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 Her name was Qing Murou, and she was ranked fifth on the Ancient Stem Rankings.


Another powerful aura descended, accompanied by a sharp killing intent, causing everyone present to feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern. Their bodies froze as they looked at the black-clothed young man walking up to the stage.

Leng Shang was ranked fourth on the Ancient Stem Rankings, and he was the Young Sect Master of the Black Spirit Sect. His appearance caused the entire scene to cool down because the killing intent he gave off was simply too powerful.

Even Jiu Xiaoyun and Qing Murou stopped arguing and looked at Leng Shang seriously. They could feel that his strength had become incredibly powerful, and this brought them great pressure.

Facing these gazes, Leng Shang was expressionless as he walked towards an area with no one around, and everyone made way for him; no one dared to stand in his way.

Even the people on the viewing platforms could not help but say, "Leng Shang's strength has advanced so quickly; he'll most likely be able to enter the top three this time. His future is limitless."

Everyone else nodded, while the Black Spirit Sect's Sect Master smiled as he looked at Leng Shang. Leng Shang had not disappointed him.

Suddenly, celestial music sounded out as rainbow glows descended from the sky, causing countless people to be drawn into that beautiful melody, unable to extricate themselves.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Everyone saw a group of white-clothed, fairy-like women descending from the sky. The woman in the lead was wearing a white palace dress and was tall and slim. She wore a white veil and gave off a celestial-like aura.

The female attendants behind her were dressed in white dresses and also had exceptional auras. They held all sorts of instruments and were all extremely beautiful.

Everyone could not help but gasp in admiration; the woman in the lead was the number one beauty in the Ancient Stem Domain, and she was ranked third on the Ancient Stem Rankings. She was the Young Sect Mistress of the Heavenly Music Sect, Yin Ruoshi.

Time gradually passed, and soon, it would be time to begin the Ancient Stem Banquet. Everyone continued to look towards the horizon in expectation because the people who had been ranked first and second on the Ancient Stem Rankings had not yet arrived.

They were undisputedly the most outstanding geniuses in the Ancient Stem Domain, and no one could compare to them in terms of talent and comprehension. Together with Yin Ruoshi, they were called the Three Heroes of the Ancient Stem Domain, and they were peerless geniuses countless people admired. Their names shook the entire Ancient Stem Domain, and even those in other Domains knew of their names.

However, the Ancient Stem Banquet was about to begin, yet these two people had not arrived. Everyone felt quite worried; had something happened?

At the same time, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's people were also quite worried.

"What's going on? We sent the invitation, right? Why hasn't that Emperor come?" an Elder from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group said worriedly to one of his subordinates.

The subordinate's forehead was covered with sweat as he replied, "This subordinate indeed sent the invitation, and the Emperor replied, saying that he would attend. Perhaps he has been delayed; this subordinate will send people to contact him."

The Elder let out a sigh of relief and said, "That's good then. This is a time to reveal the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's strength, and with him supporting us, we won't be weaker than the Royal Kingdoms. The higher-ups also want to use this opportunity to deepen the connection between him and ourselves."

Shing, shing, shing...

Countless sword hums suddenly sounded out as the swords on countless people's waists seemed to sense something and continuously trembled, causing everyone to feel shocked.

Suddenly, a massive sword intent covered the scene, and everyone looked incredibly shocked. Under that sword intent, many people felt as if their bodies were being torn apart.


Everyone looked into the distance and saw a sharp sword light fly over, seeming to slice the heavens and earth apart. That sword light landed on the stage in an instant, revealing a young man in azure who had a long sword at his waist.

His appearance caused countless people to feel startled because that sword intent was simply too powerful, making everyone feel immense terror.

The major figures on the viewing platforms looked at this young man in interest.

This young man was called Gu Jian and was the Legacy Disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master. He was hailed as a genius in the sword who only came by once every few hundred years, and his outstanding talent caused countless people to admire him.

Gu Jian's expression was cold as he looked around, and it was as if he did not place anyone in his eyes. The person he was most concerned about was not yet here, making him feel somewhat disappointed. However, in the next instant, he sensed something, and he looked into the distance.

Clouds started to swirl as a five-colored light gave off a powerful aura and shot over. Feeling this aura, countless people turned and looked over.


The five-colored ray of light landed on the ground, causing a boundless aura to ripple out. Everyone felt incredibly small and looked shocked as they looked at the person who had landed.

The light disappeared, and a handsome young man dressed in white and holding a folding fan appeared. He was Bai Haoran, the person who had been ranked first on the Ancient Stem Rankings. He was definitely someone everyone had their eyes on.

The powerful aura coming from his body caused even some of the major figures to feel shocked. Bai Haoran had exceeded their expectations and had become much more powerful than before.

Moreover, his big brother's name shook many Domains. Not only did his big brother have extraordinary talent, causing even ordinary geniuses to submit, but he had also continuously been ranked first on the Ancient Stem Rankings and had been taken as a disciple by a higher-being.

Before, the person who had caused the commotion about being taken as a disciple by a higher-being was his big brother. As the younger brother, Bai Haoran was also quite exceptional, causing everyone to marvel at the abilities of these two brothers.

They were both part of the Ancient Stem Domain's number one Sect, the Dao Cultivation Sect.

Facing everyone's gazes, Bai Haoran gave a humble smile and cupped his hands before walking towards where the Dao Cultivation Sect's people were.

Now that the final important figure had arrived, everyone felt less worried and started to feel quite excited. They wondered how these geniuses would perform, but it could be seen that everyone was much more powerful than the previous year.

It was now time for the Ancient Stem Banquet to officially begin. The Sect Master of the Dao Cultivation Sect, the most prestigious person, stood up and made the announcement.


Suddenly, an enormous aura spread out like a cyclone, almost blowing some people away. Countless people could only desperately defend as they looked up in shock.

A cloaked figure had appeared in the sky, giving off the aura of an Emperor. He gave off a noble and supreme aura, causing everyone to feel as if their souls were a candle in a gale and making them almost want to kneel in submission.

His arrival caused countless people to look shocked; they had never thought that such a terrifying figure would suddenly appear. Just this aura alone could cause some geniuses to kneel in submission; this Emperor's aura was simply too powerful.

The major figures on the viewing platforms all looked quite serious as they sensed this terrifying aura; they had never thought that such a person would appear.

The people from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group let out sighs of relief, and an Elder smiled as he walked up and explained Zhao Fu's identity. Only then did everyone realize that this was the mysterious Emperor who had conquered the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage and shaken the entire Ancient Stem Domain.