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 Seeing Yue Muqing stop, Niu Hu rushed towards the orb of light. Just as he was about to reach the orb of light, Yue Muqing and Ye Kuang of course could not allow such a thing, so they joined together to attack Niu Hu.

The three people clashed together, and the shockwaves from their battle rippled out like wild gales, causing sand and pebbles to be blown into the air. Countless trees were destroyed and the scene was quite terrifying, making no one else dare to get close.


The three people unleashed attacks that collided, resulting in an explosion. Mu Qingyue was sent back a few steps while the two others remained in place.

Mu Qingyue's expression was quite unsightly. He was ranked sixth and was slightly weaker than the two others; with his strength, he most likely would not be able to snatch the treasure, so he could only say, "Can you please give my Moon Spirit Kingdom some face and give this Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl to me? I will be eternally grateful."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Niu Hu coldly harrumphed, "Keep dreaming, this is a Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl, which contains the essence blood and essence power of a Clear Sky Saint Dragon. If you refine it, you might even be able to obtain a trace of the Clear Sky Saint Dragon bloodline. The Clear Sky Saint Dragon is the most prestigious type of dragon out of the countless types of dragons, and it is not inferior to a Sovereign bloodline.

"You want us to give up on this chance at a Sovereign bloodline? How's that possible? How about you give my Black Bull Kingdom some face and help me take the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl? I, Niu Hu, will owe you in the future."

Hearing these two people's words, everyone felt quite shocked; this thing was incredibly precious. No wonder even geniuses were fighting over it.

Even without they saying it, some people could already tell that that orb of light in the sky was a Dragon Pearl.

Dragon Pearls were something that dragons created within their bodies, and they contained their very essence. This included their essence blood and essence power, and they contained immense energy. It was the most precious thing to a dragon.

After realizing how precious this Dragon Pearl was, some of the others started to feel quite interested. However, given the identities of the three people in the sky, if they offended these people, they would not be able to remain in the Green Province Domain anymore.

Moreover, it would not be easy to refine this Dragon Pearl. The higher grade of dragon, the more difficult the Dragon Pearl would be to refine. Without a King bloodline and Saint Realm cultivation, consuming the Dragon Pearl would be like consuming a bomb, and one would immediately explode and die.

This caused many people to give up on it. After all, they would have to risk their lives to get it, and they would not be able to use it. Saint Realm cultivation was not a big deal, as it just required effort.

However, a King bloodline was difficult; this required having a Royal Kingdom.

However, there were still some people who wanted to try. However, just as they came close, Ye Kuang slashed with his spear, causing a massive fiery crescent bringing with it searing heat, slashing those who wanted to come close into pieces. Their corpses were then immediately burned up by the heat.

"Scram! If you stay here, this Young Master will kill you all."

Hearing this, everyone else quickly retreated. Ye Kuang was simply too domineering, and if they remained, they might really be killed by him.

Niu Hu slammed his axe towards the ground, resulting in a massive explosion. A small hill was split in half, and this caused everyone to run even faster. Niu Hu grinned in satisfaction; he did not want some bugs to steal something as precious as the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The battle between the three people was incredibly intense, causing winds to blow and clouds to swirl. A terrifying aura spread out like a flood, and all of them were now slightly injured.


A massive axe image appeared, slamming down from the sky like lightning. It slashed Yue Qingmu and Ye Kuang flying back; as the fourth-ranked person, Niu Hu was evidently stronger than the two others.

Yue Qingmu and Ye Kuang flew back 100 or so meters and coughed up mouthfuls of blood. Their expressions were quite grim, and Niu Hu felt quite pleased as he flew towards the Dragon Pearl.


However, just as Niu Hu was about to reach the Dragon Pearl, a sword hum suddenly sounded out, causing Niu Hu to retreat in fear. A flying sword bringing with it massive sword qi had slashed over.

Niu Hu used his axe to block in front of him and defend, and the sword slammed against the axe. Niu Hu was sent flying back and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

A figure appeared; he was wearing white clothes and looked quite handsome. He grabbed at the air and the sword returned to his hand. Seeing this person's arrival, the three other people's expressions became unsightly.

This young man was called Ming Jian and was the Young Sect Master of the One Martial Sect. He was ranked third on the Green Province Rankings, and though he was only one rank above Niu Hu, he was far stronger.

"I'll be taking this!" Ming Jian spoke coldly and straightforwardly as he reached for the Dragon Pearl.

This caused the three others to feel furious, and they simultaneously attacked Ming Jian. Yue Muqing vigorously swept out with his fan, and countless wind blades flew out. Ye Kuang stabbed out with his spear, causing a fiery light to shoot out. Niu Hu raised his axe high and slashed out a crescent.

Three attacks containing terrifying auras rushed over, and Ming Jian's expression was cold as he swung his sword, causing a massive sword light to burst forth.


A massive explosion sounded out as the massive sword light collided with the three attacks. A powerful shockwave spread out, causing Niu Hu and the two others to be sent flying back, while Ming Jian was also sent back a few steps.

"You three are seeking death!" Ming Jian coldly said as a trace of anger appeared on his face.


A terrifying sword qi exploded out from his body, turning into massive winds that blew out. Clouds swirled as a terrifying aura spread out.

Ming Jian coldly looked at the three others as he raised his sword and pointed it at them.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Sword hums sounded out as thousands of white swords of light instantly formed, giving off sharp sword auras and causing people's hairs to stand on end.

Ming Jian waved the sword in his hand, causing the thousands of white swords of light to shoot out. They were incredibly fast and arrived before the three people in just an instant.

This caused the three people's expressions to fall and they hurriedly defended. However, they were still struck and slammed to the ground, smashing out large craters. Their bodies were now covered with a few wounds.

They were not heavily injured, and Ming Jian evidently had not tried to kill them. After all, their factions could not be slightly offended.

They got up from the ground with grim expressions. After taking that attack, they had felt quite discouraged. Even attacking together, they were not a match for Ming Jian, so they would not be able to take the Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl. Could they just hand it over to Ming Jian?

"Young Master, that pearl looks like a treasure. Can you snatch it and give it to me?"

"Young Master, I want it too, give it to me!"

"Hmph, Young Master, don't listen to them. That's a Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl, and it is very important to Young Master. You should use it for yourself."

A few seductive voices sounded out as a handsome monk with ten or so flirtatious-looking women appeared. His appearance caused everyone's expressions to fall, including Ming Jian's.