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 At the same time, this Den was an Advanced Den, so after choosing to conquer and [Relocate] it, the Great Qin Village received 6,000 or so EXP and Zhao Fu obtained 200 Achievement Points. However, because of the King's Ring's effects, which granted 400% EXP and 200% Achievement Points, the Great Qin Village obtained 24,000 EXP and Zhao Fu received 400 Achievement Points.

After receiving these 400 Achievement Points, Zhao Fu's status rose to Second-Ranked Baron, which allowed him to purchase another lot of land in main cities and to hire 10 more Stage 1 guards. Rising to First-Ranked Baron required another 3,000 Achievement Points.

"Please enjoy, Your Majesty," One of the soldiers said as he respectfully handed over a roasted wild rabbit to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded and put all of the items back into his King's Ring before taking the rabbit and eating it.

After they had all eaten their fill, they continued to explore. Apart from encountering some ferocious beasts, which Zhao Fu dealt with easily, they did not find anything. They were not able to find even a trace of a Void Beast.

Just like that, the first day passed without any results, and the second day was the same. It was evident just how rare Void Beasts were. On the third day, Zhao Fu carried a bit of hope as he went to the six traps that they had set up before.

The first trap had not been triggered, and the Rainbow Demon Trap that was used as bait was still in the same state as before. Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed and ordered the soldiers to take down the trap. Because they were going to meet with Bai Qi's party today, there was no point in leaving the trap here.

The second trap on the top of the tree had been triggered, but it had caught a Whitefur Monkey. This made Zhao Fu feel even more disappointed because he could hear noises coming from the trap when he was below it. However, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment would be.

Following this, they went to the third trap and found that it had also been triggered. However, it had caught a large rat. Not including its tail, its body was nearly 1 meter long.

After looking at the rat's information, Zhao Fu found that it was just a normal Cave Rat. Most restaurants had a Scallion Fried Rat dish, as did Zhao Fu's Westfall Restaurant.

The fourth and fifth traps had not been triggered, and the Rainbow Demon Fruits that had served as bait were also in the same state as before. As such, Zhao Fu and his soldiers placed all of their hopes in the final trap.

Zhao Fu placed the sixth trap near a creek, and after arriving, he was quite shocked by what he saw.

The cage, which was forged from bronze concentrate, had been completely destroyed, and it had been reduced to scrap metal, while the Rainbow Demon Fruit was gone.

Zhao Fu walked over and found some scales on the ground. It must have been some incredibly strong beast that had easily destroyed the cage, but it definitely wasn't a Void Beast - after all, Void Beasts were not very strong, and they were only extremely fast.

Zhao Fu looked around but didn't find anything, and he could only meet up with Bai Qi with a disappointed expression on his face.

Bai Qi and his party had been waiting at the meeting point for a while, and after walking over, Zhao Fu found that there wasn't a look of joy on Bai Qi's face. He could guess what Bai Qi was going to say, but he couldn't help but ask, "Bai Qi, were you able to find anything?"

Bai Qi sighed and shook his head, saying, "Your Majesty, we were unable to obtain anything. Four of our traps were triggered, but they weren't triggered by Void Beasts, and we only have two Rainbow Demon Fruits left.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded. He had three Rainbow Demon Fruits left, so they altogether had five remaining. Zhao Fu started to doubt whether Rainbow Demon Fruits could really attract Void Beasts, but because he had no other way of luring them, he had to continue using this method.

"Bai Qi, let's go deeper into the Void Zone. If we don't find anything, we can go somewhere else. After all, there are Void Zones in the boundaries leading to the other regions," Zhao Fu said. After all, they couldn't just sit around here and wait for a Void Beast to appear.

Bai Qi nodded, showing his support of this, and everyone started to head further into the Void Zone.

One day later, Zhao Fu and his party reached the depths of the Void Zone. Right now, everyone's expression was quite serious, and no one dared to be careless at all. They all spoke incredibly softly, as even normal creatures here had cultivated to Stage 0-7.

"Bai Qi, let's temporarily split up to see if we can find a Void Beast while also setting up some traps," Zhao Fu said.

Zhao Fu decided to once again split up and explore. If they were unable to find anything this time, they would have to go to a different Void Zone.

Zhao Fu only brought a few ordinary soldiers like before. It was quite dangerous here, and not too long after splitting up, they encountered 10 or so Wind Wolves.

These Wild Wolves had massive bodies, and they were almost 2 meters long. They had azure-colored fur and cold, cruel-looking eyes. After discovering Zhao Fu's party, they immediately opened their mouths, sending 10 or so wind blades flying towards them.

Zhao Fu stood at the front and expressionlessly watched the wind blades fly towards them. He raised his sword, sending a 10-meter long arc of black light at them, causing the 10 or so wind blades to explode. They turned into a berserk gust of wind that blew around, sending countless leaves into the air.

When the Wind Wolves saw that their wind blades were ineffective, the Wind Wolves shot towards Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu stood his ground and watched them approach.

His first strike pierced through the first Wind Wolf's throat, and the second stabbed through another Wind Wolf's throat. Zhao Fu's third strike chopped a Wind Wolf in half at its waist, and his fourth strike released a massive black sword light from the Sky Demon Sword, which covered five Wind Wolves. After passing by them, the five Wind Wolves were reduced to blood and bloodied fragments, making the scene reek of blood.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye, and eight Wind Wolves had died just like that. Zhao Fu hadn't moved from his original position, and the remaining Wind Wolves saw how powerful he was. They didn't dare to continue rushing at him, and they growled before running away wretchedly.

Seeing the wolves turn and run, Zhao Fu did not chase after them. He picked up the two Innate Orbs that were dropped, and the Sky Demon Sword devoured their fleshly essence in an instant, reducing them to withered corpses.

The soldiers behind Zhao Fu were ashamed because it was not them protecting Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu protecting them. When had there ever been a King who protected his soldiers?

However, Zhao Fu did not mind this. He wasn't a cruel, ruthless lord, and he didn't feel any joy when his soldiers died for him. If they had the strength to deal with the Wind Wolves, he wouldn't have acted, so he could give them an opportunity to develop their battle power. However, these Wind Wolves' strength was at least at Stage 0-8, and because there were many of them, these ordinary soldiers definitely would have died.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his soldiers continued to explore, but they didn't find anything. They set up their traps before meeting up with Bai Qi's party again.

This time, many of the people in Bai Qi's party had been injured, causing Zhao Fu to frown. However, after asking about this, Bai Qi told him some good news.