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 Hearing Zhao Fu's cries from within his chambers, many of his subordinates hurried over. Seeing Zhao Fu struggling in pain, everyone started to panic. Xianru and the imperial physicians quickly came to check on Zhao Fu's body.

On the surface of Zhao Fu's body, there were gray dragons swimming about, continuously devouring Zhao Fu's lifeforce.

Xianru had people hold down, took out high-grade Water of Life, and fed it to Zhao Fu. However, it was completely ineffective against the gray dragons, and Zhao Fu's pain was not lessened.

The imperial physicians took out medicinal pills containing a large amount of lifeforce and fed them to Zhao Fu, but they too were ineffective.

"What should we do? Those gray dragons are continuously devouring His Majesty's lifeforce; if this goes on, His Majesty will die," Wang Ergou shouted worriedly.

Hearing Wang Ergou's words, everyone felt quite panicked, but they did not know what to do.

Suddenly, a genderless voice said with a sigh, "Place Zhao Fu's body in the Fountain of Life and call over the Black and White Impermanences."

This caused everyone to feel quite startled because this voice came from within Zhao Fu's body. It was the golden dragon who had spoken, and it seemed quite desolate and melancholic.

Zhao Fu had mentioned the golden dragon before, so most of his subordinates knew about it. As such, everyone quickly complied with its orders and placed Zhao Fu in the Fountain of Life, and they called over the Black and White Impermanences.

Within the Fountain of Life, the massive life energy continuously flowed into Zhao Fu's body, lessening his pain.

Under the golden dragon's instructions, the Black and White Impermanences set up a Yin Qi magic formation that set countless traces of Yin Qi into Zhao Fu's body, and they also sent their own Yin Qi into Zhao Fu's body, which also helped relieve some of Zhao Fu's pain.

Right now, the only things that were effective were the Nether Emperor Star and Zhao Fu's Six Paths of Reincarnation bloodline; they greatly reduced the Emperor Killer's effects.

Time gradually passed and everyone waited worriedly. On the third day, Zhao Fu woke up, but his aura was incredibly weak. His hair had become gray-white colored and his body gave off a deathly aura.

"What's going on?" Zhao Fu opened his eyes within the Fountain of Life and asked the golden dragon.

The golden dragon sighed as it said, "It's Emperor Killer; someone wanted to use Emperor Killer to kill you. It was most likely that higher-being who wanted to steal your Origin Mark, as it's not something just anyone can use."

"Emperor Killer?" Zhao Fu did not understand, so the golden dragon briefly explained.

After hearing this explanation, Zhao Fu felt furious and almost coughed up a mouthful of blood; this higher-being was simply going too far. Not only did he want to steal his Origin Mark, but he had tried to kill him with a curse. He had not even taken revenge against the three factions, and now there was another thing to take revenge for.

"Is there any way to deal with it?" Zhao Fu calmed himself down as he asked the golden dragon.

The golden dragon replied seriously, "No, there isn't. the Fountain of Life and Yin Qi are already ineffective, and if this goes on, you'll only have a bit more than one year left to live. You need to find a method to deal with Emperor Killer within that time, or you will die."

Zhao Fu's expression was quite unsightly; this news was like thunder from a clear sky; before he had accomplished his grand aspirations and taken revenge against those three factions, he was going to die.

"Is there really no way to deal with it?" Zhao Fu asked.

The golden dragon replied, "Indeed, I don't know of any method. The Emperor Killer is a Fate curse, and it is also a Fate Star curse. There's practically no way to stop it."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite helpless, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

The golden dragon comforted him, saying, "There's still a bit more than a year; perhaps you'll be able to find a method. There's no need to give up as there's still a trace of hope.

"However, I need to remind you that this is just an estimation; if the curse within you explodes out, you could die right now. You need to start making preparations, as if you suddenly die, all of Great Qin will collapse.

"Moreover, you don't have any heirs; the next ruler of Great Qin is an important matter, so you need to think about this."

Zhao Fu's heart sank and he heavily replied, "I understand."

Suddenly, Zhao Fu felt a massive wave of pain as gray dragons appeared on the surface of his body, and the feeling of being bitten by countless sharp mouths once again assaulted Zhao Fu.

"Is there any way to lessen the pain?" Zhao Fu endured the pain as he asked.

The golden dragon replied, "Right now, Phoenix Qi is of great help to you. If your Emperor Phoenix Statue had enough Phoenix Qi, it would have been able to stop the Emperor Killer for you. If you consummate with women with Phoenix Qi, causing your Dragon Qi and their Phoenix Qi to fuse, your pain will lessen, but this cannot get rid of Emperor Killer."

Zhao Fu nodded and looked at the Black and White Impermanences by the side; they had also heard the golden dragon's words.

The Black Impermanence flirtatiously smiled and took off her black clothes, revealing her proud figure. She walked into the fountain, and the White Impermanence shyly took off her white clothes and followed her in.

A while later, the two women lay by the side of the fountain as they raggedly breathed. Zhao Fu had somewhat recovered, and he called people over to look after the two women.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite dark as he went to the Heaven Spirit Stele. There was still a trace of hope, and that was the higher-being he knew. Perhaps he would have some kind of method, so Zhao Fu felt much hope towards him.

"I don't know! It's almost impossible to survive Emperor Killer, and This Sovereign does not have any methods."

After seeing this response, Zhao Fu's body trembled and his legs weakened; his final hope was gone as well if even a higher-being said such a thing, he was doomed.

"Ai! If I had known this was going to happen, This Sovereign should have given you a recommendation so you could enter the Emperor Path College ahead of time. With the Emperor Path College's protection, you wouldn't have been affected by Emperor Killer. What a pity."

After seeing this, Zhao Fu did not blame the higher-being. Even though if the higher-being had done this he would not have been afflicted by Emperor Killer, he was not that close with the higher-being, and he had no duty to help him.

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Zhao Fu thanked the higher-being before leaving the Heaven Spirit Stele. He felt incredibly melancholic, and, with great difficulty, he went to the creek where he used to fish. He sat on the grass and stared in front of him, his mind completely blank.

Death weighed heavily on Zhao Fu, and everything seemed to have lost meaning. Zhao Fu gripped his fists and his eyes became wet; he did not want to just die like this.

However, the heavens did not give Zhao Fu much time to wallow in grief; a report was quickly delivered to him: The Continent that Great Qin occupied in the Half-Beast world had been breached.