other Continents, but it was normal to make preparations to defend, so they did not take it to mind.

During the night, the sounds of battle started to sound out.

The Darkwater Continent sent out 300 million soldiers and quickly entered the Bluewater Continent. Because the Bluewater Continent had never expected for the Darkwater Continent to attack them, they were caught completely unprepared.

News quickly spread, shocking countless people from their sleep. They all thought that the Darkwater Continent had gone mad, or else why would they do such a stupid thing?

However, the Bluewater Continent would be able to deal with 300 million or so soldiers. The Bluewater Continent had 6,000 or so regions and 18,000 Cities. There were nine billion people and 1.4 billion soldiers; with this kind of strength, they did not fear the Darkwater Continent.

Even though they did not know why the Darkwater Continent had suddenly attacked them, since the Darkwater Continent had dared to make a move, they would not hold back.

At first, the Darkwater Continent's forces were able to conquer a few hundred regions because the Bluewater Continent was unprepared. However, the Bluewater Continent's people quickly gathered together and stopped the Darkwater Continent's forces and surrounded them.

The Bluewater Continent's morale was quite high, and they were quite domineering because their forces far surpassed the enemy forces. They were completely confident in their victory, while the aura of the Darkwater Continent's forces was much weaker.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Someone from the Bluewater Continent shouted mockingly, "Are you people stupid? You're attacking us with forces like this? What a joke! Now, none of you can escape. Put down your weapons and surrender, and we'll spare you."

The Darkwater Continent soldiers' expressions were quite grim. Now that they had been surrounded by a force many times theirs, they indeed could not escape. It was quite possible that they would die here, so they felt quite afraid.

At the same time, they could not understand why they had to suddenly attack the Bluewater Continent; it simply made no sense.

However, the Darkwater Continent City Lords were rather calm and coldly laughed inwardly. They were just bait sent over by Great Qin, and they were just here to draw everyone over instead of truly attacking.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Massive roars sounded out as a massive wave of devil qi spread out like a cyclone, causing everyone to feel terror.

Everyone looked into the distance, seeing massive Devils flood towards them. They gave off evil and ruthless auras and seemed as if they could destroy everything.

There were human-headed pythons, bats with human faces on their stomachs, rats with two heads, half human-half tiger beasts, and centipedes with countless human hands...