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 Zhao Fu decided to become more powerful at any cost; only that way would his life and Great Qin be secure. He did not care about shamelessness at all.

After much negotiations, Yao Ming deeply breathed in and suppressed the fury in his heart as he said, "I can give you 50,000 devil beasts and the method for raising devil beasts; that's it. Otherwise, just kill my little brother! However, don't even think about escaping. Even if I die, I'll slay you here."

Zhao Fu mulled this over. This was the Devil Horn Empire's territory, and with Yao Ming's strength, as well as their countless experts and Corps, Zhao Fu might very well die here.

Moreover, Zhao Fu's greatest trump cards, the three Emperor Stars, were in an incredibly feeble state, and Zhao Fu could not use their power right now.

However, to be able to obtain the method for raising devil beasts and 50,000 devil beasts was already quite good in exchange for a person who did not matter to him at all.

"Very well, I agree. Undo the spatial restrictions!" Zhao Fu smiled as he agreed.

Yao Ming angrily gave the order to undo the spatial restrictions, and Great Qin's magic formations were once again activated.

In actuality, Yao Ming had been somewhat hoping for Zhao Fu not to agree, so he could disregard everything and kill Zhao Fu here.

However, since Zhao Fu had agreed, Yao Ming could only let 50,000 devil beasts into the magic formations with great heartache. He then threw a scroll over to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu scanned through it and was quite satisfied as he put it away. He went before a magic formation and tossed the boy away before stepping into the magic formation and disappearing.

At the same time, the countless magic formations simultaneously closed and self-destructed. In that moment, Yao Ming yelled, "I'll definitely destroy the Great Qin Empire and make you die a horrible death; I'll remember everything that happened today."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu's expression did not change at all. They were already at odds with each other, so there was no need to hold back against each other.

Zhao Fu appeared in the Four Soul Devil World and looked at the devil beasts changing into Devils in agony. There were about 150,000 of them, and Zhao Fu was quite pleased with his gains.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out that scroll and started to look through it in detail. This was the method to raise devil beasts, and with it, Great Qin could nurture a large number of devil beasts and turn them into Devils.

That way, Great Qin's strength would quickly rise, and Great Qin would have a sufficient foundation to meet all crises.

However, after going through the scroll, Zhao Fu felt quite angry as he had been tricked by Yao Ming. No wonder he had agreed to this trade so easily.

This method of raising devil beasts required a core item, which was a Ten Thousand Devil City. Great Qin did not have one, and it was likely that only the Devil Horn Empire had one.

Soon, news about Zhao Fu going to the Devil Horn Empire had spread, causing everyone to feel quite shocked. It was the first time someone had screwed over the Devil Horn Empire like this, to go into the Devil Horn Empire and get out with no losses.

Everyone could only imagine that the Devil Horn Empire's people were angered to death. By now, the situation between the two Empires was most likely that neither side would rest until the other was destroyed.

Zhao Fu understood this, so he immediately gathered a large number of soldiers to defend in case the Devil Horn Empire attacked like a mad dog.

Zhao Fu could only leave the matter about Great Qin's foundation here for now. He could not go and steal more devil beasts, as the Devil Horn Empire would be prepared after this time. If he tried again, he would most likely fail and suffer unnecessary injuries and casualties.

The second problem was how to defend against the invasions of the four worlds. If they found a way to deal with Great Qin's Illusion Flower Devils and teleportation spears, Great Qin would be at a great disadvantage.

Zhao Fu would be forced to come up with new methods to defend against the four worlds.

Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that Great Qin had nothing left; they had used all of their methods already and no longer had any hidden tricks.

This was incredibly dangerous, as a powerful empire could not lack trump cards. If the other side came prepared, Great Qin would fall into a very disadvantageous position.

Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that Great Qin had two trump cards: One was the Devil army, which now numbered 650,000; if they suddenly released this force, it would be incredibly terrifying and could turn the tides of a battle.

No one would imagine that Great Qin could turn devil beasts into Devils; Great Qin had kept this a secret.

The second trump card was the Primogenitor Statue that they had been working on since a long time ago. Even though there was only one, its world-destroying power could not be doubted. However, it still required some time before it could be refined and used.

Zhao Fu felt that this was not enough; Great Qin did not have enough tricks up its sleeves.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of one of \Great Qin's powerful weapons, which was the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. It was an incredibly destructive weapon, but there were not many of them, and manufacturing them was quite difficult.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What they could do was revise the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae to make them simpler and require lower quality materials, such as Gold grade materials. Even though they would be weaker, they could be mass-produced, which was worth it.

Thinking about having thousands of Dragon-Slaying Ballistae on the Great Wall, shooting out ballistae bolts that were ten meters long, even massive dragons would not dare to come near. They would be incredibly effective against the devil beast army.

They could also make the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae more complex and use higher-grade materials, such as Saint grade materials. This would allow them to kill experts or even Kings.

That way, Great Qin would have one more method up its sleeve, and Zhao Fu would feel more confident facing the four worlds. As such, he immediately ordered people to start researching this.

Next was Great Qin's third problem: Buying Talisman Stones and high-Stage corpses.

Now that Great Qin was fighting with four worlds, it was quite difficult for it to buy things. Zhao Fu did not dare to head to the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain, and it was possible for his identity to be exposed.

Zhao Fu thought about the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group and felt that it was quite a pity. He regretted going to the Ancient Stem Banquet; if he had known this was going to happen, he would have just stayed put and focused on developing.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but think about the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark on his chest. Back when he had been afflicted by Emperor Killer, it was not just the Nether Emperor Star, Six Paths of Reincarnation Bloodline, and the Dragon Phoenix that had helped; the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark had somewhat helped as well.

Perhaps without all of these things fighting against Emperor Killer, Zhao Fu could have died on the spot.

Zhao Fu had always been somewhat curious about the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark. He had asked the people from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group about it, but they only told him that he would understand once he went to the Heaven Domain.

Zhao Fu felt that he had been dragged into something, but he did not regret it. If the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group needed anything, he would do his best to help them.