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 Zhao Fu and the others carefully merged into the restrictive barrier and tried to hide their auras to prevent the devil beasts from discovering them. After entering the barrier, Zhao Fu saw a massive red bird flying in the sky.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu had everyone hide, because once a devil beast discovered them, they would be attacked by all of the devil beasts. Facing so many devil beasts, even Zhao Fu would have to run, and the others would definitely die.

"Where do the devil beasts gather?" Zhao Fu asked the Snake Devil clinging onto him.

This place was very big, and it covered at least a few hundred regions. The devil beasts were all scattered throughout this place, and most had their own territories. Only when the Devil Horn Empire went to war would they all be gathered together.

However, there were also some other occasions when the devil beasts would be gathered together, which was when the Devil Horn Empire gave out medicinal pills; countless devil beasts would gather together to receive their medicinal pills.

The Snake Devil flirtatious leaned against Zhao Fu and said, "Your Majesty, there are four main gathering places, where there are many structures; those places are responsible for managing everything related to the devil beasts. The closest one should be in the south-eastern direction.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and led the others in that direction.

Two days later, they reached a place where there were devil beasts everywhere. Zhao Fu and his Assassins advanced incredibly cautiously and slowly, and over the course of the two days, they had finally reached the gathering place.

Now they just had to set things up. Once the devil beasts were all gathered together, they would use the teleportation spears and easily send these devil beasts into the Four Soul Devil World.

With the World Pearl's energy sustaining these teleportation spears, they had the ability to teleport across worlds. This was the key part in Zhao Fu's plans, or else they would not be able to steal devil beasts.

They silently buried teleportation spears underground, and when the time was right, they would all be activated.

This was done by the 100 Assassins Zhao Fu had brought, while he kept watch in the surroundings to prevent them from being discovered.

"You all deserve to die! You let my little green dragon get hurt!" A 12 or 13 year old boy with purple hair held a whip as he vigorously whipped a few servants. There was much force behind the whip, and as it landed on the servants' bodies, it caused their flesh to be split open. They cried out in pain as they knelt and pleaded for mercy.

They said that it was the little green dragon who wanted to challenge the Qilou Beast, and they were powerless to stop it; that was why the little green dragon had been injured. They would definitely stop it next time and not let it get injured, so they pleaded with the Young Master to spare them.

However, the boy was completely furious and did not listen at all, continuously whipping the servants until they died.

Only then did the boy become less angry, and he called over a few soldiers to drag away the corpses and feed them to the devil beasts.

Zhao Fu hid by the side as he watched this boy kill those servants, and he did not stop him; Zhao Fu was not stupid enough to reveal himself for such a thing.

However, Zhao Fu planned to capture that boy because those people had called him Second Prince. Moreover, this boy looked somewhat like Yao Ming, and he was most likely his little brother.

It was said that Yao Ming loved his little brother dearly, so Zhao Fu naturally had to capture him. When no one was around, Zhao Fu appeared behind the boy, and before he could respond, he was knocked unconscious by Zhao Fu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." A while later, devil beasts started to roar as waves of powerful devil qi spread out, and countless devil beasts started to head over because it was time to give out medicinal pills.

Zhao Fu held the boy's body but was not in a hurry to act because the devil beasts had not fully gathered yet. Zhao Fu wanted to wait for more devil beasts to gather so they could capture more of them.

"The Second Prince has disappeared!" a panicked cry sounded out, causing countless people's expressions to fall. They immediately started searching for him, causing a lot of panic.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt that the plan could be exposed, so he immediately ordered his people to activate the teleportation spears.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Rays of light flew out as massive magic formations appeared. Countless devil beasts vanished and the remainder ran back in terror.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

More explosions sounded out as rays of light flew towards the escaping devil beasts. More magic formations appeared, dragging devil beasts into them. The other devil beasts became completely terrified and ran in all directions.

Seeing this, people from the Devil Horn Empire cried out, "There are enemies!"

Soon, Zhao Fu and his people were discovered, but Zhao Fu was not worried at all, and he had the 100 Assassins leave through a magic formation.

They had Devil Repelling Pearls, so they would not be corroded by the Devil Qi in the Four Soul Devil World. Without the Devil Repelling Pearls, they might become Devils too.

Zhao Fu stood in the air with one hand behind his back and the other hand holding onto the boy. He gave off a powerful aura, shaking the entire scene; he did not seem like he was in an enemy's territory at all.

Yao Ming quickly arrived, and seeing that it was Zhao Fu, he wanted to slaughter Zhao Fu immediately. However, seeing that his little brother was in Zhao Fu's hands, he could only hold back.

Looking at the countless magic formations and countless missing devil beasts, Yao Ming gnashed his teeth; Great Qin's Emperor had run to the Devil Horn Empire to steal devil beasts and was simply too shameless. He did not place the Devil Horn Empire in his eyes at all.

After the last battle, Yao Ming had ordered his people to research how to get rid of these magic formations. He understood that these were just special teleportation channels, so he immediately gave the order to lock down the surrounding space, causing these magic formations to become useless.

However, Zhao Fu was not afraid at all. He gave off a powerful aura as he stood there. Seeing that Yao Ming did not attack him as soon as he appeared, he understood how important this boy was to Yao Ming. If Yao Ming had immediately attacked, Zhao Fu would have quickly run away.

"Release my little brother, or I'll have you die a horrible death!" Yao Ming said in a loud voice, looking incredibly furious.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and did not beat around the bush, saying, "I want 500,000 devil beasts, as well as the Devil Horn Empire's method for raising devil beasts."

This was why Zhao Fu had stayed behind; they had teleported around 100,000 devil beasts just then, which wasn't much. Zhao Fu was not satisfied, so he decided to blackmail Yao Ming to obtain the method for raising devil beasts.

"Absolutely not, keep dreaming." Hearing how greedy Zhao Fu was, Yao Ming immediately refused. Even though this was his beloved little brother, he definitely would not trade the Devil Horn Empire's most important things. That would affect the safety of the Devil Horn Empire.

Seeing how resolute Yao Ming was, Zhao Fu knew that things would not go as smoothly as he had hoped. As such, he asked, "What price are you willing to pay for your little brother? You have limited time, I'll be leaving soon."

Yao Ming looked at Zhao Fu angrily; he had never thought that the ruler of a world would be so shameless as to use a hostage to threaten him.