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 The Saint Pill had a chance to raise one's grade to Saint grade; Zhao Fu's grade was only Heaven grade currently.

There would not be many people with Heaven grade in a world, but the Heaven Awaken World had countless worlds, and because of that, having Heaven grade was not something so special.

The main reason why Zhao Fu was cultivating so quickly was mostly because of his Celestial Art and the help of Wu Zetian and the others.

At the same time, the women's cultivations rose quite quickly as well, not just because of the Celestial Art but also because of the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

It was a pity that the Saint Pill only had a chance of raising one's grade to the Saint grade, and it was not a 100% chance. However, it was still quite attractive to Zhao Fu.

There was also the World Pearl, which was an incredibly powerful spatial tool.

With the World Pearl, Great Qin's plan to create teleportation channels that could span many worlds would be possible, and they could use the teleportation channels as traps to provide countless living creatures for the Devil World and turn those living creatures into Devils.

These things were all very tempting to Zhao Fu, but because he was here as a VIP and not a competitor, they were not fated to belong to him.

Zhao Fu did not dare to expose his identity; after all, there were many terrifying experts here. If Zhao Fu acted out of line, he would die without even knowing how it happened.

This competition was conducted by issuing challenges; anyone who defeated a higher-ranked person would take their spot.

Of course, there were requirements, or else 100,000 people challenging a single person would wear them down sooner or later.

The requirement was that one had to have the right to challenge; they had to defeat a certain number of people before they could obtain the corresponding right to challenge.

Following this, the competition began. Fighting arenas appeared on the stage and umpires watched over the battles to maintain order.

Those on the Ancient Stem Rankings did not have to do anything except wait for people to challenge them.

Zhao Fu had been quite interested to watch these battles, but he found that there was not much to watch.

This was because he felt that these people were too weak; he was now too powerful and felt as if he was an adult watching a group of children fighting.

After watching for a while, Zhao Fu looked away in disinterest.

The Elder from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group next to him could sense his boredom and thought to himself, "As expected from someone from the Heaven Domain; he can't be bothered watching these people fighting. That's to be expected, though."

The Elder pushed a plate of spirit fruits in front of Zhao Fu and smiled as he said, "Emperor, have some spirit fruits. You'll definitely be more interested in the fights between those on the Ancient Stem Rankings later."

Zhao Fu courteously nodded; he primarily came to give the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group face, or else he most likely would not have come.

The other major figures all looked at Zhao Fu in great interest.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group had actually been able to invite him here, and with the support of an Emperor, they were now quite mighty. Some people even felt a trace of admiration.

Two days later, the challenges concluded, and some powerful people had appeared. They had performed quite well and had made their way onto the Ancient Stem Rankings, causing countless people to feel admiration and jealousy.

Following this, it was time for the people on the Ancient Stem Rankings to fight.

The one who drew the most attention was naturally the battle between first-ranked Bai Haoran and the second-ranked Gu Jian.

Gu Jian unleashed a sword qi vortex, making it seem as if the heavens and earth were filled with sword qi. The vortex spun like a massive gear, gradually tearing apart space, and its terrifying power could cause everyone to feel horror.

Bai Haoran unleashed a colorful Domain, which contained countless motes of light. These motes of light seemed to have their own life as they continuously changed into trees, flowers, birds, and beasts.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the two powerful energies smashed together, sending out a shocking destructive power that devoured everything in an instant. The barrier around the arena started to crack, and the traces of aura leaked out and caused countless people to feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern.

The various experts quickly acted, maintaining the cracked barrier to prevent any more ripples from leaking out.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked as he watched the monstrous battle between these two people. No less than expected from a battle between people on the Ancient Stem Rankings; the situation was completely different than the previous round.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Elsewhere, Yin Ruoshi and Leng Shang were also ferociously fighting, making people feel incredibly shocked.

Yin Ruoshi sat cross-legged on the ground, with a zither in front of her. Her slim, white fingers continuously plucked at its strings, creating beautiful music. Those who heard it felt as if they were in a beautiful garden and were appreciating the scenery.

However, the music contained immense killing intent, and the sound waves were like sharp, corporeal knives that slashed towards Leng Shang. If he was not careful, his body would be slashed apart.

Leng Shang's sword turned into a blood-red sword dragon that gave off a corporeal killing intent as it wrapped around him, defending against the soundwaves. It then gave off a roar as it started to counterattack against Yin Ruoshi.

The fifth-ranked Jiu Xiaoyun and equal sixth-ranked Qing Murou also held a spectacular battle.

Jiu Xiaoyun unleashed a fog that seemed quite extraordinary. It contained a mesmerizing fragrance of wine, and the wind could not dispel it. In fact, it was almost corporeal and could be touched with one's hand. In response, Qing Murou had turned into a massive tree.

The wine mist turned into countless weapons that attacked the massive tree, while the massive tree gave off a green light and defended against the attacks.

The seventh-ranked You Qianyue from the Nether Yin Dynasty fought against the equal sixth-ranked Third Prince Xiong Xiao from the Bear Mountain Kingdom. Zhao Fu paid some attention to this fight.

There had been enmity between himself and this Third Prince, and the Third Prince turned into an enormous black bear as he swung his paw, bringing with it a massive gale and launching a ferocious and explosive attack.

You Qianyue summoned countless ghosts that turned into ghostly shields to block the black bear's attack.

Back then, Xiong Xiao had given Zhao Fu immense pressure, and if he had not fought with all of his strength, he could have died. The main reason was because Xiong Xiao had a World Seal, so it had been quite difficult for Zhao Fu to fight against him.

Without the World Seal's power, even though Xiong Xiao's power was quite terrifying, he was not as monstrous as before. It seemed that in some cases, it was quite advantageous that the various Seals had lost their ability to gather power.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Moreover, even if he had a World Seal, Zhao Fu would not have to worry anyways because Great Qin had also unified a world. The Great Qin Seal had obtained the world's energy and had also become a World Seal.

The eighth-ranked Gu Qingyue and the ninth-ranked Bing Qixue fought, and Zhao Fu also paid some attention to this battle. His relationship with Bing Qixue was quite good, and his abilities were quite extraordinary. He was adept at ice-type attacks, and his opponent, Gu Qingyue, walked the path of brute strength; each punch could unleash countless shockwaves.

As for the tenth-ranked Huo Yan, after defeating the eleventh-ranked person, he held his fiery halberd, pointed at Zhao Fu on the viewing platform, and arrogantly spoke a sentence that shocked countless people, "Do you dare to fight me?"