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 "Can all of these devil beasts turn into human form?" Zhao Fu enjoyed the service of the three Devils as he asked Momijigari curiously.

After all, it was quite difficult for devil beasts to take human form; it required extremely high cultivation and great power, or else they would need other methods such as medicinal pills.

Momijigari replied, "Not all of them; this requires great strength as well as a high-grade bloodline. Moreover, once they become human form, their strength will be many times greater."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu sensed the strength of the three Devils currently servicing him; they all had Stage 9 strength, which made him feel quite shocked. After all, this could rival the power of a City Lord with an old City Lord Seal.

If 500,000 devil beasts had this kind of strength, they would be equivalent to 500,000 City Lords with the old City Lord Seals. If Zhao Fu had this kind of power, he would be able to sweep through the surrounding ten or so worlds and Great Qin would become a Royal Kingdom and take revenge on the three factions.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu felt quite excited, but he soon heard that only 5,000 to 6,000 of them had become humanoid Devils, causing him to feel disappointed.

However, now that they had obtained 5,000 to 6,000 Devils that rivalled Stage 9 experts, Great Qin was not in such a dire need of experts anymore, making up for one of its shortcomings.

What a pity that the Devil Horn Empire had not thrown more devil beasts at them! If Great Qin could find out how the Devil Horn Empire nurtured devil beasts, they could develop their own, allowing them to have a sufficient foundation.

A moan cut off Zhao Fu's thoughts; one of the enchanting women was now riding on him.

After all of this was over, Zhao Fu went to take a look at the Devils that had not turned into human form. These Devils were all stronger and bigger than they were before and looked more ferocious and savage. There were 500,000 of them and they could rival Great Qin's 100,000 beasts.

The Devil Horn Empire's devil beast army could allow Great Qin to become much stronger, so he started to somewhat look forward to the battle with the Devil Horn Empire.

A few days later, Great Qin started to be covered with lanterns as they started to celebrate New Years. The streets were filled with people, and there were all sorts of stands on the streets, creating a lively scene.

Just like last year, Zhao Fu stood on a tall building and looked at the splendor and liveliness of Great Qin. Little Nine ran up holding Little Rose's hand, asking Zhao Fu to play with them. Zhao Fu smiled as he picked them up and went down.

The short period of happiness allowed Zhao Fu to temporarily forget about his troubles. However, a few days later, Zhao Fu would have to deal with a big matter, which was the next ruler of Great Qin.

Zhao Fu looked at Li Si and said, "Have you collected information on all of the bloodlines of the Ying family? Are there any particularly exceptional people?"

Because Zhao Fu did not have any descendants, he could only pick from the Ying family. The Ying family was the imperial family of Great Qin; thus, they had the qualifications to be the next ruler of Great Qin.

Li Si heavily sighed. Even though the Ying family had a few outstanding people, how could they compare to Zhao Fu? It was like comparing the sun to a speck of sand; no one in Great Qin had the qualifications to replace Zhao Fu.

"Your Majesty, if it was possible, this Minister would be willing to die for you. You're currently in your prime and should not die so early like this. You must bring Great Qin to glory."

Zhao Fu smiled in gratitude and said, "This is how things are; there's nothing we can do."

Bai Qi looked quite pained and uncomfortable as he stood there, unable to say anything.

Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at these two subordinates next to him. Li Si and Bai Qi had been with him since the very beginning, and Zhao Fu had complete faith in them, so he said, "We will be leaving Great Qin to you two. We hope that you won't let Us down."

Li Si and Bai Qi immediately knelt and said in grief, "We are willing to defend Great Qin to the death!"

Zhao Fu lightly nodded as he replied, "Bring the suitable to Us! And remember to keep this matter a secret, or it will cause much panic."

Zhao Fu was not only the ruler of Great Qin but also the core of Great Qin and its spiritual leader. News of Zhao Fu's impending death would have massive effects on the people.

Li Si nodded and went out.

Following this, a few members of the Ying family received summons to go to the Great Qin Palace, and they excitedly came over. They had heard that Great Qin's Emperor would be dying soon and that the new Emperor would be picked among them.

Thinking about how they would stand at the peak of Great Qin and receive gazes of worship from billions of subjects, as well as have those grand Ministers and Generals prostrate themselves at their feet, they could not help but feel incredibly excited.

Even though this matter was simply too exciting for them, they quelled their emotions because Great Qin's Emperor had not yet died and he would be picking his successor. If they acted too shallowly, they would not be picked.

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Six white-clothed young men with extraordinary bearings respectfully knelt on the ground, lowering their heads as they greeted Zhao Fu on his throne.

Zhao Fu sighed. Was he really going to pick the next ruler of Great Qin from these six people kneeling in front of him?

Zhao Fu was not very satisfied with these six people; perhaps it was because they were so willing to kneel. Moreover, even though their aptitude was quite good, they could not compare to the geniuses outside; they were simply too ordinary.

However, Zhao Fu had no other choice; he did not have any descendants, so he could only choose from among the Ying family. These six young men were the most outstanding people form the Ying family, so they were Zhao Fu's only options. One of them would become the next ruler of Great Qin.

"I'll test them first, maybe they'll surprise me," Zhao Fu thought to himself.

Li Si also looked quite worried; he was not satisfied with these six people either, so Zhao Fu definitely would not be happy with them. However, they were already the most outstanding people, and Great Qin had no other options.

Bai Qi was silent but he looked slightly worried; if one of these people became the next ruler of Great Qin, Great Qin's strength would definitely decline, and it would be difficult for Great Qin to grow.

Zhao Fu did not have any confidence in any of these six people to expand Great Qin and guard Great Qin's foundation.

"You may leave!" Zhao Fu said, feeling a headache coming on.

Hearing this, the six of them looked somewhat disappointed because they could tell that Zhao Fu was not very pleased with them. However, they were not too downcast because Great Qin could only pick from among them, so they still had a chance of becoming the next Emperor.

"Your Majesty, Concubine Wu is trying to force her way in to see you," a soldier quickly reported.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and allowed Wu Qingniang in. Wu Qingniang's eyes were red and tears could be seen within them. Seeing this, Zhao Fu had everyone else leave.