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 With a single Emperor Star, one would be incomparable even within the Heaven Domain. That person had three Emperor Stars, which made him unbelievably terrifying. No one had heard of such a thing, and that person was the Killing Sword Master as well. That person's future made all of them feel fear.

If anyone said he had the potential to become an Emperor Celestial, no one would disbelieve them; after all, he was already like a resplendent star that was simply untouchable to them.

Bai Haoran, Bing Qixue, Yin Ruoshi, and the other geniuses of the Ancient Stem Domain stared at the massive crater in shock. Only now did they understand what a true genius was. In front of Zhao Fu, they were nothing.

Despite having such shocking talent and abilities that others could only look up to, compared to Zhao Fu, they were incredibly ordinary.

The expressions of the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master, the Bear Mountain Kingdom's King, and the Nether Yin Kingdom's King became quite unsightly; they now realized that they had offended someone who they could not afford to offend. In the future, their three factions might have to face an incredibly terrifying person.

The Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master shook his head and sighed; this matter was simply too unbelievable. First, Zhao Fu's identity as the Killing Sword Master had been revealed, which was already incredibly shocking. No one had expected Zhao Fu to have three Emperor Stars, and thinking about what had just happened, it seemed that the Ancient Stem Domain would be going through some troubled times.

Following this, news of what had happened here spread through the entire Ancient Stem Domain like a cyclone, shocking the entirety of the Ancient Stem Domain; such a terrifying figure had appeared here.

The three factions had bullied someone much weaker than themselves, and at the Ancient Stem Banquet too. They dared to do such a thing so brazenly, causing people to feel ashamed and as the ones presiding over the Ancient Stem Banquet, the Dao Cultivation Sect's reputation greatly plummeted.

Who dared to harm those geniuses? With those big factions behind them, if they were injured, those who injured them would be killed without a doubt.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's President had been signaled by Zhao Fu to leave when Zhao Fu had released the three Emperor Stars.

However, the three factions did not back down at all, and the situation was unrecoverable. As such, afterwards, they started to attack the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, wanting to destroy all those connected to Zhao Fu. The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group would greatly support Zhao Fu, so the three factions had to destroy it.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group was a faction that had relocated to the Ancient Stem Domain, and because it was not originally part of it, it only controlled a bit more than a world.

Now that it was facing the three factions, it did not have any way to resist, and no one was willing to help it. In fact, there were others who were in support of suppressing the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After all, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group was closely related to Zhao Fu, who was a threat to the Ancient Stem Domain. As such, no one would give the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group an easy time.

Moreover, if the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group had not protected Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu would have long since been killed by the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master, and all those things would not have happened. In fact, they should not have even invited Zhao Fu to the Ancient Stem Banquet.

In the end, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group suffered heavy losses and many of their people died. The President ran with the remnants of the Financial Group and hid in another Domain.

Such a large Financial Group that controlled the power of a world had been destroyed so easily, making people feel great pity.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu had escaped back to Great Qin covered with blood. He had first hidden within the Emperor Killing Sword World and used another exit in the Emperor Killing Sword World to leave.

The power of the three Emperor Stars had not been enough to stand up to the three factions; Zhao Fu was clear about this. After all, each of those factions controlled the power of ten worlds, which was 30 worlds in total. Moreover, the other factions had not even acted.

If he stayed there, even if he exploded out with his Emperor Stars' power, he would still die in the end. As such, Zhao Fu could only sullenly run away.

Now that he had kept his life, in the future, Zhao Fu would definitely pay back the Ancient Sword Sect, Nether Yin Dynasty, and Bear Mountain Kingdom.

After escaping back to Great Qin, because of his severe injuries, Zhao Fu immediately fell into a coma, and Great Qin's imperial physicians hurriedly came to treat his wounds.

In a distant place, a black-clothed young man giving off a powerful aura stood on a 10,000 meter tall, ancient-looking stage that seemed to connect to the heavens. He coldly harrumphed, "We still can't find that person? If This Sovereign can't have something, This Sovereign will destroy it!"

He went to the center of the stage, on which were stone pillars. There were people bound on the stone pillars, both men and women, young and old, but there was one thing they all had in common.

This was that they all gave off powerful King's auras, as they were all people with King's bloodlines. In fact, some of them were actual Kings, and there were 10,000 of these people.

This higher-being was the one who had tried to steal Zhao Fu's Origin Mark before, and after so long and trying so many times, he still could not find Zhao Fu. In the end, he decided to destroy Zhao Fu; he could not allow anyone else to have the Origin Mark.

He knew that Zhao Fu had Emperor Stars, but he did not know the details. The method he was using now specifically countered Emperor Stars, and it was called Emperor Killer!

This was an incredibly powerful curse that cursed Emperors, and it was greatly feared by Emperors in the Heaven Awaken World. As such, the Emperor Killer curse was quite famous.

This type of curse required King Stars, and the 10,000 people here all had King Stars. It had taken this higher-being a lot of effort to capture them all.

The price of casting this curse was not small; it caused one's strength to decline, and the person casting it could receive a Fate backlash. However, this higher-being was not afraid; with his cultivation, he was immune to a backlash from such a low-Stage cultivator.


The higher-being activated the magic formation, and the people bound to the pillars howled. Their bodies quickly aged, and their hair became white as wrinkles appeared on their bodies and their lifeforce was drained.

In the end, they gave a few more pained cries before their heads sagged and they died.

The pillars on which they were bound gave off powerful auras before exploding out with a blood-red pillar of light that rushed into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

King Stars giving off terrifying might slowly descended from the sky as a massive aura swept out. The sight of 10,000 stars descending was incredibly grand and could shock anyone.

The higher-being standing at the center of the stage gave a trace of a smile as he spread out his hands towards the sky. Under his control, the King Stars continuously moved, forming a massive magic formation.

"Emperor Killer!" the higher-being roared and sent his massive power into the magic formation, causing it to activate. Heaven and earth source energy was instantly absorbed into it, and as the magic formation activated, heaven-shaking ripples spread out.

Within the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion, the person who was responsible for monitoring Zhao Fu's Emperor Stars suddenly sensed a terrifying coldness. This caused his body to freeze, and a wave of fear flowed out of his heart as he hurriedly looked at the surroundings of the Emperor Stars.