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 After receiving the report, Zhao Fu hurried to the frontlines while asking the reporting soldiers, "With the forces we have at the Half-Beast world, we should have been able to hold out against the Half-Beast world; how did they suddenly break through?"

The soldier replied, "Today, the three worlds simultaneously attacked Great Qin; we had the ability to defend, but the Half-Beast people released an army of devil beasts that broke through our defenses. According to the information we've obtained, it seems that the Devil Horn Empire is working with the three worlds, wanting to destroy Great Qin."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's expression became quite serious; the Devil Horn Empire had also gotten involved. It was the most powerful Kingdom in Great Qin's surroundings, and it was simply too strong.

Its involvement gave Great Qin massive pressure; that devil army was one of the Devil Horn Empire's strongest methods.

As for why the Devil Horn Empire would ally with the three worlds, that was quite evident - Great Qin had already threatened the Devil Horn Empire. If there was no Great Qin, this place would be where the Devil Horn Empire could rise up.

"What's the condition of the battle? Have the residents been evacuated?" Zhao Fu asked the soldier.

The soldier replied, "Great Qin has already retreated to the human world and is defending with its previous defenses. Because there weren't many residents at the Half-Beast Continent, all of them returned safely. Please rest assured, Your Majesty.

"However, the situation in the Grassi world is also quite dire; the devil beast army have started to help the Grassi people attack Great Qin, and Commander Bai Qi has led soldiers to defend."

Zhao Fu nodded and sped up.

Soon, Zhao Fu reached the battlefield. Currently, both sides were facing off against each other. The defending Great Qin side stood on defensive walls, and the countless soldiers gave off austere auras. The Wyverns spiraled in the sky, and the powerful Corpse Soul Commanders and Soldiers, Giant Wolves, and Spiders prepared for battle.

The other side was like a massive ocean with innumerable people. They were made up of Grassi people, Half-Beast people, and the devil beast army.

This devil beast army was made up of all kinds of devil beasts: There were eagles that were dozens of meters long, tusked elephants that were as big as mountains, enormous pythons with two heads, and lions that seemed to be made out of gold. They gave off auras that shook their surroundings.

Of course, their beasts were not as big as Great Qin's beasts, but there were ten or so times more of them.

Great Qin only had 150,000 or so beasts, but because they had many fronts to deal with, they only had 90,000 here, while the other side had millions of devil beasts.

Also, the other side had many more experts than Great Qin. However, luckily they had killed a large number of them when they had invaded the three worlds, or else Great Qin would have been under even greater pressure.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This battle was incredibly disadvantageous to Great Qin, and Zhao Fu did not feel much confidence as to whether or not they could hold on.


A massive aura spread out as countless traces of devil qi caused wild gales to spread out. A purple-haired, devilish-looking young man appeared in the sky.

His appearance caused the Half-Beast people and Grassi people to warily step aside, and the countless devil beasts excitedly roared. They were excitedly paying respects to their King; this purple-haired young man was the ruler of the Devil Horn Empire, Yao Ming.

Zhao Fu flew into the air. Because his appearance had been exposed at the Ancient Stem Banquet, he could not afford to reveal his appearance here. However, Zhao Fu did not wear a cloak, and he instead had a mask on; it was a fox mask that Zhao Fu had found, and it could even change his aura.

Yao Ming looked at Zhao Fu in the air and felt that his aura was quite weak. He condescendingly laughed, saying, "You're Great Qin's Legatee? I heard that you're quite strong, but it seems you're only so-so. It seems that others have really puffed you up."

Zhao Fu frowned, feeling quite displeased at Yao Ming's tone. However, Zhao Fu took consideration of the grand scheme of things and did not get too angry as he said, "This is a matter between Great Qin and the three worlds; there's no need for your Devil Horn Empire to get involved!

"After all, even if you defeat Great Qin, the Devil Horn Empire will not receive any benefits. This battle is unnecessary, and Great Qin does not wish to have a powerful enemy like you."

The Devil Horn Empire gave Great Qin too much pressure; if it wasn't for the Devil Horn Empire, Great Qin would have been able to hold off the three worlds. As such, Zhao Fu wanted the Devil Horn Empire to leave this battle.

Yao Ming loudly laughed as he replied, "Attacking Great Qin indeed has no benefits for my Devil Horn Empire, but who told Great Qin to draw so much attention to yourself? If you're willing to submit, I'll treat Great Qin well. I heard that you've collected many beauties; how about gifting me some."

Zhao Fu did not say anything else and coldly looked at Yao Ming, a wave of fury in his heart. He raised his hand and a massive sword light slashed towards Yao Ming.

Yao Ming laughed, drew his saber, and swung it, causing a saber light to fly out. The two attacks collided with a bang, resulting in a massive explosion, and Yao Ming shot towards Zhao Fu.

As the battle between the two began, this also signaled the beginning of the battle between the two armies.

The Grassi and Half-Beast Kings grinned; now that the Devil Horn Empire's King was tying down Zhao Fu, they did not have to fear him, and they could go and kill others.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The battle in the air started first. The experts of both sides turned into rays of light that smashed into each other, resulting in massive winds blowing out. Because the other side had too many Kings, Great Qin was unable to tie them all down.

The Kings wanted to use this opportunity to use their Nation Armaments to blast at the defensive walls and heavily suppress Great Qin, so Great Qin could only send out the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to deal with them.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive sounds rang out as Great Qin's beasts and the devil beast army collided. Massive shockwaves rippled out, causing people to feel fear.

The Wyverns in the air spat out flames and icy blasts, burning or freezing the devil beasts to death. However, the countless flying devil beasts attacked the Wyverns, using their sharp beaks to pierce take bites out of the Wyverns' bodies.

The Giant Wolves savagely charged and sent the devil beasts flying, and some ferociously bit onto them. In response, the devil beasts also leapt onto the Giant Wolves and tore at their flesh.

The countless Spiders used their blade-like feet to tear apart devil beasts, but they were also sent flying by some larger devil beasts as they charged.

The Corpse Soul Commanders and Soldiers were dressed in heavy armor and held massive swords, standing in orderly ranks. Their massive swords swung about chaotically, chopping the devil beasts charging up to death. Blood descended like rain; the Corpse Soul Commanders and Soldiers gave off very powerful auras.

However, because there were simply too many devil beasts, they were soon pounced on and pressed to the ground, their bodies being continuously bitten and torn apart.