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This time, Zhao Fu exploded out with his full strength. A black and gray aura flame started to burn as countless wild gales spread out. A sovereign might descended as the ground continuously collapsed.

Zhao Fu exploded out with his Sovereign bloodline's power and the Six Paths Demon Images' power. The prestigious, domineering, eerie, and supreme power caused everyone's expressions to change.

"So terrifying! Is this the power of an Emperor?" someone cried out. This sort of power could make people want to kneel and surrender, and it was many times more powerful than a King's power.

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu in shock; they were now certain that Zhao Fu's identity was not simple at all.

Shi Shuge's expression slightly changed; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would explode out with such a powerful Emperor's aura. She only had a Royal Bloodline and immediately felt a sense of pressure from Zhao Fu.


At that moment, Zhao Fu released his full strength. The black and gray flame ferociously spread out and broke out of the Eight Scroll Seal.

Zhao Fu looked at Shi Shuge, and the six gray dots in his right eye started to spin.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..."

Four hundred meter tall ghosts appeared around Shi Shuge, giving off powerful auras. At the same time, they raised their sharp claws and swatted at Shi Shuge. Their attacks were powerful enough to cause the air to explode.

In that moment of crisis, Shi Shuge actually closed her eyes as finger-sized black characters appeared around her. A formless energy spread out as Shi Shuge's clothes fluttered and a transcendental aura spread out.

Chi, chi, chi...

As the four ghosts' claws descended, the characters around Shi Shuge's body connected together and formed 12 chains that shot out. They pierced through the four ghosts' arms before piercing through the rest of their bodies.

The four ghosts gave off pitiful howls before collapsing into countless traces of ghostly qi and disappearing.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's body flashed and he appeared in front of Shi Shuge. His sword gave off sharp sword light as it slashed towards Shi Shuge. In response, Shi Shuge's 12 black chains blocked in front of her.

"Godly Demonic Thrust!" Zhao Fu lightly shouted and suddenly exploded with strength. He used a godly spirit skill and stabbed out with his sword as a massive sword image shot towards Shi Shuge.


The chains blocking in front of Shi Shuge were slashed apart by the sword, and Shi Shuge's body was blasted back by the massive sword. She crashed against a large boulder, causing it to shatter, and a trace of blood leaked out of her lips.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu did not plan to continue attacking because he was worried about the faction standing behind her.

"Hah!!" However, just as Zhao Fu was about to turn to leave, Shi Shuge cried out and an inky black aura appeared around her, causing her power to continuously rise. Countless black characters flowed out of her body and flew into the sky, forming an enormous sword.

After this sword was formed, it did not give off a very powerful sword qi. Instead, it had a powerful martial conception. The world seemed to be locked down, and everything became as dark as night. Under this massive sword, countless people's souls lamented, feeling boundless darkness.

"Demon Sun!" Zhao Fu raised the Death Race Sword and used the Demon Sun skill. Massive amounts of deathly qi rushed into the sky, dyeing the sun gray, and a terrifying deathly intent spread out.

Shi Shuge controlled the massive sword in the sky, bringing with it a terrifying martial conception power, to slash towards Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu slashed down with his Death Race Sword.

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A shocking explosion sounded out as an enormous gray sword light seemed to split the heavens and earth as it flew out. The enormous sword made of black characters exploded out with powerful light, and the two collided, resulting in an astounding explosion.

In the end, the black sword was destroyed by the gray sword light, and Shi Shuge was once again blasted backwards. She coughed up a large mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground, powerless to get back up. She was injured quite heavily.

Zhao Fu was affected by the shockwave and took a few steps back. He did not remain, and he immediately turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon because he could sense many powerful experts heading over.

The battle had concluded, but everyone in the surroundings continued to stare in shock. The Green Province Domain's number one expert in the younger generation had been defeated by a mysterious stranger who had suddenly appeared. If this news was spread, it would definitely cause a large commotion.

That person's strength was simply too monstrous, and he could rival some old monsters. In fact, it was possible that that person was an old monster, but his voice had sounded quite young.

Niu Hu and the two others were completely dumbfounded. That was a battle that they could not enter at all; they could only look up at such experts. Shi Shuge had unexpectedly been defeated; it seemed that there really were heavens beyond heavens and people beyond people. No one would be the strongest forever.

You Quan's expression became slightly better. Even though he had been defeated by Zhao Fu in a few attacks, Shi Shuge had lost as well, so his loss was not too humiliating. Of course, he remembered this matter and would repay this enmity in the future. No one had humiliated him like this before.

Shi Shuge's expression was quite dim, and she took out a medicinal pill and consumed it, causing her injuries to quickly recover. As the most powerful genius in the Green Province Domain, she felt a heavy blow to her self-esteem.

She had lost and lost completely despite using her full strength. However, she was quite convinced of this loss and did not feel spiteful.

At the same time, she started to feel curious about Zhao Fu's identity; how come such a terrifying person had appeared? Moreover, he gave off a supreme Emperor's aura, causing others to feel immense pressure.

At that moment, she could not help but think about that Emperor who had shaken things up in the Ancient Stem Domain; could that person have been the same Emperor? She was not too sure.

News of what had happened here quickly spread, and countless people were greatly shocked - the Green Province Domain's number one genius had actually lost to someone else. This news drew the attention of the large factions, and they became quite curious about Zhao Fu's identity.

After Zhao Fu obtained the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl, he used his teleportation channels to quickly return to Great Qin.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Mark on Zhao Fu's body was still burning hot as if it was desperate to have the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl.

The golden dragon had given a method to refine the Clear Sky Dragon Pearl, which was to gather a large amount of divine dragon blood. After all, the Clear Sky Saint Dragon was a type of eastern divine dragon.

If it was before, it would have been incredibly difficult for Zhao Fu to obtain divine dragon blood, as they were Stage 8 or 9 creatures at the minimum. However, to the current Great Qin, it was quite simple; they could even obtain the blood of Saint Realm creatures.

They did not necessarily need large quantities of dragon blood, but there had to be many different types. Because of the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark, they needed many different varieties.

Zhao Fu quickly collected 16 types of divine dragon blood, which included Ice Dragons, Fire Dragons, Wood Dragons, Evil Dragons, and various other dragons.

He put all of this blood into a lake and he submerged his body into it. He then took out that golden Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl and pressed it into the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark, which was giving off an intense silver light, starting to refine it.