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 "Roar! Roar! Roar..." Countless dragon's roars sounded out as the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark seemed to obtain a life of its own after it fused with the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl. Silver dragon images flowed out from Zhao Fu's body and started to swim in the lake of dragon blood.

The golden crystal pearl was now within Zhao Fu's body and gave off an extremely intense light, and a massive wave of dragon energy flowed out.

"Arghhh!" This caused Zhao Fu's body to tremble and he could not help but roar. Countless traces of golden light shot out of his body as golden dragon scales appeared on his skin.


The Dragon Pearl within Zhao Fu's body continuously trembled and exploded out with a golden light that shot into the sky. Instantly, wind blew and clouds swirled as the golden light dyed the sky gold, and a boundless dragon's might descended, causing countless people to collapse to the ground.

An enormous golden dragon appeared in the sky. It had three eyes and four horns, and it was covered with crystal-like dragon scales. This was most likely a Clear Sky Saint Dragon, one of the most prestigious types of dragon.

At that moment, the countless dragon images in the lake surrounded Zhao Fu and quickly swam around him. A formless refining power entered Zhao Fu's body, covering the golden Dragon Pearl within him.

The golden Dragon Pearl gradually melted and turned into golden liquid before gradually fusing into Zhao Fu's body. This caused Zhao Fu's dragonification to become even more intense.

It was not just his face, chest, arms, and legs; there were now golden dragon scales all over his body. His hands and feet had almost become dragon claws, and there were four small dragon horns on his head. His aura was no longer like that of a human's but like a dragon's.

The golden Dragon Pearl turned into an orb of liquid and continued to gradually fuse into Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu's body was now filled with a powerful dragon energy that threatened to cause his body to explode.

However, Zhao Fu's body did not continue to dragonify because Zhao Fu's Sovereign bloodline madly devoured this dragon energy and incorporate it.

The Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl's power was continuously absorbed by Zhao Fu's Sovereign bloodline, and the golden liquid continuously decreased. In the end, it completely disappeared, completely fusing into his bloodline.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Roar!!" The massive Clear Sky Saint Dragon in the sky gave a heaven-shaking roar before diving into Zhao Fu's body, surrounded by golden light.


The instant that the Clear Sky Saint Dragon entered Zhao Fu's body, his body trembled and countless rays of golden light shot out as a formless aura burst forth and shook his surroundings.

Within the boundless void, three dim stars surrounded by a deathly aura suddenly brightened. Even though they were not very bright, the three Emperor Stars seemed to have come to life again.

The countless gray dragon images on Zhao Fu's body became slightly dimmer, and they did not continue to devour his life force in such an unbridled manner; it seemed that they had become somewhat weaker.

The countless silver dragon images in the blood lake devoured the dragon's blood before entering Zhao Fu's body again. They turned back into the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark, but there was now a golden pearl at the center of it.

Zhao Fu opened his eyes and felt his body brimming with power; just with this power alone, he felt that he could blast apart a small mountain. His constitution was also much stronger than before.

His body's toughness could now rival a high-grade devil beast, and ordinary swords and sabres could not harm him at all. This was not only because of the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl but also his Sovereign bloodline.

Zhao Fu's body also gave off a faint dragon's might, and his aura contained a faint dragon's aura. If it was said that Zhao Fu was from the Dragon Race, some people would believe this.

Furthermore, Zhao Fu's lower body had also gone through changes, and it had most likely become much more powerful as well.

However, it was a pity that Zhao Fu's bloodline remained as a Level 18 Sovereign Bloodline, and it was just a trace away from breaking through to a Divine Bloodline.

However, this tiny step was like an uncrossable canyon; Zhao Fu had reached this point since a long time ago, but even the Ownerless Blood Jade and Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl were not enough to help him break through.

However, Zhao Fu could understand this, as a Divine Bloodline was something that reigned above even Sovereign Bloodlines. Only Holy Empires would normally have them. How could they be obtained so easily?

What made Zhao Fu happiest was what the golden dragon had said - after fusing with the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl, the effects of Emperor Killer had been greatly reduced, and now it was possible for him to live another two years.

This greatly bolstered Zhao Fu's mental state, and he felt a lot of hope towards the future. There was definitely a way to get rid of Emperor Killer; this moment was the best evidence.

Zhao Fu stood up; there was no longer any blood remaining. All of it had been absorbed by the silver dragon images.

Zhao Fu found that the energy within the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark had become much stronger. Perhaps bathing in dragon's blood would greatly help the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark.

Zhao Fu took a bath and got rid of the dragon's blood on his body, and he once again summoned his subordinates to talk about the final matter, which was the Fish Scale world.

There were only ten or so days until the Contract expired, and Zhao Fu was now collecting information about the Fish Scale world's other Continents.

As the ending date of the Contract approached, the Fish Scale world became quite panicked. They knew about Great Qin's tricks, so as long as they stayed in the water, they would be fine.

However, the current Great Qin was different to the Great Qin of the past. It had unified an entire world and could resist four worlds.

They were not a match for Great Qin at all, and they had to think of methods to deal with it. Some gathered their soldiers to defend to the death, while others tried to cooperate with other worlds. Some wanted to sign new peace contracts with Great Qin, ones that were permanent.

Great Qin had fused into the Heaven Awaken World for one year now, and the Fish Scale world also had grasped ways to leave the Legacy Land. They had heard about Great Qin's mysterious and powerful methods, making them terrified.

They definitely could not stop Great Qin, so they could only hope that they could ally with the three worlds outside to hold back Great Qin. Only then would the Fish Scale world have a trace of hope, or else they would definitely perish at Great Qin's hands.

After hearing about this, the three worlds outside were quite welcoming because another world was joining them and greatly increased their strength. Because of this, the three worlds gifted many things to the Fish Scale world.

This undoubtedly made things quite troublesome for Great Qin. The various worlds were already tying up a lot of Great Qin's forces, and now the Fish Scale world had joined them, causing the pressure that Great Qin endured to become greater.

Now, Zhao Fu was discussing with his subordinates whether to take the risk to attack the Fish Scale world or continue to sign a peace contract with them. If they did not start planning now, a battle would definitely erupt when the Contract expired.