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 Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air. Huo Yan was simply too arrogant, daring to challenge an Emperor like this. Even though his bravery was commendable, he was simply seeking death. That Emperor was not someone who anyone could afford to offend.

Moreover, there were no benefits whether he won or lost. If he won, he would be slapping the face of an Empire, and the consequences would be severe; if he lost, he would be mocked for overestimating his capabilities. This was an extremely unrewarding matter.

However, Huo Yan still said those words, wanting to fight with this legendary Emperor and witness his power.

The others actually also wanted to see this Emperor's power; they had all heard about how he had conquered the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, but they had not seen his power for themselves.

They all felt a bit doubtful as to how terrifying that Emperor was, and they could not confirm that he really was as monstrous as the rumors said.

The major figures on the viewing platforms smiled, also wanting to see this Emperor's power. They were happy to see things develop in this way.

As for the Sect Master of the Volcano Sect, he felt a chill down his back; he had never thought that Huo Yan would do such a stupid thing. Everyone else was amused, but the Volcano Sect now faced immense pressure. He hoped that things would not get out of hand.

Now, Zhao Fu had once again become the focus of everyone present. He had been reclining against his chair as he ate spirit fruits and watched the competitions, occasionally chatting to the Elder next to him, seeming quite relaxed.

Sensing everyone's gazes, before Zhao Fu could say anything, he saw that the expression of the Elder next to him fell as this was an obvious provocation. However, before the Elder could say anything, Zhao Fu stopped him and gave a trace of a smile as he looked at Huo Yan and said, "There's no problem, but you need to use your reward as the stakes. If you're willing, We are willing to test you out."

Zhao Fu had been quite moved by the rewards, but he did not have an opportunity to obtain any. Now, Huo Yan had given him an excuse to obtain some. Even though he felt slightly embarrassed as an Emperor to be asking for someone's rewards, he had thick skin and put the potential benefits first.

No one thought that this Emperor would say such a thing; was he interested in those rewards? He had an Empire, so why would he care about those rewards?

No one could make heads nor tails of the situation; they did not know that Zhao Fu was not a real Emperor and was just a fake Emperor who had a Sovereign bloodline.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Huo Yan loudly laughed and immediately agreed; he did not care about those rewards much, and he just wanted to see how powerful the Emperor who had conquered the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was. With his personality, unless he fought against this Emperor, he would not be convinced.

This was especially so because some people classed him as an existence above the Ancient Stem Rankings, and they said that the Ancient Stem Rankings was not worthy of having him on it. This made those on the Ancient Stem Rankings feel quite dissatisfied. Today, he was determined on testing just how strong this Emperor was.

Zhao Fu smiled as he flew down from the viewing platforms and stood on the arena that Huo Yan was at. Everyone roused themselves as they prepared to see how strong this Emperor was.

On the arena, Zhao Fu placed a hand behind his back as he made an inviting gesture. He gave off an extraordinary aura as if he was a peerless expert.

Huo Yan tightly gripped his fiery halberd with both hands as he looked at Zhao Fu seriously. He did not dare to be careless because his opponent was an Emperor.

"Hah!" Huo Yan shouted as he attacked first. His body was like a fiery light and brought with it searing heat as he shot towards Zhao Fu.

In just an instant, he appeared before Zhao Fu and prepared to stab his fiery halberd towards Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu calmly smiled as he looked at him as he stretched out a hand, making Huo Yan feel quite startled.


A black dragon inscription barrier containing immense power instantly expanded out, sending Huo Yan flying backwards.

Huo Yan use his feet to stop himself and his expression became quite grave; this Emperor was not simple at all.


Huo Yan did not hesitate as he unleashed his full power, causing a powerful shockwave to blast out. A flame erupted around his body, causing intense heat to ripple out and seem to twist the space around him.


Huo Yan unleashed his most powerful attack; it was this attack that he had used to quickly deal with the eleventh-ranked person, preserving his tenth rank.

Huo Yan raised his halberd with both hands and pointed the head towards the sky. Nine balls of flames rushed out of his body and flew into the sky, turning into nine fiery birds. They gave off a large amount of light and looked like nine brilliant suns.

At the same time, the immense heat caused the surrounding water vapor to evaporate, causing the surroundings to become incredibly dry, making it seem like a fire would erupt at any moment.

Fortunately, all arenas had a barrier that prevented the audience from being affected if the battle became too intense.

The insides of the barrier were filled with a fiery light, and it was so bright that nothing could be seen. The intense heat also seemed to be able to melt the barrier, and heat continuously seeped out, causing the people nearby to retreat.

"So strong! It's much stronger than before!" someone exclaimed upon seeing Huo Yan's attack.

Another person replied, "Indeed, Huo Yan actually wasn't using full strength just then, yet he defeated the eleventh-ranked person so easily. Now, he's using his full power, and it's quite terrifying. As expected from a genius of the Ancient Stem Domain."

"With a terrifying attack like that, I feel that he can enter the top six!" someone else said.

"I think that Emperor's in danger!"

The major figures on the viewing platforms all looked somewhat serious because Huo Yan's performance was enough to make them take him seriously; this strength greatly surpassed ordinary Stage 9 experts.

"Emperor, make sure you receive this attack!" Huo Yan held his fiery halberd and stood under the nine suns as he gave off a mighty aura, causing people's souls to tremble.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The nine suns gave off power that seemed to be able to incinerate all things as they flew towards Zhao Fu. Their auras seemed to cause the air to explode as they simultaneously fell where Zhao Fu was. A blinding light and a destructive aura spread out as the ground violently trembled.

Everyone looked at the arena in shock; this attack made them all feel incredibly dumbfounded, as it was simply too powerful. If it was them, there would not even be a speck remaining.

"How is that Emperor?"

Countless people were quite worried because Zhao Fu had directly taken the blow of the nine suns; it was possible that he did not fare well.

After all of the dust settled, everyone could see Zhao Fu completely fine within a large crater. There were nine fiery birds surrounded by blood-red energy barriers floating around him.

"That Emperor blocked Huo Yan's strongest attack so easily?" Seeing this scene, everyone felt quite shocked. They felt that that attack had the power to kill gods, yet it had been received so easily.