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 Now, the identity of the number one Kingdom in this region was up for contention. Some said it was Great Qin, as it had defended against four worlds, while others said it was the Devil Horn Empire, as it had not gone all-out this time.

It was rumored that the Devil Horn Empire was going to officially attack the Great Qin Empire, and thinking about the battle between these two worlds, it was quite shocking. When the time came, everyone would know who the number one Kingdom was.

After the battle concluded, Zhao Fu ordered his people to clear up the battlefield. They had obtained 1.5 billion captives; the Illusion Flower Devils had been the greatest contributors to this victory.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

A single Illusion Flower Devil's pollen could cover ten or so kilometers, and 50,000 Illusion Flower Devils could cover 70,000 to 80,000 kilometers. They had been especially effective because of how closely the allied soldiers had been grouped.

Moreover, the pollen did not have to be breathed in to take effect; just landing on one's skin could result in it permeating through, so it was very difficult to defend against.

Zhao Fu did not plan on retaking the three Continents in the three worlds for now. If they attacked now, Great Qin would be able to reclaim them quite easily.

However, because Great Qin's foundation was not sufficient, even if they took back those three Continents, it was likely that the three worlds would be able to re-conquer them at some point. In order to reduce unnecessary injuries and casualties, Zhao Fu planned to raise Great Qin's strength before invading again.

With the threat of Great Qin present, the three worlds could only send soldiers to defend the three Continents at most and did not dare to move any Cities over. After all, Great Qin had the strength to take back the Continents whenever it wanted to.

Great Qin had suffered massive losses from this battle; 700 million or so soldiers had died, and 30,000 of the beasts had perished.

The deaths of Great Qin's beasts was mostly due to the Devil Horn Empire's devil beast army. The three worlds had not been able to deal much damage to the beasts.

However, Great Qin had also performed quite well, killing 1.7 billion enemies and taking 1.5 billion captive, reducing the other side's strength by 3.2 billion. This once again weakened the three worlds' foundations, and they could no longer increase their armies by a large number.

If they suffered another blow like this, they would have almost no soldiers left and would eventually perish.

Great Qin had also killed 300,000 or so devil beasts and had sent 500,000 into the Four Soul Devil World, which was a big blow to the Devil Horn Empire.

After clearing out the battlefield, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin to hold a celebratory banquet. However, Zhao Fu did not participate; after giving out some rewards, he left the Palace.

It would be New Years again soon, and when that time came, Great Qin would welcome its seventh year in the Heaven Awaken World. Time was running out, and Zhao Fu started to feel better about death. In his remaining time, he wanted to do more things.

After leaving the Palace, the first thing he needed to do was create new City Lord Seals. After losing 30,000 beasts, they had lost 30,000 City Lord Seals.

However, because Cities could create new City Lord Seals, he could make up for the 30,000 City Lord Seals that had been lost. However, this came at a price, which was an ocean of EXP. Fortunately, Great Qin did not lack EXP at all now.

After creating 30,000 new City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu fused them into the new beasts' bodies, increasing their total to 170,000. This was Great Qin's strongest force, and if he had enough of them, Great Qin would not have to fear even a Royal Kingdom.

Following this, Zhao Fu headed to the Four Soul Devil World to take a look at the devil beasts. He felt quite interested in this.

After all, the devil beasts had already been quite powerful and would become even more powerful after becoming Devils. If they could be used by Great Qin, their effects would be incredibly shocking. After all, if he could obtain 50,000 of them, perhaps they would be incredibly effective against the Devil Horn Empire.

As such, Zhao Fu immediately wanted to come and check on the Four Soul Devil World.

"Your Majesty, you've come!" Tamamo-no-Mae said flirtatiously as she paid her respects before going over to Zhao Fu and pressing her breasts against him.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and asked, "Where are the devil beasts that became Devils? We want to take a look."

Momijigari gave a confident smile as she replied, "Your Majesty, we've gathered them together for you to look over; their strength definitely won't disappoint Your Majesty."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's smile brightened and he nodded. Just as he was about to have Momijigari lead the way, gray dragons suddenly appeared on the surface of his body. A look of pain appeared on Zhao Fu's face as Emperor Killer once again flared up. Zhao Fu could only endure the pain and say, "We will be returning to the Palace for now; We will take a look some other day."

Tamamo-no-Mae knew what was happening, so she said happily yet worriedly, "There's no need for Your Majesty to return to the Palace, that's so troublesome; just stay here."

Before Zhao Fu could reply, Tamamo-no-Mae pressed her lips against Zhao Fu's.

Momijigari squatted down and disregarded whether Zhao Fu approved or not, and she started to serve him. Following this, the sound of bodies ramming together could be heard.

Following this, more Devils heard about this and excitedly joined in, causing the room to be filled with moans.

The room was filled with Devils breathing raggedly, and Zhao Fu lay on the green carpet as he bitterly laughed. Tamamo-no-Mae had a look of satisfaction as she lay on Zhao Fu's left shoulder.

Momijigari lay on Zhao Fu's right shoulder as she smiled and said, "Your Majesty, now that things have come to this, there's no need to think too much. Those women have been serving Your Majesty every day but still haven't carried your imperial seed; they're evidently not good enough. Your Majesty, I would like to bear your imperial seed."

Most of the higher-ups in Great Qin knew that Zhao Fu only had about a year to live, but he still did not have any heirs. This meant that the line of succession for Great Qin could be broken, so they would have to find the next ruler from the Ying family.

If they wanted to avoid this, they had to have Zhao Fu have heirs within that time in order to continue his line.

Zhao Fu was the core of the Great Qin Empire, so once he died, Great Qin would go through massive changes. No one knew what would happen.

Momijigari could not afford to miss this opportunity, so she wanted to do it with Zhao Fu. Only then would her future be secure; if she could bear Zhao Fu's imperial seed, she would become one of the most prestigious people in Great Qin.

Hearing her words, Zhao Fu sighed as he said, "If it was before We awakened Our King bloodline, perhaps it would be possible; but now We have a Sovereign bloodline, which makes conception incredibly difficult. Alright, take Us to see those devil beasts!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Momijigari felt slightly disappointed. However, she then lightly laughed as she said, "Your Majesty, didn't you just see them? You were doing it with them just then! These three also used to be devil beasts."

This gave Zhao Fu a big fright; he had never thought that he would end up doing it with devil beasts. He looked at the three Devils currently serving him: one of them was incredibly enchanting and had a soft body, and it seemed to be a Snake Devil; one had black cat ears and was most likely a Cat Devil; and one had a pair of green wings and was most likely a Bird Devil. The three of them were all incredibly beautiful.

Now that things had come to this, Zhao Fu could not say much. Now that he was someone who was going to die soon, he did not mind it much.