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 Stars filled with a deathly aura, bringing with them massive deathly intent, formed a massive formation that surrounded the three Emperor Stars. The terrifying coldness was from those death stars.

After seeing this scene, that person felt incredibly startled; the power of each of those death stars was something that surpassed the power of a world; this sort of power was something that only a higher-being could have. As such, that person immediately understood that there was a higher-being making a move against Zhao Fu.

After realizing this, that person immediately reported this to the higher-ups.

The young woman in white, the Fate Sovereign, quickly arrived, and seeing that scene, her expression became quite serious, "This is Emperor Killer, a curse especially for cursing Emperors to death. How did that person offend a higher-being so much for that higher-being to use such a risky curse to kill him?"

Hearing the Fate Sovereign's words, everyone else's faces fell; they had all heard of how terrifying Emperor Killer was.

Someone could not help but say, "Isn't that person doomed, then? Emperor Killer can curse even true Emperors to death, and that person is not even an Emperor; he merely only has Emperor Stars, and his own strength is not very great either."

The Fate Sovereign shook her head; she was not sure. If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely die, but this person had three Emperor Stars; he most likely would not die so easily.

It was a pity that that person was not from a large faction. If he was from a large faction, with the ocean-like amount of Fate that a large faction had, the higher-being would not dare to use Emperor Killer against him, or else he could die from the backlash.

The death stars formed a massive formation in the void and gave off an intense gray light. They gave off a heaven-toppling deathly intent as they surged towards the three Emperor Stars, which gave off powerful emperor lights to defend against the deathly intent.

Within the Great Qin Palace, the imperial physicians were quickly treating Zhao Fu's injuries. However, at that moment, traces of gray light started to fall from above the Great Qin Palace, and a deathly aura started to spread.

At that moment, countless people's expressions fell, and this included the various ability users and espers because they could sense a boundless deathly intent cover Great Qin.

"Raorrr!!" The Great Qin's Fate Dragon gave off a heaven-shaking roar, causing all of Great Qin's Fate to gather towards the Great Qin Palace. It formed an enormous and savage black dragon, but the gray light descending from the sky kept coming.

Under the effects of the gray light, the vigorous and domineering black dragon started to weaken, looking quite sickly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Skreeee!!" A phoenix cry sounded out as a golden pillar of light shot into the sky. A massive golden phoenix giving off countless traces of golden light appeared in the sky. At that moment, the Emperor Phoenix Statue had reacted as well.

The countless traces of golden light spread out and blocked the gray light and deathly aura. The golden light that the Emperor Phoenix gave off was not suppressed by the gray light, and it instead was the one suppressing the gray light.

However, more and more gray light descended, and soon, the deathly aura covered the sky. The chilling deathly aura could not be stopped as it spread out, causing everyone's hands and feet to feel cold, and it was as if they felt that death was about to descend.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Dragon's roars sounded out as deathly dragons started to fly about within the deathly aura in the sky, and they flew towards Zhao Fu.

"Skreeee!!" The Emperor Phoenix gave off a piercing cry, and a blinding golden light exploded out as the Emperor Phoenix started to resist with all its might. However, it did not have much of an effect because there were simply too many deathly dragons, 10,000 in total.

The Emperor Phoenix could only retreat to the chambers that Zhao Fu was in, flying around as it created a golden defensive barrier to stop the deathly dragons in the sky. The deathly dragons circled around the chambers, their deathly aura gradually corroding the Emperor Phoenix.

The situation was quite dire, and Xianru and the various Schools and Sects also acted. It was evident that these deathly dragons wanted to drag Zhao Fu into death.

Ordinary measures were ineffective, so the various Schools and Sects used their unique formations. Massive chains giving off powerful auras shot out, binding the deathly dragons, which vigorously struggled in response.

The Generals who had been fighting outside hurriedly returned. Bai Qi did not hesitate and drew the Seven Murders Sword at his waist and pointed it to the sky. The other Generals also drew their General Armaments and pointed them at the sky.

"Seven Murders Star!"

"Army Destroyer Star!"

"Voracious Wolf Star!"

Loud shouts sounded out as a massive pressure descended. General Stars giving off terrifying auras descended, and starlight filled the sky. The 20 General Stars gave off an immense power as they pressed towards the deathly dragons.

Under the cooperation of the various parties, the deathly dragons were temporarily suppressed, allowing everyone to let out a sigh of relief.

However, they did not know that this was only the beginning; the true battle was in the vast void.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the three Emperor Stars gave off brilliant starlight, looking like three suns in the vast void.

The death star formation around them seemed unhurried as waves of deathly aura continuously swept towards the three Emperor Stars, gradually corroding them.

The higher-being on the stage took out a corpse. It was a middle-aged man who wore a dragon robe, and he gave off an incredibly noble Emperor's aura. This corpse was the corpse of an Emperor, and the higher-being had paid a great price to obtain it.

A formless energy carried this corpse into the magic formation, where it turned into countless traces of bloody qi and fused into the formation. The formation in the sky immediately gave off a sovereign Emperor's aura.

Within the vast void, the death stars gave off a large amount of gray light and exploded out with an even stronger aura. The magic formation's power increased by many times, and it started to suppress the three Emperor Stars.

The three Emperor Stars continuously resisted, but the Celestial Emperor Star and the Chaos Imperial Star continuously grew dimmer; only the Nether Emperor Star could put up some resistance.

The situation of the three Emperor Stars directly affected the situation in Great Qin. The deathly dragons gave off roars and became much stronger, breaking free from their chains. They resisted the General Stars' pressure and slammed towards the barrier set down by the Emperor Phoenix.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive sounds rang out as the golden barrier continuously trembled and started to crack. In the end, the countless deathly dragons broke through the golden barrier and flooded into the unconscious Zhao Fu's body.

"Arghhh..." Zhao Fu was awakened by the immense pain and howled, continuously struggling on the bed. He felt as if there were countless ghost biting at his flesh and blood.

The higher-being on the stage laughed in satisfaction; Emperor Killer had succeeded, and that person was dead beyond a doubt.

Within the vast void, the three Emperor Stars were corroded by the massive amount of deathly qi. The Celestial Emperor Star and the Chaos Imperial Star had already gone dim, and only the Nether Emperor Star was still giving off a faint light. Perhaps it was because it was an Emperor Star of the Death Race, so it had some resistance to the deathly aura.