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 "Did you find out?" After everyone had left, Zhao Fu looked at Wu Qingniang and felt some heartache and guilt as he walked over to her. Out of all of the women, the one he was attached to the most was Wu Qingniang.

Back when he was still weak, she had done all she could to protect him, even though she had been quite domineering and called him hers.

However, Zhao Fu truly liked Wu Qingniang and felt that he truly did love her. Now that he had been afflicted by Emperor Killer, he did not know when he would die, and he felt a lot of guilt towards Wu Qingniang.

At first, he had tried to hide it from her, but now that most of the higher-ups knew, it was impossible to continue keeping it a secret.


A clear slap sounded out as Wu Qingniang slapped Zhao Fu's face, her eyes dancing with tears as she looked at him.

Zhao Fu fell silent and did not know what to say.

"Promise me you won't die," Wu Qingniang sobbed as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes.

"I..." Zhao Fu did not know what to say. Even higher-beings could not get rid of Emperor Killer, so what could Zhao Fu do? He was essentially doomed to die, so he could not make such a promise to Wu Qingniang.

"Are you willing to just die like this? And hand over the Empire you created to someone else? Do you want me to serve another man? Do you want all of your women to belong to someone else?" Wu Qingniang angrily said in a loud voice as tears flowed out of her eyes, gliding across her white face and continuously falling to the ground. As she spoke, she began to sob more.

Zhao Fu felt a piercing pain in his heart; he did not want to die like this and did not want to hand over his Empire to someone else, much less have his beloved women become someone else's.

However, since things were like this, he was powerless to change anything. He stepped forwards, lightly hugged Wu Qingniang, and sighed as he said, "Qingniang, I don't want this either, but there's nothing I can do."

Wu Qingniang angrily pushed Zhao Fu away and shouted, "Are you just going to give up like this? Aren't you Great Qin's terrifying Legatee? You swept across the world with no fears, and look at you now! You're already preparing to die!"

This startled Zhao Fu and he realized that he had become too melancholic and pessimistic. With how big the Heaven Awaken World was, perhaps there would be a way to deal with this. If he only made preparations for his death instead of seeking a way to avoid it, he would definitely die.

Indeed, as his status had risen, Zhao Fu found that he had changed. There were more things that he was afraid of, and he was no longer as driven. He no longer had the domineeringness that made it so that he feared nothing, something that he had started off with.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and seemed to become a different person; his mental state was dozens of times better now.

"Qingniang, I promise you, I won't die!" Zhao Fu said earnestly as he gave a warm smile.

Wu Qingniang looked at Zhao Fu and her heart trembled as she leapt into his embrace. She did not cry anymore, and she instead happily hugged him tightly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After coming out from the palace, Zhao Fu was no longer as low-spirited and disheartened; Li Si and Bai Qi both noticed this, causing them to feel quite happy. Their old Majesty was back.

As Zhao Fu recovered, the Great Qin that seemed to have been covered with gloomy clouds also recovered and became full of life again. Each of the Departments operated efficiently, and Great Qin returned to its domineering and vigorous manner.

The members of the intelligence networks spread out, collecting information from the surrounding worlds.

The Grassi World, Half-Beast World, and Elf World had all gone into a defensive state. Even though the Devil Horn Empire said that it would be officially attacking Great Qin, it did not immediately attack. It did not yet have anything it could use to deal with Great Qin, so it would be some time before they attacked.

Zhao Fu also received news of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group being destroyed by the three factions, causing him to feel incredibly guilty. He now hated those three factions even more; one day, he would definitely destroy them.

Whether they were Royal Kingdoms or Empires,Great Qin would surpass them sooner or later. Zhao Fu had this confidence, and he would take revenge for the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

Following this, Zhao Fu started to go through the rewards from the Ancient Stem Banquet. Zhao Fu had taken all of the top ten prizes, and he was already using the World Pearl.

It was the core formation of all of the teleportation channels, giving them all powerful spatial energy. It had been of great use in that previous battle.

There were still nine more major prizes. The first was the Desolation Divinity. Zhao Fu ordered people to build a temple to nurture this godly spirit; Zhao Fu wanted to have thousands of godly spirits in the future and create a godly spirit army.

Not only that, Zhao Fu planned to have an army with all eight major races to conquer everything under the heavens for Great Qin. Facing the countless worlds, Zhao Fu felt a domineeringness and ambition to conquer them all. That was Zhao Fu's ambition from the start.

Even if he was going to die, he would live out the rest of his life in glory and have history forever remember his name.

The second item was the Death Race Sword. It was a top-tier weapon in the outer regions, and what made Zhao Fu feel surprised was that it contained a large amount of deathly qi but had no sword spirt.

Zhao Fu could not help but think of transferring the Death Disaster Sword's sword spirit into it. The Death Disaster Sword was made from Zhao Fu using the Heaven-Sealing Sword to seal the Death Disaster Beast.

The Death Race Sword's attributes were much more suited to the Death Disaster Beast, so Zhao Fu transferred the sword spirit into the Death Race Sword. A deathly wind instantly spread out, causing the sky to be covered with dark clouds. Countless ghosts appeared, giving off excited roars.

After obtaining a sword spirit, the Death Race Sword caused abnormal signs, but it was a pity that the Death Race Sword was only a Level 12 Saint Armament. However, it was at the very peak of Level 12, and it was just a trace away from breaking through to an Earth Armament.

Earth Armaments were weapons that godly spirits used, and their power was enough to make people to feel terror.

The third item was the Saint Pill, which could allow someone to break through to Saint grade. However, there was only a chance, and the prerequisite was that one needed to be Heaven grade first.

Zhao Fu had been planning on leaving this Saint Pill to the next ruler of Great Qin, but he changed his mind and decided to use it for himself.

The fourth item was the Golden Roc Egg, which Zhao Fu gave to his subordinates to incubate. The Golden Roc was a type of divine beast and was quite powerful, but because there was only one egg, it was not suited to be used in battle.

The fifth item was the Earth grade Art, the Heavenly Cicada Art. Zhao Fu decided to give this as a reward to his subordinates and have them cultivate it.

The sixth item was the World Pearl, which Zhao Fu had already used.

The seventh item was the Level 9 Saint Armament, the Moon Void Saber. Zhao Fu also decided to award this to his subordinates.

The eighth item was an Ownerless Blood Jade, which could raise the purity of one's bloodline. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to use it for himself; after all, high-grade bloodlines had some resistance to Emperor Killer, and perhaps raising his bloodline would have some effect.