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 The armies of both sides started to fight. The countless allied soldiers gave off terrifying auras as they swept like a tsunami towards the defensive walls.

Swish, swish, swish...

Great Qin shot out arrows that drew arcs in the air, containing power might as they shot into the enemies' bodies.

The allied soldiers fell, but even more rushed up. Great Qin once again let out a wave of arrows.

These arrows were like rays of light that flashed past in an instant, tearing the allied soldiers' bodies apart. Blood splattered everywhere, creating a gory scene, and a nauseating smell spread out.

The Talisman Arrows stopped the momentum of the attack for a while, but Great Qin did not have many Talisman Arrows stocked up. After the Talisman Arrows were used up, the allied army continued to charge up while roaring, giving off ferocious auras.

Swish, swish, swish...

After charging up, the allied army started to shoot arrows towards the defensive walls. The arrows gave off sharp auras as they descended like rain, killing Great Qin's soldiers and causing them to howl in pain.

By now, some people from the allied army had already charged to the bottom of the defensive walls and propped up ladders or used grappling hooks to scale the walls. Great Qin's side used heavy objects to attack them, smashing those people down.

The allied army used magical techniques to heap boulders together, wanting to use them to create stairs to scale the walls. In response, the Great Qin side poured fiery oil that erupted into searing flames, but they were quickly put out by the allied army, who continued attacking.


A massive and sharp saber light appeared in the sky as Zhao Fu was hacked to the ground, smashing out a large crater and coughing up a big mouthful of blood.

Yao Ming chuckled as he said, "Trash! I thought you were strong, but you've really let me down."

Zhao Fu looked at Yao Ming furiously; if it wasn't for the fact that his wounds from earlier had not healed and that he was afflicted by Emperor Killer, he definitely would not be at a disadvantage like this.

Facing Zhao Fu's furious gaze, Yao Ming coldly harrumphed and raised his saber. A massive wave of devil qi flowed out, forming a devil beast's head that looked like a bat. Yao Ming then slashed out, causing the devil beast head to shoot towards Zhao Fu terrifying power.


A massive wave of power spread out as a black sword arc flashed out, slicing through the devil beast head and causing it to explode. Zhao Fu stood up, a black aura flame burning around his body as large winds blew around him.

Zhao Fu had unleashed his Nation Armament's power, and the massive power flowed into his body. The feeling of weakness within his body instantly disappeared.

Yao Ming's gaze became serious because he could sense how terrifying that power coming from Zhao Fu was.


Zhao Fu also used his Nation Armament's power. A purple flame erupted around him, and strong gales blew out from him.

A black aura and a purple aura collided, and the terrifying auras caused people to feel suffocated; no one else dared to get close at all.


Zhao Fu tapped off the ground, causing the ground to crack. His body shot into the air, and his sword gave off a ferocious aura as it slashed towards Yao Ming. Yao Ming's saber gave off a large amount of violet light as he chopped with his saber, and as the two collided, a massive shockwave emanated out. Following this, the two continued to battle.

On the battle between beasts, the ground was stained red by a large amount of blood. Countless massive corpses lay on the ground; most of them were those of devil beasts, but there were also many corpses of Great Qin's beasts. They had all died in horrible ways, with most having been torn to shreds by a large number of devil beasts.

The two sides were still fighting intensely. A Wyvern roared as it bit down onto a parrot-like devil beast. As its sharp dragon fangs pierced into it, the Wyvern's massive grip crushed the devil beast's body, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Countless devil beast rushed up, using their mouths, claws, and beaks to leave behind injuries on the Wyvern's body.

A row of 100 meter tall Corpse Soul Soldiers were covered with blood, but they continued to vigorously hack with their massive swords, giving off terrifying power as they killed the devil beasts springing towards them.

The devil beasts continued ferociously leaping at the Corpse Soul Soldiers, using their sharp teeth to bite the Corpse Soul Soldiers to death; the scene was incredibly savage.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings exploded out with terrifying auras as they charged towards the Kings. The Kings were already forced to use their Nation Armaments' power, leaving terrifying injuries on the eight Aquatic Beast Kings' bodies. However, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings were still able to kill some Kings.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The battle between experts in the sky was also incredibly intense. Waves of mighty power exploded out and collided together, resulting in a bitter battle.

The number of casualties continuously increased as experts' corpses continuously fell to the ground; it was as if there was a rain of corpses.

The greatest scale of fighting was between the two main armies. By now, the allied army had scaled the defensive walls and were directly fighting with Great Qin's soldiers.

A Great Qin soldier roared as he stabbed through the body of an allied army soldier. However, another allied army soldier savagely chopped into that Great Qin soldier's body with his saber. Another Great Qin soldier shot down an enemy climbing up the defensive wall with his bow, the arrow piercing through his throat.

A Great Qin soldier savagely swung his saber, chopping the head off an enemy soldier, causing blood to spurt out. An allied soldier roared as he stabbed his sword through a Great Qin soldier's chest, while that Great Qin soldier attacked with the remainder of his strength and took down that allied soldier with him.

Corpses were heaped up on the ground, and blood covered the ground as far as the eye could see. The sounds of killing continuously could be heard and the aura of death reached the sky, causing the heavens and earth to be filled with an eeriness.


An explosion sounded out as a ten meter tall humanoid monster with long fur and a purple horn appeared behind Yao Ming. This monster was the Devil Horn Empire's Nation Armament, the Devil Horn King. With the power of the Nation Armament materializing, Yao Ming blasted Zhao Fu flying back with his saber.

Zhao Fu flew back dozens of meters and coughed up a mouthful of blood. Nine golden dragons appeared around his body; Zhao Fu had manifested the power of the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

Zhao Fu had used the Twelve Metal Colossi at the Ancient Stem Banquet, so to avoid exposing his identity, Zhao Fu could only use other Armaments.


A shocking battle exploded out between the two people, and Zhao Fu was once again blasted back, crashing against the defensive wall. Countless cracks appeared on the defensive wall, and Zhao Fu's chest was bloodied as he seemed to be socketed into the wall.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Dragon's roars sounded out as golden light erupted around Zhao Fu's body, and the nine golden dragons gave off massive power as they charged towards Yao Ming. The immense dragon's might they gave off caused space itself to tremble.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Yao Ming's pupils constricted, and he stretched out a hand, causing the Devil Horn King behind him to also stretch out a hand. A massive and firm purple energy barrier covered with devil inscriptions expanded out.