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 The good news was not that they had caught a Void Beast or obtained information about Void Beasts but that Bai Qi had found a type of spirit grass.

This spirit grass was somewhat blue, and it only had two leaves, which looked like willow leaves. The spirit grass was about 15 centimeters long, and it had many fur-like roots. This spirit grass was called Hundred Origin Grass.

Before, Zhao Fu had obtained a pill recipe for a medicinal pill called the Hundred Origin Pill, and it was a Stage 2 medicinal pill that could increase one's cultivation speed by four times. Its main ingredient was Hundred Origin Grass.

This time, Bai Qi brought back 1,000 or so Hundred Origin Grasses, and of course, Zhao Fu would not use them directly. Instead, he would take them back to the Great Qin Village to plant.

However, it would take some time for the Hundred Origin Grass's value to be displayed. After refining them into Hundred Origin Pills, Zhao Fu's A grade soldiers would be able to cultivate at four times their normal speed, and soon, he would have many Stage 1 soldiers. That way, he would be able to reduce the gap between his forces' strength and the system factions' forces' strength.

After all, the guards at the main cities started off at Stage 1, and they could cultivate too. Adding on the massive amount of resources that the system factions had, their guards' cultivation speed would not be slow. If they did not make up for this gap early on, the gap would only grow greater and greater as time went by.

It could be said that if players wanted to become the sovereigns of this world, the system factions were like an unscalable mountain. At most, players currently held an advantage in numbers, but they were weaker than the system factions in all other regards. At the same time, while the players developed, the system factions also developed. Perhaps some would even have the ambition to claim to be Kings and Emperors.

Of course, right now, the system factions had various restrictions, so players needed to grasp this opportunity to develop as much as possible. Once these restrictions were gone, who knew what a system faction would do. For example, if the ruler of a main city did not like players and feared that the players would grow too powerful, they could massacre an entire city of players.

However, from the look of things so far, it seemed that the relationship between system factions and players was quite good. However, conflict was bound to occur sooner or later, and Zhao Fu mentally prepared himself for this.

Obtaining 1,000 or so Hundred Origin Grasses made Zhao Fu feel happier, but they were still unable to find a single Void Beast. Bai Qi had also set up three traps, and they would check all of the traps tomorrow. If the outcome was still the same as before, they would have to go somewhere else to look for Void Beasts.

The weather was not very good that night, and dark clouds filled the sky. Bolts of lightning occasionally streaked down the night sky, and it rained continuously throughout the night. Luckily, Zhao Fu's party had prepared tents, which they used to escape the storm.

Early the next day, because of the rainy night, the air was extremely pure and clear, and the sky was a beautiful blue color. The surrounding grasses, flowers, and trees all seemed to glimmer and sparkle after being washed by the rain.

Zhao Fu got up bright and early, and he stood on a hill nearby to appreciate the scenery.

Just as he was about to leave and check on the five traps, he saw a person riding on a donkey appear before him.

This person was a man, and he looked 25 or 26 years old. He was quite handsome-looking, was wearing white clothes, had a sword by his side, and gave off an elegant feeling.

He lazily stretched and leaned against the donkey, which was walking quite shakily. The donkey he was riding on looked quite special. Even though it looked just like a normal donkey, Zhao Fu could tell from its eyes that it possessed great intelligence, and it was at least on the same level as Little Grey and Little Black.

This person gave off a mysterious feeling, and it seemed like he should not be underestimated. As soon as Zhao Fu looked over, his gaze was stuck to him.

"Hello!" At this moment, the man also discovered Zhao Fu standing on the hill, and he smiled as he waved at him.

From this, Zhao Fu realized that he was a player. For a player to enter this place and survive by himself, he was definitely quite powerful.

Since the other party had greeted him, Zhao Fu also smiled and greeted him back.

The man lightly patted his donkey before coming over to Zhao Fu's side and asking with a smile, "I never thought I'd meet someone here. What is your name, sir?"

Zhao Fu thought for a moment before replying, "I'm called Zhao Xin!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's name, the man nodded and introduced himself too, "I'm called Zhang Heng! That's right, do you know which way Little Valley is? I seem to be lost," Zhang Heng suddenly thought of something and asked.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu did not hide anything as he pointed out, "It's that way!"

Zhang Heng turned and looked before smiling and saying, "Many thanks!"

Zhao Fu shook his head, softly replying, "Not at all!"

Zhang Heng turned his donkey in the direction that Zhao Fu had pointed in and smiled before saying, "See you next time!"

After saying this, he rode his donkey in the direction that Zhao Fu had pointed in.

However, his words caused Zhao Fu to frown because he could tell the hidden intent in that man's words. He seemed very certain that they would meet again. Even though they had only exchanged a few sentences, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel wary of him. He had given Zhao Fu a very mysterious and dangerous feeling, and it was the first time Zhao Fu had felt this before.

Just as Zhan Heng left, a soldier came up and said, "Your Majesty, breakfast has been prepared!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu returned to the tent and talked to Bai Qi about this. Bai Qi's expression became serious as he said, "Someone was actually able to make Your Majesty feel that way? He must be an extraordinary person!"

Nearby, Zhang Heng was riding his donkey and slowly advancing when the donkey suddenly brayed a few times. Zhang Heng smiled and patted the donkey's head before saying, "I know he's not simple, and he even has something from the School of Yin Yang that can hide his Fate - those things are very rare! But don't worry, we'll definitely meet in the future."

Meeting Zhang Heng was like a brief interlude for Zhao Fu, and he told Bai Qi about the meeting; however, they couldn't do anything about him. They could only be wary of Zhang Heng if they met him again in the future.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his party went to look at the five traps. If they were unable to catch any Void Beasts, they would have to go to one of the three other places to try their luck.

As they walked towards the first trap, they could hear that something seemed to be banging against the cage. Zhao Fu and his party walked over and found that it was another Cave Rat, causing him to sigh.

Following this, they went to the second trap. There were also sounds coming from it, but it was a single-horned goat, which also wasn't a Void Beast.

Zhao Fu and his party then went to the third trap. They didn't hear any noises coming from it as they walked, and they saw that the trap had not been triggered. The Rainbow Demon Fruit was still there.

There were only two traps left. When they were walking towards the fourth trap, they did not hear anything, and they saw that it had not been triggered. When they were walking towards the fifth trap, they still didn't hear any noise from in front of them.