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 "Emperor, make sure you're ready." After making preparations, Gu Qingyue smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu seriously.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and prepared to attack.


Gu Qingyue gripped her fists and placed them against her waist as she performed the horse stance and punched out. A corporeal power bringing with it a shockwave rolled towards Zhao Fu, and the ground started to crack as the attack passed over it.

Facing Gu Qingyue's attack, Zhao Fu stood his ground and did not move as a black dragon inscription barrier once again spread out.


A loud sound rang out as that power smashed against the Emperor's Domain, causing it to tremble; it could be seen how powerful this strike was.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious, and in the next instant, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. It was Gu Qingyue, and there was an aura flame around her body. She gave off ripples of pure power, which could make anyone feel afraid.


After appearing in front of Zhao Fu in the blink of an eye, Gu Qingyue raised her right leg and kicked towards Zhao Fu with immense force, and it was as if she could shatter mountains.


A clear cracking sound could be heard and Zhao Fu's pupils dilated as Gu Qingyue kicked against the Emperor's Domain, causing a few cracks to appear on it. This Gu Qingyue actually had the strength to destroy his Emperor's Domain.

The spectators were also quite shocked. Since Gu Qingyue could crack Zhao Fu's defenses so easily, this meant that she had a chance of injuring Zhao Fu. This proved that she was much stronger than Huo Yan.

By now, all of the other battles had been decided. Everyone was gathered around this arena as they watched this battle, and this included the people in the top ten on the Ancient Stem Rankings. It was quite evident that just like everyone else, they wanted to see Zhao Fu's power.

Before, they had also heard about Zhao Fu's terrifying performance on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage. They also felt quite unconvinced that the Ancient Stem Rankings did not deserve to have him on it and that they were inferior to him.

The major figures on the viewing platforms also looked at this arena. The battle between Zhao Fu and Gu Qingyue had become the focus of everyone present.

Gu Qingyue was not satisfied with just cracking Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain by kicking it. She cried out and the aura flame around her became brighter as her power became even greater, and she once again used that leg to kick at Zhao Fu.

Crack! Crack! Crack...

Cracking sounds could continuously be heard as more and more cracks appeared on Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain. Soon, it seemed like the Emperor's Domain would be shattered by Gu Qingyue.

Now, Zhao Fu finally began to counterattack. Six transparent blood-red orbs floated out of his body and instantly turned into six spears as they shot towards Gu Qingyue with terrifying power.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Muffled explosions sounded out as the spears pierced through the ground; Gu Qingyue had retreated ten meters away in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and the six transparent blood-red spears turned back into orbs and floated above Zhao Fu's head, giving off terrifying auras.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and pointed, giving off power equivalent to the Saint Realm as they six transparent blood-red orbs smashed towards Gu Qingyue. Even though they looked quite small, they seemed to contain the force of millions of kilograms.

The situation was quite unfavorable for Gu Qingyue, and under Zhao Fu's ferocious attacks, she could only continuously dodge.

"Martial God!" Seeing that she was at a disadvantage, Gu Qingyue once again cried out as a hazy figure enveloped her body. That hazy figure was the body of a powerful-looking godly spirit, and a corporeal power spread out, causing the ground to crack.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Now that she had this power supporting her, Gu Qingyue used her fists and feet to blast back Zhao Fu's Saint Realm Domains, and she even caused them to crack a bit. Seeing that Gu Qingyue had the power to destroy the Saint Realm Domains, Zhao Fu knew that he could not underestimate her at all.

Someone could not help but exclaim, "Gu Qingyue is so strong!"

"Do you think that Gu Qingyue has a chance at defeating this Emperor? I think it might be possible."

"Mm! I also feel that it's possible. At the very least, she can break through his defenses. However, that Emperor is quite terrifying."

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu summoned transparent blood-red orbs, and they gave off a terrifying power as they launched towards Gu Qingyue; their power was enough to reduce massive boulders to dust.

However, Gu Qingyue continuously punched out, sending those transparent blood-red orbs flying back. Even though they had drained her strength, they were unable to harm her.

Now, Zhao Fu had a better understanding of his true strength. It seemed that he had to be serious against the eighth-ranked person on the Ancient Stem Rankings.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu stretched out a hand towards the sky, summoning 36 transparent blood-red orbs together. The 36 orbs gave off Saint Realm power, and the might they gave off caused the ground to gradually crumble.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

The blood-red orbs gave off terrifying power as they turned into rays of light and shot towards Gu Qingyue.

Gu Qingyue's expression was quite grave as she used her fists and feet to defend, sending the incoming blood-red orbs flying backwards. However, a figure suddenly appeared behind her.

Gu Qingyue looked quite startled and immediately twisted to kick behind her.


A muffled explosion sounded out, and Gu Qingyue was a bit too slow. Zhao Fu's fist slammed into her abdomen, sending her flying backwards.

Zhao Fu had used most of his power in that punch, causing his fist to give off a black light. If it were any ordinary person, they would have died without a doubt after being hit. However, Gu Qingyue only flew back ten or so meters before stabilizing her body. A trace of blood leaked out of her lips, and she did not look too injured.

At that moment, the blood-red orbs flew back towards Zhao Fu and floated around him before shooting towards Gu Qingyue again.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu also took this opportunity to attack, landing punches on Gu Qingyue; he did not hold back at all just because she was a woman.

"Alright! I admit defeat." After being continuously hit, there were bruises all over Gu Qingyue's body, making her feel immense pain. Even though she was a Body Cultivator, giving her a powerful constitution, she could not endure a beating like this from Zhao Fu.

After she admitted defeat, Zhao Fu stopped attacking.

The names on the Ancient Stem Rankings flashed as Zhao Fu rose to eighth place and Gu Qingyue dropped to ninth.

Gu Qingyue's defeat made everyone feel somewhat disappointed; they had thought that she had a chance at winning and would bring back some honor for the Ancient Stem Domain. However, she had still lost at that Emperor's hands. However, she had forced that Emperor to personally act, which was still quite a feat.

Now, a wave of battle intent flowed out of Zhao Fu's heart; he wanted to see just how strong he was. He wanted to make preparations for the Emperor Path College examination in three years and wanted to use these people to hone himself.

As such, Zhao Fu grinned as he gave off a heroic aura and shouted in a loud voice, "Who also wants to fight with This Emperor? This Emperor has some time and will spar with you!"