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 They had thought that the trap hadn't been triggered, but after walking up to the cage, they saw a little cat in the cage. The little cat had snow-white fur, which looked incredibly soft and made one want to reach over and touch it. It looked like a cute little pet, and because it was currently lying in the cage with its eyes shut, it seemed to be sleeping.

However, what was different between this creature and a cat was that it had a rhombus-shaped crystal on its forehead, which was a Void Crystal. Evidently, this little cat was a Void Beast.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu was delighted. After searching for so long, he had finally found one today. Everyone came over to the cage, and when the little cat heard this, it opened its pure-white eyes. Seeing so many people standing around it, it became incredibly scared and started to run around the cage. However, it couldn't escape.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty!" Seeing that they had finally caught a Void Beast, everyone smiled and congratulated Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded and also smiled as he looked at the Void Beast trying to escape. He stretched his hand into the cage, and the Void Beast was pulled into his grasp.

The Void Beast struggled vigorously within Zhao Fu's grasp and howled, and it felt a sense of danger. The black-cloaked person in front of it seemed to want to kill it, so it madly struggled; however, it did not have the strength to escape from the hand that was holding it.

By now, Zhao Fu's other hand was around the Void Beast's neck, and he about to break the Void Beast's neck and take the Void Crystal.

Feeling the large hand on its neck, the Void Beast knew that if the hand twisted, its life would be over. The Void Beast's eyes were filled with terror and despair, and tears poured out of its eyes. It looked at the black-cloaked figure with a pleading expression in the hopes that the person would spare it.

The Void Beast looked a lot like a little cat and was extremely cute. If it fell into someone else's hands, that person would have definitely treasured it and treated it lovingly.

Its teary eyes seemed to be able to move anyone. However, it was a pity that it had fallen into Zhao Fu's hands. Zhao Fu was a very rational person, and he would not let it go simply because it looked cute, as he needed its Void Crystal.

Zhao Fu's hands started to twist, and the Void Beast struggled in despair as an aura of death enveloped it.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu stopped because he suddenly remembered the Universal Den that he had obtained. The description had said that it could be conquered by any creature and that it would spawn that kind of creature. Perhaps it could even spawn Void Beasts.

A single Void Crystal could only allow a single teleportation channel to connect with the outer world, which meant that this Void Crystal could only open up a single path. If Zhao Fu wanted to go to other places, he would need more Void Crystals. The more paths he wanted to open up, the more Void Crystals he needed.

However, given how rare Void Beasts were, it would be incredibly difficult to obtain a large number of Void Crystals. However, if Zhao Fu was able to spawn Void Beasts using a Den, the benefits Zhao Fu would gain would be massive.

Zhao Fu put the Void Beast back into the cage and took out a piece of paper. This was similar to the Life-or-Death Contract that Liu Mei had used. Back when Liu Mei had used the Life-or-Death Contract, Zhao Fu had been quite interested in it, and since then, he had bought a few. Now, it was time to use one.

Zhao Fu pricked his finger, allowing a drop of his blood to fall onto the Contract. After absorbing his blood, the Contract gave off a faint blood-red light before turning into countless blood-red motes of light that went into Zhao Fu's body and into the Void Beast's body. Seeing the motes of light come close, the Void Beast did not resist and closed its eyes.

Contract complete!

Zhao Fu opened the cage, but the Void Beast still had fear in its pure-white eyes and looked at Zhao Fu pitifully. However, it did not try to run because it knew that it would not be able to escape with the Contract complete.

Zhao Fu smiled and picked it up. This time, Zhao Fu was much friendlier towards it, and he cuddled it in his arms. He gently stroked its head, trying to calm it down as much as possible.

"Let's go!" Their goal was to catch a Void Beast, and now that they had caught one, there was no need for them to continue staying here.

Three days later, Zhao Fu's party returned to the Great Qin Village. Over the past 10 or so days, the Great Qin Village had been through some great changes. The first was that a lot of work had been done on the wall. Now, the east-facing and west-facing sides of the wall were almost complete. The wall was 10 meters high and a pure white color, giving it a feeling of purity and majesty.

These walls were already on the level of City Walls, and because there were no restrictions, Zhao Fu could build his walls however he liked. Of course, these walls were not the final form of the Great Qin Village's City Walls - as the Great Qin Village developed, these walls would also be upgraded.

As the Great Qin Village's 10 Departments started working, the Great Qin Village became much more ordered than before, and it was easier to manage. Everything, including everything from streets to houses, was cleaner and more orderly than before.

The Great Qin Village was now only 2,000 or so EXP away from leveling up to a Town, which was not much. Perhaps it would even happen today.

Apart from the development of the village, Zhang Dahu had also risen to a Stage 1 General, and he had started to train his Unique Military Profession. Zhang Dahu did not choose the Great Qin Village's Iron Eagle Elite Soldiers, and he instead trained his own Unique Military Profession called the Tiger Saber Corps.

The Tiger Saber Corps used sabers and were adept in both infantry and cavalry battles. The development of the Tiger Sabre Corps would be left completely to Zhang Dahu.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that Li Si had already broken through to Stage 1. Zhao Fu had always treated Li Si as an Internal Affairs Minister, and aside from talking with him about governmental matters, Zhao Fu had never asked him about his cultivation. Now that he had heard that Li Si had broken through to Stage 1, he was stunned.

In actuality, Li Si's grade was quite high, SS grade, and he had been by Zhao Fu's side since the creation of the Great Qin Village.

Li Si was not a General, so he did not unlock a Unique Military Profession. However, he unlocked an ability that allowed him to foster and train people in managing internal affairs. Generals could conquer lands and maintain order. Even though they had exceptional fighting abilities and were quite powerful, they could not be used for governance.

As for Ministers, they did not have any fighting abilities, but their ability to govern couldn't be matched by Generals.

One was tough, and the other was soft. They balanced each other out like Yin and Yang, so Zhao Fu decided to develop both Ministers and Generals.

There was also one other matter, which was that the academy had been completed. The academy covered about one hectare, and there were 12 teaching rooms. It could accommodate 800 or so students, and after being completed, it was waiting to be given a name by Zhao Fu.