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 This monk was called You Quan, and he was the Young Sect Master of the Desire Buddha Sect, which was the number one sect in the Green Province Domain. It was the second most powerful faction, and You Quan was terrifyingly strong. He was ranked second on the Green Province Domain and was much stronger than Ming Jian.

"Are you going to fight me for the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl?" You Quan said with a trace of disdain and arrogance as he hugged two of the beautiful women.

With his strength, You Quan did not place anyone present in his eyes at all. Even the strongest person present, Ming Jian, was nothing to him; he could defeat him in ten or so bouts.

A cold light flashed in Ming Jian's eyes, but he did not say anything. He directly attacked, slashing out with his sword. The massive sword light gave off monstrous power as it slashed towards You Quan, tearing apart the ground beneath it.

You Quan chuckled and stretched out a palm with his fingers together, and countless rays of golden light shined from his palm. A massive buddha's palm appeared in front of You Quan's body.


The massive sword light slashed against the buddha's palm and exploded, turning into sword wind as it dissipated, but the massive buddha's palm was not damaged at all.

"Do you have any more ultimate attacks?" You Quan said as he laughed.

Fury flowed out of Ming Jian's heart as he raised the sword in his hand and exploded out with all of the power in his body. A white pillar of light shot into the sky, causing all of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to gather towards him, forming an enormous vortex.

This vortex was white and gave off a brilliant white light. A massive might spread out, and even people far away could sense how terrifying this power was.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Massive sword lights shot out from the vortex and landed on the ground, easily tearing it apart. The ground was instantly cut like tofu, and Ming Jian controlled all of the sword light to slash towards You Quan. The countless sword lights gathered together, becoming even more powerful, and cracks started to appear in the space around them.

You Quan's expression became more serious as a buddha mark appeared on his forehead. A golden light shot out as a massive buddha's image appeared in front of him, giving off an aura of suppression.


Countless sword lights slammed into the buddha's image, resulting in a massive explosion. The buddha's image had stopped the countless sharp sword lights.

Ming Jian roared as he invigorated all of the power in his body, causing the sword lights to become even sharper and more powerful. You Quan's expression was serious as the buddha mark on his forehead shined with an even brighter light.

In the end, You Quan was able to stop Ming Jian's attack. However, the buddha's image had almost been split open by the sword lights, but the losing side was evidently Ming Jian.

Seeing that even his strongest attack was unable to even reach You Quan, Ming Jian's expression became dim; he understood that he had lost.

Niu Hu and the two others gulped as they looked at You Quan in shock. They knew that they definitely would not have been able to stop Ming Jian's attack just then, yet You Quan had done so easily. The difference in strength between them was simply too vast.

The people watching in the distance were also shocked; this was a battle between the geniuses of the Green Province Domain; it made them feel terrified and completely exceeded anything they could imagine.

Even the geniuses of other Domains were inferior to You Quan; for the Green Province Domain to have such geniuses was their pride and joy.

Now, none of the geniuses present would dare to attack, so this Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl would belong to You Quan; no one else would dare to try to take it.

You Quan gently leapt up and flew towards the orb of light floating in the air.

"Wait!" a clear and pleasant voice sounded out as a beautiful woman dressed in scholarly robes appeared in the sky.

Seeing her, everyone gasped; the Green Province Domain's number one expert had actually come. This woman was called Shi Shuge, and she was the Princess Royal of the Poem Dynasty. The Poem Dynasty was the number one faction in the Green Province Domain.

Not only was the Poem Dynasty more powerful than the Desire Buddha Sect, but Shi Shuge was also stronger than You Quan; she was the only person You Quan was wary of.

As Shi Shuge's voice sounded out, You Quan's expression instantly became grave and he turned into a ray of light as he shot towards the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl; he wanted to ignore Shi Shuge and run away with the Dragon Pearl. Otherwise, if Shi Shuge arrived, he might not have the opportunity to obtain the Dragon Pearl.

"Ai!" A light sigh sounded out as Shi Shuge stretched out a finger and pointed towards You Quan, saying, "Stop!"

Immediately, a formless energy bound You Quan. You Quan exploded out with his full power, causing a golden aura flame to appear around him, and a terrifying might descended. You Quan used this opportunity to break free from the formless energy.

However, by this time, Shi Shuge was already in front of him. This forced him to stop, and he looked at Shi Shuge as he said domineeringly, "This Dragon Pearl is already mine; Shi Shuge, what are you trying to do?"

Shi Shuge lightly laughed as she said, "Nonsense! This Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl is ownerless, so how is it yours? I also came for the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl and want to give it to my weak little sister. Everyone, please give this Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl to me."

You Quan coldly harrumphed, "If you want it, you'll have to take it by force!"


You Quan started to attack Shi Shuge. He raised his hand, causing countless rays of golden light to shine out as a massive buddha's palm bringing with it the force of mountains pressed towards Shi Shuge. This was enough to crush a small mountain into pieces.

Shi Shuge's expression did not change as she stretched out a finger and wrote a black 'destroy' character in the air. The 'destroy' character then turned into countless rays of black light and shot to meet that buddha's palm.


As the buddha's palm was struck by the black light, it instantly collapsed and turned into divine light as it dissipated.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This caused You Quan's expression to become quite unsightly. He released all of his power as a 1,000 meter tall image of buddha appeared behind him. It gave off boundless divine light as a might covered the heavens and earth, locking everything down. It was as if a true buddha had descended.

Shi Shuge's expression was quite serious as she said, "I just came for the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl. You're not a match for me; what point is there to fighting to the death?"


Shi Shuge also released her full strength, or else she would not be able to win against You Quan. A massive ancient scroll giving off enormous power appeared, and the sound of countless poets reciting poems could also be heard.

This was the Poem Dynasty's legacy Royal Clan Art, Heavenly Poem Scroll. It was one of the highest grade Arts in the Green Province Domain, and Shi Shuge had cultivated this Art to an extremely deep degree.

Seeing that the two were about to start a massive battle, everyone watched in expectation. Ming Jian and the others could only retreat to the side; they understood that they were not a match for these two people, and they did not want to be caught in the crossfire.

Suddenly, the orb of light started to move, and the countless dragons within it gave off excited roars. The light coming from the orb of light became even more intense because a certain person had arrived.

Everyone was shocked to see the orb of light turn into a ray of light and flew in front of that person as if it was rejoicing. It was as if the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl was something that belonged to him.