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 Facing Zhao Fu's challenge, all of the ordinary people looked at each other. They naturally did not have the right to challenge him, and even if they did, they would be completely destroyed. They were not a match for that Emperor at all, so they could only look at those in the top ten; only they could fight with this Emperor.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

There were already people cheering for these geniuses to give it their all and restore some face to the Ancient Stem Domain.

The seventh-ranked You Qianyue was the first to step onto the arena, and he immediately used his most powerful attack. His strength was just a bit stronger than Gu Qingyue's - since Gu Qingyue had lost so easily, he naturally had to give it his all.

"Arghhhh..." You Qianyue took out a gray flag and stabbed it into the ground, causing a massive wave of Yin Qi to spread out, accompanied by countless eerie cries. These cries were produced by evil spirits, and there were countless of them.

The temperature in the surroundings dropped by dozens of degrees, and looking at those powerful evil spirits, countless people's hairs stood on end.

You Qianyue waved the flag, controlling the evil spirit army to flood towards Zhao Fu like a massive tide, giving off loud sounds.

"Arghhh..." Facing You Qianyue's attack, Zhao Fu's body gave off countless traces of ghostly qi as the six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun. Muscular and savage-looking ghosts were summoned, which were evidently many times more powerful than the evil spirits that You Qianyue had summoned.

Seeing the ghostly qi that Zhao Fu gave off, everyone was quite surprised that he could use a similar attack to You Qianyue.


The two armies ferociously collided, and the evil spirits that You Qianyue had summoned were torn apart at a visible rate by Zhao Fu's ghosts.

You Qianyue's expression fell as he immediately cut open his palm and splashed his blood onto the flag he held. The flag gave off an intense blood-red light as You Qianyue loudly shouted, "Nether Yin Dynasty Ghostly Soldiers!"


As You Qianyue waved the flag, a massive aura of killing exploded out as clanging sounds rang out and ghostly soldiers wearing armor and holding weapons appeared.

This massive aura caused everyone's minds to shake, and the sounds this attack gave off vastly exceeded those of Huo Yan's attack from before.

The countless ghostly soldiers were definitely more powerful than the ghosts that Zhao Fu had summoned, and everyone concentrated as they waited to see how Zhao Fu would deal with them. Perhaps You Qianyue had a chance at winning.

However, they were disappointed in the end. Zhao Fu stretched out a finger and pointed as he said, "Ghostgod Soldiers!"

Clang, clang, clang...

The ghosts that Zhao Fu had summoned turned into various weapons, including swords, sabers, hammers, and spears. The countless weapons brought with them terrifying power as they shot out, easily tearing apart the ghostly soldiers' bodies and continuing on towards You Qianyue.

You Qianyue defended with great difficulty and admitted defeat in the end. The seventh-ranked You Qianyue had also lost!

"Who also wants to fight?" Zhao Fu had continuously defeated three people on the Ancient Stem rankings, and he spoke loudly with a trace of arrogance.

They had all been challenging Zhao Fu before, and now it was Zhao Fu challenging them.

Everyone could only look at the remaining people in the top ten of the Ancient Stem Rankings. The Bear Mountain Kingdom's Third Prince Xiong Xiao looked at Zhao Fu, feeling that he was somewhat familiar, and he sank into his thoughts.

He did not go up because he would definitely lose, so there was no point in challenging Zhao Fu.

The fifth-ranked Qing Murou lightly harrumphed and walked onto the arena to test out Zhao Fu's strength.

Swish, swish, swish...

After walking onto the arena, Qing Murou pointed out with her hand, and countless jade-green leaves shot out, seeming to cut the air apart.

Zhao Fu once again unleashed his Emperor's Domain to block the incoming leaves, but in the next instant, countless vines burst out of the ground and tightly wrapped around Zhao Fu's Emperor Domain. Following this, Qing Murou pressed her hands against the ground.

The ground started to violently tremble as a massive creature that looked like a pea with a mouth grew out of the ground and swallowed Zhao Fu along with his Emperor's Domain in one gulp.

Soon after, everything settled, and everyone stared dumbfoundedly. Everything had happened too quickly, with one attack chained to the next incredibly quickly.

Looking at that massive plant that had swallowed Zhao Fu, did that mean that Qing Murou had won? The spectators were not too sure.

Qing Murou smiled, thinking that that Emperor had been too overconfident and had been devoured by the Devil Pea that she had taken great lengths to nurture. This Devil Pea was incredibly powerful and could even digest those in the Saint Realm.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Countless sword hums suddenly sounded out as innumerable green sword lights slashed out from within the Devil Pea, slicing it into countless bits.

This caused Qing Murou's heart to ache, while Zhao Fu shot out of the remains and turned into a ray of light as he charged towards Qing Murou.

Swish, swish, swish...

Qing Murou cried out in anger as countless sharp wooden spikes shot out of the ground, preparing to turn Zhao Fu into a porcupine.

However, Zhao Fu swung his Royal Wood Sword, destroying the countless wooden spikes. Zhao Fu had chosen to use the Royal Wood Sword because it held an advantage against plant-type creatures.

Seeing that she was unable to hit Zhao Fu while Zhao Fu was getting closer and closer, Qing Murou looked somewhat afraid as she summoned large wooden shields.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu gave off a powerful aura as he pierced through those massive wooden shields like a laser, and he arrived in front of Qing Murou in an instant.

Qing Murou quickly retreated in fear, as she was not adept at close-range battles. She could only continuously summon plant-type creatures, wanting to stop Zhao Fu while she retreated and increased the distance between them.

However, Zhao Fu was still able to close the distance between them and started to attack her. Qing Murou did not have any means to retaliate, so she could only continuously suffer blows.

However, Zhao Fu held back, as she was the Princess of the Greenwood Kingdom. The Greenwood Kingdom was one of the more powerful Royal Kingdoms of the 20 Royal Kingdoms, so it would not be good to offend them. As such, Zhao Fu only used his fists as he attacked her.

However, he did not spare her delicate little face, and in the end, Qing Murou ran off the arena crying with a bruised face.

Jiu Xiaoyun had just lost to Qing Murou, and she grasped this opportunity to make fun of Qing Murou. This caused Qing Murou to stop and hold back her tears as she started quibbling with Jiu Xiaoyun again.

Zhao Fu had once again won this battle, and even the fifth-ranked Qing Murou had been defeated. Now, only the top four could fight with Zhao Fu.

Moreover, it seemed like Zhao Fu had not shown his true strength this whole time, and it was as if he was unfathomable; anyone who approached would fall into a bottomless abyss. However, there was one person who did not show any fear and gave off boundless killing intent as he stepped onto the stage. It was Leng Shang, an expert who walked the Path of Killing.