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 In most of the battles before, Zhao Fu had either used his Great Qin Seal or Nation Armaments to achieve victory. Now, he realized that he had overly relied on them and had not properly used his own power, which was a shortcoming.

In response to Zhao Fu's challenge, everyone looked at the top three people on the Ancient Stem Rankings. Now that Leng Shang had lost, only they could act.

This time, that Emperor had savagely slapped the Ancient Stem Domain's face again and again. One by one, the Ancient Stem Domain's geniuses had challenged him, and one by one, they had fallen. Who would do something about the Ancient Stem Domain's face?

Luckily, this person was an Emperor who had come from the Heaven Domain, so it was understandable that he had such power. If it was someone else, the Ancient Stem Domain's geniuses would not have the face to see anyone anymore.

Everyone looked to Yin Ruoshi; now that Leng Shang had lost, she was next.

However, Yin Ruoshi lightly shook her head; she was only slightly stronger than Leng Shang, and Leng Shang had lost so decisively against Zhao Fu. She did not have any chance at winning either, so she could only shake her head and express that she would not challenge Zhao Fu.

As such, everyone looked to Gu Jian. Under everyone's gazes, Gu Jian calmly walked up onto the arena.

The surroundings fell into silence as everyone looked at Gu Jian seriously. They hoped that this genius in the Path of the Sword could bring back some of the Ancient Stem Domain's honor.


As Gu Jian stood on the arena, a massive sword aura exploded out, piercing the sky. Gu Jian was like a peerless sword, and facing the monstrously powerful Zhao Fu, Gu Jian unleashed all of his power.

Shing, shing, shing...

Gu Jian waved his hand, causing swords to fly out from his body. There were 1,000 or so in total, and each one of them gave off sharp sword light as well as a powerful aura. The lowest grade was Epic grade, and the sword aura that they gave off seemed enough to destroy the heavens and earth.

A sword wind rippled out, causing the ground to be torn by the sword qi. The barrier started to crack, and those around the arena quickly retreated in shock.


Gu Jian charged towards Zhao Fu with the 1,000 swords in tow, looking like a river of swords. The space around them could not withstand the sword aura and started to be torn.

Sensing this aura, Zhao Fu felt a sense of crisis. Given that the attack covered such a large area, there was no way for Zhao Fu to dodge, so he could only defend.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand as the Emperor's Domain expanded out, as did the transparent blood-red orbs. The 72 of them layered together and covered the Emperor's Domain.

Countless traces of eerie aura spread out as six gray compasses also appeared; they were the Six Paths Defensive Barrier.


The river of swords ferociously slammed into Zhao Fu's defensive barrier, which started to shatter layer by layer, and Zhao Fu was soon exposed to the attack from the river of swords.

The sharp sword qi easily tore open Zhao Fu's flesh, causing small cuts of appear on Zhao Fu's body.


Even though Zhao Fu used his full power to defend, his defensive barrier was still destroyed, and Zhao Fu was sent flying back by the river of swords.

Everyone could not help but feel excited; it was the first time someone had forced the Emperor into such a wretched state and injured him. Moreover, he was not lightly injured either; Gu Jian definitely had a chance to win.

It seemed that this Emperor was not so terrifying; this was understandable because the main requirement of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was one's Fate.

This Emperor's natural endowments were naturally exceptional and as an Emperor, the amount of Fate he had would be like an ocean, so everyone was convinced of this. However, the Ancient Stem Rankings was based on strength, and without true strength, all of that was meaningless.

Moreover, from his current performance, that Emperor seemed like he could only rank below Gu Jian. Some had said that he was an existence above the Ancient Stem Domain, but that was evidently an exaggeration.

Seeing Zhao Fu being blasted back by Gu Jian's river of swords, everyone felt sure as to Zhao Fu's strength. They no longer felt as much respect or as much worry because this Emperor was not all that much.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Yin Ruoshi slightly frowned; this Emperor was not as strong as she had expected; perhaps she would have had a chance against him.

A trace of disappointment appeared in Bai Haoran's eyes; it seemed that he would not have to act, as Gu Jian would be enough to deal with that Emperor.

The Elder from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group also looked quite disappointed; he had never thought that this Emperor would fall at a disadvantage against an attack from Gu Jian. However, he was the destined person, so he was still esteemed within the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

The main reason for this was because Zhao Fu only had Stage 9 Cultivation, while Gu Jian had long since stepped into the Saint Realm; the difference in their cultivations was not just a bit.

The major figures were also slightly surprised; they had been quite excited to see this battle, but the Emperor was evidently incapable of fighting against Gu Jian.

After being blasted backwards, Zhao Fu's body was covered by the river of swords, and he was continuously attacked by the massive sword qi. The sword qi continuously tore at Zhao Fu's body, making him feel immense pain.

"Arghhh!" Zhao Fu loudly roared as he released all of the power from his Sovereign bloodline. He felt as if his blood was burning, and countless traces of Emperor's aura flowed out, covering the surrounding 1,000 meters.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Nine dragon's roars sounded out as a sovereign might weighed down on everyone's bodies, causing them to feel as if their bodies and minds were sinking. Countless people knelt on the ground as they were affected by this Emperor's aura.

Even Bai Haoran and Yin Ruoshi's expressions fell as they felt a power forcing them to kneel. Even the major figures on the viewing platforms felt this, but because their cultivations were too high, they could easily quash this pressure.

Zhao Fu very rarely released the full power of his bloodline; those below the Sovereign bloodline would all be affected.

The Emperor's aura that seemed to be able to cause anything to submit clashed with the river of swords and did not show any weakness at all. Massive gales blew out, and the arena continuously cracked; by now, no one dared to remain around the arena.

Seeing that there was no way of breaking through this Emperor's aura, Gu Jian's gaze became serious as he flew into the sky with the river of swords, which spun around him. The river of swords formed an enormous sword qi vortex, stirring the heavens and earth.

The world seemed to gradually darken as a massive gale blew and lightning flashed. An apocalyptic aura descended, causing people's souls to tremble.

Under this world-destroying sword qi, even Zhao Fu's body slightly trembled. He felt an unprecedented sense of crisis, and the Killing Sword Intent that had been suppressed within his body started to lose control.

A blood-colored sword mark suddenly appeared on Zhao Fu's forehead, and the sword pupils in his eyes shot out a trace of blood-red sword qi towards Gu Jian.