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 The Path of Killing was another type of extreme path that was even more extreme than the Path of the Sword; it relied on evolving through killing, and there were no weaklings who walked the Path of Killing.

After Leng Shang stepped onto the arena, the entire scene fell silent; this was a type of respect towards experts, as Leng Shang was one of the three most powerful people on the Ancient Stem Rankings. He had the corresponding strength and fame, and he was admired by countless people.

During his battle with Yin Ruoshi, she had almost lost to him, and he had barely won after eking out a slight advantage.

As he stepped onto the arena, the surrounding atmosphere became quite heavy. The uncovered killing intent radiating from his body made countless people feel as if they had fallen into icy-cold water, and their bodies trembled.

As Leng Shang stepped onto the arena, he drew the blood-red sword at his waist and he coldly looked at Zhao Fu. He did not show any fear towards Zhao Fu at all, and he seemed as if he wanted to kill Zhao Fu, seeming a bit arrogant.


Leng Shang did not bother saying anything as he started to attack. He raised his sword and vigorously slashed towards Zhao Fu, sending out a blood-red sword light that seemed like it could slash through everything.


At that moment, Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain once again appeared. However, it was instantly slashed apart by the sword light. This caused Zhao Fu to look quite startled, and he leaned to the side as he avoided the sword light that had cut through the Emperor's Domain. A two-fingers wide and extremely deep sword gash appeared on the ground.

Everyone could not help but marvel at how strong Leng Shang was; he had broken through that Emperor's defenses so easily. In front of Leng Shang, the Emperor did not seem all that great at all, and it seemed quite likely that Leng Shang would win. This made everyone from the Ancient Stem Domain feel quite excited.

Leng Shang was already an expert in the Saint Realm, and he wielded Saint Realm killing intent that was incredibly powerful. It was not something that an ordinary Stage 9 expert could withstand.

The major figures on the viewing platform looked quite interested; Leng Shang's performance was quite surprising, and he seemed much stronger than when he had fought Yin Ruoshi. This was most likely his true strength.

"Do you think this Leng Shang can beat that Emperor?" Huo Yan asked Gu Jian.

Gu Jian coldly replied, "It might be quite difficult; that Emperor still hasn't used his full strength, and those previous battles were just warm-ups to him. This is his first true battle."

Huo Yan looked quite awkward because his battle with Zhao Fu had been said to just be a warm-up for Zhao Fu. However, Leng Shang was indeed much stronger than him.

Zhao Fu's expression had become quite serious because he felt some pressure from Leng Shang, and his cultivation and comprehension were both below his.


Zhao Fu grabbed at the air and a gray sword appeared in his hand; it was the Death Disaster Sword, and countless traces of deathly aura spread out.


Zhao Fu forcefully slashed out, causing the deathly aura to flood towards Leng Shang like a massive wave.

Leng Shang's pupils constricted as he turned into a blood-red sword light and gave off an immense power as he charged at the wave of deathly aura.

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A massive clashing sound could be heard as the wave of deathly aura was actually split in half by that blood-red sword light. Leng Shang flashed through in an instant and arrived before Zhao Fu, hacking his sword towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was expressionless, and the 72 Saint Realm Domains were already floating above his head. When Leng Shang attacked, the 72 transparent blood-red orbs turned into 72 blood-red spears, each of them three meters long, and they gave off ferocious power as they shot towards Leng Shang.

Facing the 72 blood-red spears, Leng Shang's expression fell because this was equivalent to 72 Saint Realm experts attacking him.

Leng Shang instantly went on the defensive.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The blood-red spears brought with them terrifying power as they landed, and Leng Shang continuously dodged as he swung his sword, sending out a large amount of blood-red light. The blood-red spears that he hit were destroyed, resulting in massive gales, and the ground around him continuously crumbled.

At that moment ,Zhao Fu raised the Death Disaster Sword high and vigorously slashed out.


A massive gray sword light instantly flashed out towards Leng Shang, tearing the air in two.

Leng Shang's expression fell as he blocked with his blood-red sword in front of his body, but he was still blasted backwards.

After steadying himself, a trace of blood leaked out of Leng Shang's lips as he looked at Zhao Fu seriously.

"That Emperor really hadn't been using his full power; now that he's serious, he's completely different than before," someone said.

Someone else said in shock, "Looks like we underestimated this Emperor!"

The people on the top ten of the Ancient Stem Rankings were all silent because they felt that Zhao Fu's power had not fully been revealed yet.


An explosion sounded out as Leng Shang unleashed all of his killing intent, causing a massive wind to sweep out. His body floated into the air as his eyes became blood-red, and his hair and clothes fluttered in the wind.

As this massive wave of killing intent rippled out, everyone felt quite shocked, and their bodies weakened. Even the heavens and earth became slightly blood-red colored.

Now, Leng Shang was like a god of killing, and sensing this intense killing intent, the Killing Sword Intent within Zhao Fu's body started to become restless. How could he allow the Killing Sword Intent to be leaked? Zhao Fu understood that he had to quickly finish this battle before anything unexpected happened.

Zhao Fu stepped forwards and started to unleash all of his power as a black aura flame erupted around his body. The noble, domineering, and powerful Emperor's aura was like waves that smashed against countless people's souls.


Leng Shang tilted his sword. The killing intent around him seemed to cause space to freeze, and he shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu raised the Death Disaster Sword, causing boundless gray light to spread out. A woman appeared behind Zhao Fu; she was extremely beautiful, had a pale face, and wore a palace dress.


Zhao Fu's sword descended, and the woman gave off heaven-toppling deathly aura as she charged towards Leng Shang. The two of them collided, and the killing intent from Leng Shang was inundated by the deathly aura, causing Leng Shang to fly backwards.

He crashed onto the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood before falling unconscious.

Seeing this, the spectators gulped, feeling quite shocked; was this the Emperor's true strength? He was so powerful!

The major figures on the viewing platforms became quite serious because Zhao Fu's performance had repeatedly surprised them.

"Who else wants to fight?" Zhao Fu gave a confident smile as he spoke loudly. This sort of fighting made him feel quite good, because he was using his own power as opposed to relying one external powers.